Best 5 Cheap Data Science Bootcamp

Chances are while selecting a Bootcamp to acquire a new skill, you will be confused among plenty of options.

Each Bootcamp might look like the best option available, yet you will not be able to select the one that is best for you.

Best 5 Cheap Data Science Bootcamp

Hence, that is why we have decided to help you with that by compiling a list of cheap data science bootcamp that are worth your time and effort.

Why Choose a Bootcamp?

Data science is a complicated field, and there’s no doubt that the data scientist profession necessitates a diverse skill set and a high level of technical knowledge.

If you’re wondering whether a data science Bootcamp could help you get the certifications you need for a future in the area, the answer is yes.

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However, since not all boot camps are considered equal, it’s critical to pick one that meets all the requirements and goals.

They are usually more flexible and less expensive than standard university or higher education programs, emphasizing hands-on learning.

Best 5 Cheap Data Science Bootcamp

Below is listed our selection of the best data science bootcamps.

1. Data Camp

Mode of study: online

Tuition cost: $250 per year (subscription-based)

Duration: 4-6 hours per course.

Data Camp is a form of online data science library. There is over a hundred variety of programs to pick from. Students can choose tracks based on their expertise and improve their skills.

From analytics to programming to data visualization, learn just about everything there is known about data science.

Surprisingly, a few courses are also accessible for students to test out for nothing.

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2. CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program

Mode of study: Online

Tuition cost: $6,900

Duration: 5 months (full-time) & 8 months (for part-time).

The BootCamp from CareerFoundry is ideal for individuals who want to switch careers but have no previous experience in the subject.

Although it is not an actual BootCamp in the traditional sense, the site would provide a variety of courses connected to the industry.

The course will cover everything from the fundamentals to data science’s most advanced technical aspects. The courses employ a project-based style of learning that can provide valuable hands-on experience in addition to theory.

Furthermore, CareerFoundry emphasizes a unique coaching model in which students engage with both a supervisor and an instructor for comprehensive help in this usually tricky profession.

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3. Flatiron School Online Data Science Bootcamp

Mode of study: Online.

Duration: 5 months (full-time), 10 months (part-time & self-paced).

Tuition cost: $15,000 (full-time & part-time) + $6,900 for self-paced.

You’ll learn Python and SQL, as well as machine learning, big data, and natural language processing, in this Bootcamp, which will culminate in a data science complex project.

You don’t need significant experience to enroll, but you must exhibit some data science understanding to be admitted into the program.

Before starting the Bootcamp, potential students must also undergo a pre-work course.

Flatiron School provides substantial professional support, including personalized career coaching and access to an enormous ecosystem of businesses, in addition to a robust curriculum.

If you want to pursue a career in data science and also have a larger budget, this is a solid choice.

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4. Thinkful Data Science Bootcamp

Mode of study: online

Tuition cost: $7,999

Duration: 6 months (part-time).

Chegg’s subsidiary Thinkful is a name that many of us are acquainted with. The price of Thinkful’s BootCamp is one of the reasons it made our list.

The cost of tuition is approximately half that of typical data science boot camps. However, this in no way indicates that Thinkful sacrifices the quality of learning.

The BootCamp provides one-on-one time with industry specialists as well as an uncommon community outreach with data geniuses.

Furthermore, Thinkful offers a money-back assurance if you would be unable to find work six months after completing the BootCamp.

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5. Byte Academy

Mode of study: In-person & Online

Tuition cost: $14,950

Duration: 14 weeks.

Byte Academy is one of the best coding and data science bootcamps around. Students are taught everything they need to know about coding, data analytics, data wrangling, machine learning, and more in just 14 weeks.

Furthermore, there are no prerequisites for enrolling in the course. To enroll, you wouldn’t need any formal training. It also has a system for one-on-one instructor engagement.

Students will receive more individualized assistance as a result of this. For the convenience of students, they include both full-time live structure and part-time flipped learning programs.



We’ve compiled a list of the best data science bootcamps available. Presumably, you’ve discovered a few solutions that meet your requirements and ambitions.

Carry out a thorough investigation on your own. Learn more about what every Boot Camp has to offer and contact your preferred providers for any queries you may have.

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