Best 10 web developer projects for portfolio to get hired

Web development is a vast field. In this field, a learner enters in a never-ending learning loop not because it’s difficult or something which is not easy to tackle but because it is so versatile and adopts rapid technology changes.

There are so many different languages and frameworks used for development purposes which makes it a bit tricky to choose the best portfolio projects.

web developer projects for portfolio

The solution is simple you can choose projects according to your skills and expertise and you can find plenty of options online.

Let’s discuss a few of them.

Best 10 web developer projects for portfolio

1. Landing Page

A landing page is a single page/ product page that is somewhat a full website. This is one of the basic projects which every developer adds to his/her portfolio to showcase his skills.

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A landing page is overall a good source to practice different basic tools and techniques. A landing page could be any page showing detailed information about the main object.

Visit the Demo

Get the Source Code

2. To-Do List Web App

To-Do List is a utility that we use in our daily routine to memorize important tasks and as it is a web app and a combination of JavaScript HTML and CSS it is one of the best choices to add up this into your portfolio list.

See the Pen Simple Todo List by Ajayi Bolarinwa. (@BeeCodes) on CodePen.

It is a best practice app and a good choice for a portfolio item.

3. Responsive & SEO Friendly Website

A responsive website means a website that adjusts itself according to screen size and delivers the best UI experience at even small-sized screens like mobile devices.

On the other hand, SEO is an acronym and stands for Search Engine Optimization, and an SEO Optimized website is a website that fulfills all search engine-related policies which helps a website to rank faster in search results.

web developer projects to get hired

As described a combination of responsiveness and SEO optimized website is a good combination to highlight your all three skills in one project that are: Search Engine Optimization, Responsiveness, and creating a Website.

4. Quiz App

We can easily understand what this project actually is by just reading its name. It is an App having multiple questions and then shows the answers.

Making this App requires sound knowledge of JavaScript. JavaScript is a complex language but to make anything interactive you need to implement JavaScript.

See the Pen JavaScript quiz application by Abhilash Narayan (@abhilashn) on CodePen.

In this project, you will deal with complex JavaScript logic and you have to be aware of the data management and its application in real-world situations.

You can make a simple App/Game if you are a beginner but if you have advanced skills then you can turn this simple game into a difficult and complicated one.

5. E-commerce Shop

E-commerce Shop is one of the best web developer projects to get hired as a web developer. With every passing day, E-commerce is getting popular among all ages.

People are getting benefits of shopping from home. Covid-19 era is one of the biggest causes of its rapid growth in the last 2 years.

web developer projects for resume

Adding an E-commerce shop show employer that you know the most demanding skill and have already worked on it which stands you out in the pool of people who don’t have an E-commerce project in their portfolio.

Unlike a simple website, E-commerce uses an additional security layer due to the involvement of Payment processing. Therefore, these are two additional skills which you can show your employers.  

6. YouTube Clone

YouTube is the most popular and widely used video watching and sharing platform. We also use YouTube to add videos to our website because it is not a good practice to upload large video files into your website it simply will slow down your website.

Cloning YouTube will help you deal with video files including UI Implementation and other design-related aspects.

7. Survey Form

We barely find any website which does not possess a contact form. Therefore, it isn’t a bad idea to add a complex type of form to your portfolio.

A survey form is an excellent example of a complex form. This isn’t about only the form a survey form is a data collection tool and shows your skills to get the data in form of output and storing them in your database.

which means by choosing this you will show up your multiple skills including webpage structuring, database management, interaction with databases, and fetching data from databases.

8. Snake Game (JavaScript)

Snake game is actually a JavaScript project which you can add up to your portfolio this will showcase your polished JavaScript skills and a good way to Impress employers hence a worth adding project in your portfolio.

See the Pen Snake Game by Caio Paiola (@CaioPaiola) on CodePen.

9. Search Engine Result Page Clone

Making a search engine result page is an interesting task and a worthy project it shows the skills of how you manage posts and how you utilize page spaces.

This project will help you understand the google search result page and its schema you can find the HTML of the page by using the inspect tool but if you spent some time creating this page then this would be a best practice for you to excel in HTML CSS & JavaScript.

Make sure your page is interactive and shows the results in search in the end don’t forget to add navigation buttons just like the google search result page this will help your user to switch among different pages.

10. Learning Management System

Learning Management System is nowadays widely used system by educational institutions. Initially, it was used by distance learning systems or online learning institutions but now after covid-19 lockdowns, it is being used in almost all schools, colleges, and universities.

You can use multiple languages to develop a Learning Management System like HTML and CSS to create front-end UI and JavaScript to make it Interactive and then PHP & SQL to manage the backend of the Management System.


Above mentioned projects are just ideas to add up some projects into your portfolio your actual selection could definitely be based upon your expertise level and skill set. We recommend you to always choose such projects which depict the best level of your skills.

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