Best Places to Learn Coding Online for Free

The Internet makes learning anything easy, you can find multiple places to explore your interests and learn more about them, and coding is not an exception.

Best Places to Learn Coding Online for Free

You can learn to code online, and even practice it online too. In most cases, beginners can start right away without having to install any complicated software (unless you’re making a complete project for practice).

Let’s learn more about how to learn to code online, and where to learn it from.

Can I Study Coding for Free?

In today’s world, especially after the pandemic, many places offer online courses for free. And from there, you can also get professional certifications.

Coding can be learned online as well, and some institutes offer free online coding learning courses.

Can I Learn Coding on My Own?

For a skill like coding, professional knowledge is compulsory. So, if you are not getting admission to any institute, then a short period of online courses might be proved helpful to learn and excel in the field.

You can take start from the beginner level. With time, as your skills start enhancing, you can enroll in advanced-level courses that provide professional certification that will be proven helpful in your career.

Best Places to Learn Coding Online for Free

Learning coding for free through online platforms is exceptionally feasible for people worldwide. Multiple places offer online coding learning programs without any fee and provide certification.

Some of them are mentioned below:

1. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science is an introductory platform of Harvard University in the field of programming. It provides you with the best beginner-level online courses as a new bee in the field.

They start teaching from the beginner level and then to the real world based skills related to coding and programming.

2. Coursary

By signing in at Coursary you can excel in London-based coding courses and work towards learning advanced skills in your field of work.

Cursory offers many free online courses along with certification. These courses are related to different fields of work. One is in computer science, under which you can opt for a coding course. 

It is one of the famous e-learning platforms which offers thousands of courses. Coursary offers courses from top international universities free of cost at the comfort of your home.

3. Codecademy

Codecademy offers the best language courses for coders and programmers. They offer free online courses and certification in an excellent variety of their pro courses.

Codecademy is user-friendly and very catching for the coders as they have tailor-made courses for every coder.

Their programs start from beginners level to objective-oriented advanced-level courses.

4. Freecodcamp

Freecodecamp is a powerful online platform for learning to code. It provides you to choose a path of your choice out of multiple paths they offer like machine learning, quality assurance, web development, information, and security.

On their website, they give you options for learning coding for free, building projects, and earning certificates.

Freecodecamp has promising certification as many of its certificate holders have worked at the top tech firms, including Google, Microsoft, Spotify, and Amazon, for years.

They provide easily understandable courses for beginners, and at the end of every course, you must complete five projects to earn certification.

5. Microverse

Microverse is an international program that teaches programming and software engineering-related fields, and it is available in 140-plus countries worldwide.

Microverse contacts 400 plus companies to get employment for their alumni and students. It promises a significant raise in your salary as you start growing your skills.

You can apply online, and by paying no fees till you start earning, you can get international certification.

6. Educative

Educative is an online platform that provides online paid and not paid courses. They also provide courses for coding. They offer different levels of courses, starting from beginners to advanced.

You can apply through their only website, and they give a preview option for each course that provides objectives and details about the course, which can help you select the right course.

Educative provides you with the certification at the end of your course.

7. Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy is a professional non-profit institute that offers students all around the world a chance to learn online courses free of cost just by signing in from their 100-plus courses, many of which are related to coding.

Their courses are shaped and designed by subject matter experts. At Saylor, you can customize your course and complete it according to your pace and schedule and with zero financial investment.

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With Saylor, you can learn new skills or finish your degree. Saylor can be an option to build your career and learn highly advanced skills in coding.


Some other places to learn to code include Coursera, Udemy, and Pluralsight. Just search on google and explore the courses that match your interest.

You can search for something like “Free Python online course” or “Online certification to learn Python language”. In most cases, you’ll immediately find something and will be good to go!

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