Best 5 Udemy Coding Bootcamp

Udemy Coding Bootcamp is fast gaining popularity, Several people from all over the world are now choosing online programs to learn new skills and switch careers.

Digital systems are embedded at the core of organizational operations across several international and local companies. Skills like web development, programming, and data science are in increasing demand around the world. 

Udemy Coding Bootcamp
Best Udemy Coding Bootcamp

In this article, we have curated five of the best coding boot camps available on Udemy. If you are looking to learn to code online, these boot camps are some of your best options. 

1. angela yu Udemy Coding Bootcamp review

Bootcamp : 100 Days of Code – The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021

The 100 Days of Code Bootcamp is a bestseller boot camp on Udemy. Dr. Angela Yu, the lead instructor at the London App Brewery, facilitates the boot camp. Just as the name suggests, the boot camp lasts for 100 days and involves building 100 projects.

This Udemy Coding Bootcamp walks students through building fully-fledged websites and web apps with Python, Apart from this, students also learn how to use Python for data science and machine learning. 

The course teaches students to use modern frameworks like Selenium, Request, Pandas, Flask, Scikit Learn, Seaborn, etc. If you are looking to master Python as a beginner or are considering switching to Python, then this Bootcamp is highly recommended.

Another exciting perk of the 100 Days of Code Bootcamp is that students build one project per day, leaving them with a portfolio of over 100 python projects at the end of this Udemy Coding Bootcamp. 

The course currently contains over 56 hours of video tutorials and other learning resources. Angela Yu’s 100 Days of Code has over 100,000 five-star reviews and is highly recommended by several other users on Udemy.

Participants also get a full money-back guarantee for 30 days. If you are an intermediate Python programmer, this 100 days of code course will help you level up.

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2. andrei neagoie udemy course review  

Bootcamp : Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms

Master the Coding Interview Bootcamp is a highly recommended coding Bootcamp by Andrei Neagoie, a senior developer in Silicon Valley and founder of ZTM academy.

The course contains 19 hours of on-demand video, over 50 articles, one coding exercise, and other downloadable resources. Participants also get a certificate of completion at the end of the course.  

In this Bootcamp, you get to learn how to navigate coding interviews by top tech companies worldwide. The course helps boost your confidence for coding interviews at any level. Students learn how to learn, use and implement different algorithms and data structures.

For junior developers looking to upskill, this Udemy Coding Bootcamp also offers lessons on negotiating raises and handling offers. The course does not require any level of experience, so it is suitable for both junior developers and developers looking to take the next step in their professional careers

Joining this boot camp also grants you access to a live online community of over 400,000 developers working in several top tech companies around the world. The course content is divided into a technical part and a non-technical part.

The technical content of the course includes the Big O notation, Data structures (Arrays, Singly Linked Lists, Doubly Linked Lists, Hash Tables, etc.), and Algorithms (Sorting, Recursion, Searching, Tree Traversal, etc.).

The non-technical component of the course walks participants through the essentials of coding interviews and negotiating salaries. The course also covers these parts for programmers who are already working with a tech company and are only looking to get a raise.

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3. The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures BY Stephen Grinder

This is a 34-section coding boot camp offered by Stephen Grinder on Udemy. The Bootcamp comprises 136 lectures with 13 hours of on-demand video, 32 coding exercises, and four articles.

Participants get lifetime access and also a certificate of completion at the end of the course. In the course, you learn how to use JavaScript to solve complicated algorithms. You are also engaged with several challenges that involve using common data structures in web development.  

The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures BY Stephen Grinder

Apart from the technical parts, the Bootcamp also covers the intricacies of coding interviews. You get to learn the tricky questions interviewers ask and how to solve these questions.

There is an extensive collection of common algorithm questions for participants to explore. This boosts performance and confidence during interviews which are known to be tricky. 

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4. Code Bootcamp : Learn to code by building 20 real projects

With over 25,000 students, this coding boot camp is one of the top options offered on Udemy. The boot camp is facilitated by Bluelime Learning Solutions, a UK-based digital learning company.

The course covers the rudiments of building systems with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even Python. There are several tasks in the course designed to help participants get their hands dirty even while in the course, from building simple apps like an analog clock, digital calculator, To-do list app, etc. 

The Bootcamp is highly suitable for people who are just getting started with Coding. Programmers looking to learn to work with Python would also find the course valuable as it offers a detailed breakdown of Python and how it works across platforms. 

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Student feedback

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5. Colt Steele JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass

The JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass on Udemy is a holistic Coding course for anyone interested in getting started. With 32 articles, over 21 hours of on-demand video, 85 coding exercises, and 80 downloadable resources, participants learn a lot about the technical and non-technical parts involved in getting started as a programmer. 

The course is highly interactive and allows participants to try their hands-on tasks before checking out proffered solutions. Participants learn how to analyze the time and space complexity of code using Big O notation.

The course covers the intricacies of Recursion and the implementation of popular searching algorithms. 

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Coding is currently one of the skills in high demand in several countries around the world, Top tech companies around the world are looking for the best programmers to work with their brands.

Luckily, you don’t need to have a college degree to master this skill, You can check out any of the boot camps listed above to get started. 

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