Movies are more than just mediums of enjoyment and sources of a quick adrenaline rush, They play an important role in educating, inspiring, and informing us, and also enable us to visualize our fantasies and fears.


Although terms like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have only recently become popular, science fiction films incorporating AI can be traced all the way back to 1927 with Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’. Here are seven incredible ai movies with artificial intelligence.

Best 7 ai movies with artificial intelligence

1. The Matrix Ai movie

The film is set in a dystopian future where superintelligent AI enslaves humans in a simulated reality called the matrix and harvests them for their bioelectric power.

The plot revolves around Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer and part-time hacker under the alias “Neo“. He learns the truth about his enslavement and is pulled into a rebellion against the machines.

What follows is a roller-coaster ride involving red and blue pills, sentient “Agent” programs, and killer sentinels. The latest film in the franchise, ‘The Matrix Resurrections’, is set for release on December 22nd, 2021.

2. Ex Machina Ai movie

A wealthy CEO of a search engine company invites a programmer named Caleb Smith to participate in testing the human capabilities of an AI called Ava. Caleb’s task is to identify whether the female-voiced synthetic AI is capable of independent thoughts and emotions.

What follows is a gripping story by director Alex Garland that questions the ethics of human experiments on self-aware AI creations like Ava.

3. RoboCop Ai movie

In a near-apocalyptic and violent Detroit, a gang of criminals murder Officer Alex Murphy, He is subsequently revived by an evil mega-corporation as a cyborg law enforcer named RoboCop.

This is part of the organizations’ plans to make billions by having an AI cyborg in every city. Unfortunately, they did not anticipate that the man under the machine still has submerged memories that would drive him to seek justice.

4. The Terminator Ai movie

This James Cameron classic masterpiece is the perfect portrayal of a bleak future where AI turns against humans. A cyborg assassin disguised as a human is sent back in time from 2029 to 1985 to kill Sarah Connor.

Sent to stop the hit job on Sarah is a soldier named Kyle Reese, who reveals that an AI system called Skynet will cause a nuclear holocaust.

The only hope for humanity is Sarah’s unborn son who is prophesized to lead the resistance against Skynet. Reese and Sarah must escape from the virtually indestructible assassin as the future of mankind are in their hands.

5. 2001: A Space Odyssey Ai movie

The Stanley Kubrick masterpiece follows five astronauts on their way to Jupiter to investigate the origins of a strange artifact. Their spaceship is run by HAL 9000 or “HAL”, an AI with a human personality.

The passengers, Dr. Bowman and Dr. Poole are unaware that the AI knows more about their mission than they do. Their expedition takes a turn for the worst when HAL begins to exhibit strange behavior, leading to a mind-bending fight for survival between man and machine.

6. Westworld Ai movie

Delos is a futuristic adult-themed amusement park where visitors can pay to live out their fantasies in one of three “worlds” inhabited by lifelike androids.

In Westworld, guests can pretend to be gunslingers in a recreation of the 1880s Wild West. Blaine and Martin decide to blow off some steam by visiting the saloons and partaking in cowboy shootouts.

However, their holiday takes a nosedive when the androids begin to malfunction and turn on the guests.

7. Her Ai movie

Theodore Twombly is a sensitive and introverted writer who is finalizing his divorce. When he is not making a living writing personal letters for clients, he plays video games and at times hangs with his friends.

Theodore sees an advert for OS1, claimed to be the world’s first artificially intelligent operating system, and purchases it.

He discovers that the OS, Samantha, has a soothing voice and playful personality with an incredible ability to learn and adapt. As their relationship gets more intense, Theodore finds himself falling in love with AI.


Even though Hollywood movies sometimes exaggerate movies for dramatic effects, like in Terminator where AI causes a human Armageddon, there is usually some truth in these movies.

Most experts agree that AI will make life easier due to its analytical and processing speeds that are far beyond human capability.

On the other hand, some maintain that super-intelligent AI will outsmart and possibly enslave or eliminate humans. But one thing is for sure, we are a long way from super-intelligent AI so there is no need to fear, for now.

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