Best Free APIs to Use for Projects (Without Key Authentication)

Developers often have to add more functionality to their code than simple CRUD. They’ve to use third-party APIs to add interesting features.

Best Free APIs to Use for Projects (Without Key Authentication)

However, not all APIs are free and available to use. And it is often hard to find free APIs to use. But here, we’ve compiled the best Free APIs to Use for Projects or even professional ones!

Do All APIs Require a Key?

APIs require a key to restrict access, but it is still not secure and easily accessible. Most APIs are protected with keys to avoid undesired application traffic that is anonymous, to keep bugs away, and to restrict the number of calls for the API.

Is There Any Free API?

Yes, access to everything has been made easy in this modern era of technology and web portals. There are a lot of platforms that provide free API.

Many APIs are present online and can be accessed through Google. They can also be accessed through its applications and web tabs, including AdSense, Maps, AMP, etc.

These APIs are amazing and can add awesome functionalities to your app.

Where Can I Host API For Free?

Many platforms exclusively provide users and programmers free APIs with open access and without an authentication key.

If they have an authentication key required, then they give free access to that key by simply signing in through your email.

There are various APIs with open access related to a diverse division of fields, and users can choose according to their field of work. But be careful while signing up for these accounts. Make sure that you’ve signed into an authentic website for APIs.

Best Free APIs to Use for Projects Without Key Authentication

API (Application Programming Interface) is an essential tool for projects requiring a communicative link between two applications.

There are many helpful APIs that are available online, and they don’t require any kind of authentication key. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Developers Developers is the most extensive online archive that gives access to universal knowledge. It contains different content, including series, drama shows, music, lives and recorded concerts, movies, and books.

It makes it easier for the common public to access and work with it in their projects. This platform provides users with many functions like uploading, downloading, and searching.

2. Music Brainz

Music Brainz works like a geographical collection of music from all around the world, and it makes it available to the public located at different geographical locations at no cost.

Through this API, people or machines can hold helpful conversations about music. It gives access to the public for uploading musical data under open access.

3. Open food facts

Open food facts is a database that is available under open access. This project does not work to earn a profit and millions of people all around the world work on it.

It consists of details about foods and their facts collected by multiple people from different geographical locations. The data has been uploaded as written content with additional pictorial representation.

4. REST Countries

REST Countries is an API with open access where users can share and take information at no cost by signing up through their email.

It consists of information and detailed reviews about different countries from all around the world. It also accepts donations to help others in its reach. It is user-friendly and can be creatively used with all programming languages.

5. Open Library

Open Library offers data in different formats, including JSON, YAML, and RDF/XML. They offer their APIs to developers at no financial investment.

There they provide an API of the work of different authors, multiple books related to various subjects, and many more domains. It gives a google page for the books that are published at any time or place, and it also has backward compatibility.

6. ExchangeRate-API

Exchange Rate API offers the database workers a free API for currency exchange tasks. It has exchangeable information about the currencies of 161 countries.

It is more compatible with E-Commerce, SaaS, and Dashboards. They provide a free authentication key upon signing up with your email address.

7. ipbase

ipbase is an API provider that provides software engineers with open access to free and reliable information about IP Geolocation.

They provide good API quality at 100 percent free initiation with the best speed. It usually works with all commonly used data formats, including CSV, XML, and JSON.

Users can choose their desired format and request it, and URLs will be created accordingly.

8. Pixel Encounter

Pixel Encounter is an API provider that requires no authentication key, but users can send a limited number of requests in a certain period recorded by their IP address.

Still, to make more requests, they provide their contact information. Through Pixel Encounter, users can get involved in creating SVG sprites by using API. It enhances any project visually as well as on a creative basis.


Now that you’ve learned about some amazing Free APIs to Use for Projects, Google some more for yourself. Learn about similar APIs and use them in your practice projects to make your portfolio strong. Or simply, to make a useful application!

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