Best Projects to learn JavaScript for beginners 

JavaScript is a very popular front-end programming language. If you are not a JavaScript familiar, then you cannot be a front-end developer.

Best Projects to learn JavaScript for beginners 

JavaScript handles all queries to make which makes your project interactive. I recommend you to get a refresher even if you are an expert developer.

In this article, we will discuss and cover the best projects to learn javascript from scratch as a beginner.

What topics should I learn in JavaScript?

Learning is a never-ending loop. No matter, who you are, a developer, a teacher, a doctor, or an engineer, learning will enhance your skills and will expand your exposure to tackle different situations.

Following are some important JavaScript concepts that you should learn.

1. Control Statements

This is the start of JavaScript. You need to master the control statements to be a master of JavaScript. Control statements include if-else statements, switch, for, loops, and logical operators.

2. DOM manipulation

There are so many developers who just skip this important part. DOM stands for Data Object Manipulation.

Yes, it’s true that in your day-to-day developmental tasks you may not need to use DOM anywhere but still, it is necessary to learn about the basic concepts to conquer the advanced levels and better error handling.    

3. Functions handling and management

A function is an integral part of JavaScript. JavaScript is based on two major approaches Functions oriented approach and the object-oriented approach, and both are equally important.

We can almost achieve almost the same results but it is still necessary to learn both approaches for better perspective and exposure.

4. Error Handling

You cannot deny the importance of error handling in JavaScript. In fact, not only in JavaScript but in every domain of development you should have to be an expert in error handling.

In this aspect, your success also matters that how you identify and rectify different types of errors.

5. Object-Oriented Approach

This is similar to the functions approach. You need to get a proper hands-on understanding of object-oriented JavaScript.

It is important to learn how objects or classes work and how we can integrate classes to get desired functions or results.

Classes are widely used in React.js therefore it’s good to get familiar with the object-oriented approach at a basic level. It really helps a lot.

6. Front-end Framework

If you are searching for a job as a front-end developer, then will give you an edge to at least be familiar with the three most common and popular JavaScript frameworks. i.e. React.js, Vue.js, and Angular.js.


In this perspective, if you are an expert on these frameworks then you are more likely to get the jobs. Kick start your Advance level career with React.js and you will see a magic boost in no time.

What project can I do with JavaScript for beginners? 

As a beginner first of all you should know the basic concepts no matter from whichever domain you are in, you have to first learn and clear your basic concepts.

you can choose any simple projects which can showcase your skills or which are suitable for you to complete. Your first project should be a project which you feel confident that you can do it.

You can find plenty of projects to learn javascript on the internet with source code.

Some of the popular projects to learn javascript for beginners are:

  • JavaScript To-Do list
  • JavaScript Calculator
  • Digital Clock
  • Counter
  • JavaScript Based Quiz
  • Weather App

What are the best Projects to learn JavaScript for beginners

Actually, the best is anything which you can perform with full accuracy and efficiency. Choose wisely because if you want to do projects to upgrade or create your portfolio then these should be up to date and diverse so that you can intact your employer’s attention.

Some of the most common and basic level popular JavaScript projects include the following:

  • An eCommerce shopping cart
  • Tic tac toe game
  • Digital clock
  • Survey form
  • Quiz
  • An interactive landing page

How do I start a JavaScript project?

It’s not any rocket science nor anything different from any other project. A good project needs proper research. I always recommend having proper research before you start anything.

Start your project with brainstorming and then research the main points setup timelines and start your project.

You can take the start of a JavaScript project initially by making a layout using HTML and then giving it a proper look using your CSS skills and at the end, it’s time to apply your JavaScript expertise to make it interactive and functional.

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