Best Online Front End Development Courses

If you are looking to sharpen your skills as a front end developer, Online Front End Development Courses can help. They are not only helpful for experienced developers looking to expand their skill set, but also for those who want to start their journey.

Best Online Front End Development Courses
Best Online Front End Development Courses

Whether you are a professional, or just at the start of your career, mastering the basics can give you an edge. Therefore, it is important to choose a course that not only clears your basics but also takes you to the advanced level. For this purpose, you must select the course appropriate for your career level.

Online courses can help you in achieving the goal of clearing the basics as well as getting to the next level by mastering the art of creating beautiful websites. sites like Udemy or Coursera can be helpful as they have a wide range of courses available to cater to the needs of each individual.

Before diving into the journey of learning front-end development, you must use your research skills to find the most relevant courses for you. However, you are in luck today, we have compiled the list of courses that can help you in getting a head start in your path to becoming a successful developer. 

Top Front End Development Courses in 2021

With rapidly changing technology, it is important to learn new skills to stay in the race. Hence, we have made a list of courses in 2021 that can help you with practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

Moreover, by completing some of the courses, you can earn a certificate as well. You will be able to add that certificate to your achievements to make your profile stand out, Without any further ado, here is the list of some amazing courses:

The Complete Front-End Web Development Course (Udemy)

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Joseph Delgadillo

The list will be incomplete without the mention of this amazing course available at Udemy. The course not only covers the key concepts like HTML and CSS but also teaches you JavaScript, which is one of the most essential languages for developers.

Not only that, but you can get your hands dirty by practicing on jQuery and Bootstrap as well. Therefore, when they say that you are getting the complete front-end web development course, they are not wrong.

Student feedback


The course has a rating of 4.4 which proves that it is the student’s favorite course. With more than 420,000 students enrolled in the course, the rating is exceptional. Furthermore, it is suitable for beginners and covers almost all steps needed to become a good front end developer

Link to the Course

The Complete Web Developer in 2021: Zero to Mastery (Udemy)

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Andrei Neagoie

Another amazing course available at Udemy is The Complete Web Developer in 2021: Zero to Mastery. As the name suggests, the course has an extensive outline that can be valuable for your career.

It is developed by a senior software engineer that worked at Silicon Valley. Hence, after completing this course, you will not only learn some amazing skills but will gain an insight into the real tech world as well.

Moreover, you do not need any prior experience to access this course. The course has an amazing rating of 4.7 with more than 170,519 students enrolled.

Student feedback

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This course is a must-take for anyone who is not only looking for learning front-end development but also wants to learn about the backend as well. After completing this course, you will be a full-stack developer. 

Link to the Course

Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS (Coursera)

Another amazing website to learn skills online is Coursera. This amazing website has multiple courses available prepared by top instructors from amazing universities to help you gain the knowledge you are seeking. In this particular course, you will learn about the foundation technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS.


Moreover, this course is free to audit as well. Therefore, you only pay if you want a certificate. Other than that, all the knowledge is free to access.

This is an amazing course for anyone who wants to clear their basics first and then excel as a front-end developer. Especially for beginners, this course can provide them with the foundation they are looking for. 


Link to the Course

Front-End Web Development with React (Coursera)

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Jogesh K. Muppala

Another great course available at Coursera is Front-End Web Development with React. In this course, you will learn about the popular JavaScript-based library, React. React is the new talk of the town and anyone with knowledge of React has more chances of getting hired. 

This course is developed by a professor and is offered by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. If that itself is not enough credibility, the course has a rating of 4.7 as well. 

Link to the Course

Front End Web Developer (Udacity)

If you are looking for a resume-worthy portfolio and have already learned the basics, this course is for you. The nano-degree program by Udacity covers all the concepts you need to learn as a front-end developer. Not only that but also, you will work on multiple projects and can add them to your portfolio as well.

Learn with the best

Moreover, the sessions are interactive, and you can get feedback as well. Also, the rating of this course is 4.5 out of 5. Therefore, students are satisfied with the content and delivery of this course.

Hence, by the end of this course, you will not only have projects to add to your portfolio but will also know webpack, Service worker, and other great tools for modern front end development.

Link to the Course

Final Thoughts

While the choice of the course totally depends on you, selecting the right course from the multiple resources available might be overwhelming. There are many online sites that can help you in finding the most suitable course for you.

But even after enrolling in one course, you can easily get tempted to try some other course as well. Therefore, it is essential to select a course as per your needs and stick to it till the end. Otherwise, you will not be able to gain the skills you were looking for. 

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