Top 5 best mechanical keyboards for programmers for coding

Every programmer would agree that a keyboard is an integral tool in coding, and the quality of your keyboard as a programmer can go a long way in affecting the overall quality of your work.

This is why several programmers go the extra mile to find the most convenient keyboard for their work. 

This article highlights some important factors to look out for when choosing a mechanical keyboard as a programmer and some top option keyboards available. 

Does the keyboard matter for coding?

Mechanical keyboards indirectly impact the programmer’s experience while coding. It won’t elevate your programming skills, but it would make coding more enjoyable.

best mechanical keyboards for programmers
best mechanical keyboards for programmers

This is a huge plus for beginner programmers as programmers who find their work easier and more enjoyable are more likely to practice more. Also, improving the efficiency of your work process as a programmer means you can do more quality work in less time.

Which size keyboard is the best for programming?

As a programmer, there are several things to consider when picking a keyboard. Factors include size, comfort, design, key switches, layout, durability, and ergonomics. For most programmers, the Numpad isn’t necessarily required. 

Which size keyboard is the best for programming?

This article will showcase the 65% generic, general-purpose to the full-size keyboards, which are very well suited for programming. However, there is no perfect size keyboard for all programmers.

Most mechanical keyboards for programmers do not have a Numpad making them seemingly more compact than full-size keyboards.

Why do programmers use mechanical keyboards for coding?

A keyboard is an essential tool that programmers use every day, whether at home, work, or both. This is why it is advisable to get something that will potentially better your experience.

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the best thing there is the variety which gives the ability to pick out a keyboard that suits your needs.

mechanical keyboards for coding
mechanical keyboards for coding

Mechanical keyboards offer programmers a great working experience. Apart from this, they are also relatively more durable compared to membrane keyboards.

Mechanical switches allow you can get a range of weights. You can also choose to go with a clicky, tactile, or smooth linear switch, loud, silent, low profile, depending on your preferences.

TOP 5 best mechanical keyboards for programmers

Here are the best five mechanical keyboards for programmers.

1. Keychain K2 Keyboard For Coding

Price: $104.00

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We’ll start with this one because it is a top favorite for many programmers as it offers everything a keyboard should offer.

It is a wireless, mechanical keyboard suited for programming. A fantastic aspect of this keyboard is its battery life which is 400mha.

It has a 75% Mac layout, is tactile with all necessary keys and functions compact. RGB lights, slim bezels, a nice gray gradient on the keys, and a single orange escape key work wonderfully for the aesthetic.

  • 1 7
  • 2 6
  • 3 7

The Keychain K2 can connect with as many as three devices. Also, to improve battery life, the keyboard goes to sleep after some time with no activity. On a full charge, the keyboard can last for as long as seven days with regular use. 

2. Ducky One 2 Mini Keyboards For Programmers

Price: $ 108

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This keyboard packs a plethora of customization, high quality, dedicand nice touches in one good-looking package. Its pricing makes it a premium keyboard, but it is entirely worth the price.

This is one keyboard to beat. It boasts of a fantastic compact 60% design which gives you a lot of room and a standard bottom row.

  • 1 8
  • 2 7
  • 3 8

It is programmable without software, with multiple layers, and possesses PBT keycaps and USB-c connection with removable cable colored keycaps, themed spacebar, and wire keycap puller.

It has a clean, gorgeous design and low-rattle cherry stabilizers. It offers a quality typing experience.

Ducky builds quality matches reputation.

3. Das Keyboard 4 

Price: $169.00

Check the price

If you’re all about comfort while typing, this is your stop. Das Keyboard 4 combines exquisite aesthetics, top-notch psycho-acoustic experience, and a highly functional tactile feel. For programmers, this means increased speed and more work.

Das Keyboard 4 makes your work so seamless you can go on for hours. The keyboard is also highly durable as it is designed for high performance.

1 9

Das Keyboard 4 is manufactured with top-quality, gold-plated mechanical switches that can take up to 50 keystrokes.

The keyboard might look strange to starters despite its growing popularity among programmers for its functionality, durability, and aesthetics.

Das Keyboard 4 fully supports Mac OS. 

4. Logitech G915 TKL Keyboard for programming

Price: $169.99

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Logitech G915 TKL is a classy, multi-purpose, low-profile, mechanical gaming keyboard with dedicated macro keys full of RGB lighting. It boasts Bluetooth device pairing for efficient power consumption to connect up to 3 devices and a detachable USB-C for charging during use. Logitech G915 comes with an edgeless volume wheel.

  • 1 10
  • 2 8
  • 3 9

The keyboard is highly responsive and can last up to 40 hours, even at optimal work levels. It is a durable keyboard with a metal frame and hard plastic along the back.

It delivers a fantastic experience and is very lightweight. There are 3 GL switches to choose from and a GL tactile, which are handy for programmers and even gamers.

5. Apple Magic Keyboard For Programmers

Price: $99.00

Check the price

The Apple Magic keyboard offers programmers another fantastic keyboard option and typing experience. The Magic Keyboard is chargeable and wireless.

1 11

One impressive factor about the Magic Keyboard is its battery life. Apple Magic Keyboard connects automatically with your MacBook, so you don’t have to worry about pairing every time you use the keyboard.

You can also connect the keyboard with your PC for use and charge with a USB-Type C. 


With the perfect keyboard, your work as a programmer is easier and more comfortable, apart from the several health benefits you get to enjoy. Choose the ideal keyboard for your work today to make your work easier and more efficient. 

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