Best 5 backend projects for portfolio

If you’re a developer looking to land a job or create your own startup, working on a portfolio of backend projects will help you reach that goal.

So firstly let me tell you,

What is a backend project?

The back-end, also known as the server-side, is made up of three parts: a server that provides data on demand, an application that channels it, and a database that organizes the data. In a backend project, we work on server-side, database connections, and provide the data on demand.

 A backend project will be helping you to grasp many concepts based on servers, how do servers handle all the data received?  then the whole journey to the database.

Best 5 backend projects for portfolio

Many times when you filled a form online, have you ever wondered where this information will be getting stored, what would be the flow of the data that we entered in that form. How that data will be propagating to the owner of the form.

These backend projects have the capability to give you more capability in all these aspects.

In this blog, I will be discussing, the best backend projects with references for you. You can check out those references to add those projects to your portfolios. So let’s start with the first one.

Best 5 backend projects for portfolio

1. Proxy Server

When requesting data from a third-party API, a proxy server acts as a middle layer. You’ll create a proxy server by creating a server that requests data from an external API and serves it to the user. 

Tools required for this project can be one of our preferred programming languages (NodeJS, PHP, Python, etc.) and Postman for API testing.

and you will be discovering  CORS vs. SOP, Working with the Fetch API in NodeJS, building a proxy server,  Getting information from a third-party API, Utilizing databases. You can also refer to this tutorial for more information.

2. Book Rentals Application

You can create a book rental application that allows a single user to perform different actions like Make a user administrator account.

CRUD operations can be performed on books that include: Make a new book list, Edit a book’s title or ISBN number. Remove a book from a list.

You can show users whether or not a book is available for rental. Allow book renters to sign up for a “Renters” account. You can make the project more interesting by creating a simple frontend using EJS/Handlebars + Bootstrap on the frontend.

image 1

For this project, you can use tools in your preferred programming language NodeJS, PHP, Python, etc. Postman for API testing, and a templating language (EJS/Pug/Handlebars).

You’ll be discovering the creation of data models, limiting data access utilizing databases, on the backend, CRUD, Data manipulation on the backend.  This project will be helping you to clear all your doubts while creating an application.

3. User Authentication System

This project will require you to create a user login/signup system for a website. It’s useful because most websites have an authentication layer built-in. You will be creating a Login System in PHP, Authentication in NodeJS with PassportJS.

image 2

The tools required for this project will depend upon your preferred programming languages  You can choose between NodeJS, PHP, and python.  as well as Postman for API testing.

You will be discovering more about Authentication/Authorization, Cookies, Sessions, Routing, Using Postman, SQL, MongoDB, and working with different databases.

This project will be helping many backend developers. An authentication system will make sure that the system is safe from online hackers.

4. E-commerce application

 This is a massive task that will take some time to complete. The goal of this task is to learn the essential components of an eCommerce application’s backend.

Multiple features can be implemented in your application. Like Setting up a product cart, Integration into society, Fully-fledged one Admin Dashboard, and the User Dashboard that is two different types of dashboards.

You can use these Tools for Laravel Admin Backend Development: You can use your choice of languages like python, PHP, and NodeJs. In an application, multiple users can be created.

image 3

In databases, there are many one-to-many relationships. Creating a review system, manipulating databases, and securing databases are all topics that will be covered in this project.

You can customize your eCommerce application as per your client’s requirements. Different products can be added with the creative products description.

E-commerce applications can be created for many purposes and even it can be very useful for industries as now they will be able to sell their products online. 

5. Web Crawler

 This is also one of the good projects that you can add to your portfolio and this can provide you with pretty good responses for your career.

This will include Creating a web crawling application that can index or gather data from the internet. you will be using NodeJS Tools to create this web crawler application Needed.

Use your choice of programming language and software for the purpose of API testing. You will be Working on Service Workers, Building a Web Crawler, Databases, CORS, and Securing Databases.

This project will give you the power to crawl different pages online. The web crawler can be very helpful if you use it in a good way.

You can even generate major prospects and leads using this web crawler application. This backend project can also be added to your backend project portfolio.


Finally concluding, I will say that when you are creating a portfolio, it is very important that you choose projects very carefully, as these projects will be representing your skills and talent, so always try to choose the better ones with complete knowledge.

Learning with experimentations can be a very good option as it will give you practical knowledge instead of just providing a thesis reality. This was all about the best backend projects that can be added to the portfolio.

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