Best Stack for Web Development

Understanding which web development stacks to learn in 2022 is crucial. It allows you to land in the job market with the right skill set required by the companies.

Moreover, it depends on your personal interest, skills, and approach towards the project too.

Best Stack for Web Development

However, to make the choice, it is important to explore each web dev stack in detail. Only then, you can understand which stack is preferred for your choice of development.

Fortunately, we took it on ourselves to explore some trendy tech stacks and technologies and have compiled it for you here. 

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best stack for web development

1. MEAN Stack 

The MEAN stack is among the most important and frequently utilized technology stacks in the world today.

Because of the numerous advantages to developers, it is unquestionably the preferred option for the overwhelming majority of them. 


It comprises JavaScript(JS)-based technologies such as MongoDB (NoSQL database), Express.js is a famous framework for backend web, Angular.js (front-end framework), and Node.js (server-side scripting language) (open source cross-platform server).

2. MERN Stack

MERN is essentially identical to MEAN, except for a single modification in technology, which is the substitution of Angular.js for React.js. In other words, the MERN stack is a continuation of the MEAN stack in its functionality.

MERN Stack is a collection of the most up-to-date technologies used to develop high-quality web applications. Various technologies, like frameworks, libraries, and databases, are employed in their development.

These parts also give developers end-to-end framework support from start to finish. Once again, it is a JavaScript-based stack that helps make the whole development process more efficient at a large scale.

MERN stands to benefit from the fact that 2022 will almost certainly be about progressing to the next level of UI.

what makes MERN the best stack for web development is you should only learn one programming language which is javascript for the frontend and the backend.

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3. Ruby on Rails Tech Stack 

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a developer-friendly web development technology stack that also happens to be one of the most secure. It allows the construction of lightweight applications.

Other than that RoR development framework has acquired widespread acceptance. So the project’s potential for adaptability gains a significant boost.

Ruby, the primary technology in the stack, is an object-oriented, dynamic programming language that is free and open-source.

4. MEVN Stack

As the frontend web development framework in this version of the MEAN stack, Angular is deprecated and replaced with Vue.js.

This framework combines the best features of AngularJS (as the View Layer) and React.js (as the Action Layer) (as Virtual DOM).

Nowadays, it is among the most popular frameworks, and it has received a great deal of support from the community.

It comes pre-installed with many features and a comprehensive collection of tools. You may further enhance the functionality of Vue.js by integrating it with a variety of third-party services.

5. The Serverless Technology Stack 

In case you are still skeptical when it comes to the serverless revolution, the optimal time to become serverless, i.e., build your applications on cloud infrastructure, would be the best possible option in 2022. 

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Infrastructure management has never been so straightforward and straightforward. Aside from that, the services and tools made available by serverless computing systems are just excellent.

When you choose a serverless stack, you can be assured that scalability will never be an issue for your application. 

6. Flutter Stack

Flutter is a web stack that is redefining the cross-platform development market as we know it. Dart, the Flutter engine, the Foundation Library, and design-specific widgets are among the primary components of the framework.

Flutter is an open-source software development package that allows you to create applications for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web, and Linux from a single codebase. It is free to use.


This stack will not let you compromise the speed or efficiency of the application while developing user interfaces, adding new features, or correcting issues if you utilize them.

Furthermore, it is critical to have a stable software technology stack when developing software or an application.

The backend must be built with tools that work together rather than against each other to minimize development time and better coordinate resources.


The most important components of the PERN stack are PostgreSQL, Express, React, and Node.js. With the combination of these technologies, you may also create a full-stack web application that performs CRUD activities.

It is one of the most in-demand tech stacks due to the number of trendy technologies it addresses.

In fact, by practicing projects on this stack, you will learn some in-demand technologies like React and Node JS. It cannot get any better than learning and landing a job right away!

8. LAMP Stack

When it comes to the Best Stack for Web Development, we can’t ignore the LAMP stack, LAMP consists of MySQL, Linux, PHP, and Apache (HTTP server). LAMP stack supports all operating systems, which ensures that it works effectively.

It is used in web development because it delivers the highest performance, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility for the website. Furthermore, its components may be swapped out or modified inside the same stack of features.

A generic software stack paradigm, referred to as LAMP, has emerged, with its constituent parts being widely interchangeable.


While making the choice of learning a tech stack, do not get stuck on the latest technologies only. Explore what interests you more and keep practicing it in-depth.

It is likely that after learning one tech stack, transition to a new tech stack will be somewhat easy. Thus, do not forget the good old rule of quality over quantity even while learning technology!