Best Upcoming NFT Games projects to Invest and earn money

The development of NFTs plays a major role in the game economy, and gamers get valuable rewards accordingly. 

There are a variety of games based on blockchain technology that allows players to earn NFTs and cryptocurrency as they play. 

They’re called play-to-earn games. These games give users a great deal of control over native assets by providing rare and unique in-game items, subsequently increasing the value of the assets. 

Best Upcoming NFT Games projects to Invest and earn money

There are three ways you can acquire these assets:

One, create your own NFTs using unique characters. 

Two, buy digital items on the marketplace for cryptocurrency. 

Or three, play and earn.

Playing games and making money, It’s my two favorite things in the world at the same time; 

Little tip: You can increase your NFTs’ value by getting unique and rare assets at the launch stage of the game. Read along to find the best upcoming NFT games you should invest in 2022.

Best Upcoming NFT Games to earn money

1. Illuvium

Illuvium is an upcoming and one of the most-anticipated NFT games that takes place in an open-world, RPG setting. 

It will run on the Ethereum blockchain, and it aims to attract a massive community of NFT collectors and gamers. Players can battle and capture NFT creatures called Illuvials, each with a class and affinity, that can be monetized. 

build the perfect team

Some features of the game include being able to bet on battles to boost your earnings, the ability to monetize almost if not all of the in-game items ( weapons, Illuvials, skins, and farmed materials), and integration with Immutable X which makes the game gas-free for peer-to-peer transactions.

2. Splinterlands

One of my personal favorites. Splinterlands. It’s a collectible trading card blockchain game where all the cards you own are assets that fully belong to you. 

It works on the HIVE blockchain, making it different from several other NFT games that use the Ethereum blockchain. Splinterlands is overall one of the best NFT games at the moment.

3. Sipher

Another personal favorite. Sipher is a futuristic game that exists on the Ethereum blockchain with the ultimate goal of creating an open-world social experience. 

This game immerses you into a new universe, Sipheria, where environmental hazards have killed almost everyone, with only 10,000 Sipherians (in the form of NFTs of course) still alive. 

Sipher has a unique setting and storyline. One thing that adds to its uniqueness is that Sipherians have programmable emotions. These Sipherians are already actively trading on the platform at the moment. 

4. Axie Infinity

One of the most successful, oldest, and well-known NFT games. It wouldn’t be a good list without an honorable mention of Axie Infinity, and if you’re a fan of Pokemon (like me), then you’re absolutely going to love it. 

It is a fighting game where you can collect, breed, raise, battle, and trade little virtual pets, resembling Pokemon, called Axies. 

You can also earn Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) and SLP (Smooth Love Potion), as well as NFTs that you can all trade for fiat money. 

Axie Infinity

Little tip: while breeding your Axies, you need to consider the pets’ race and ranking in order to stand the best chance at producing powerful offspring.

5. Gods Unchained

Another trading card game that features attractive designs of sets, animations, and in-game products. 

The cards are all verifiably owned on Ethereum’s blockchain so all players own their assets. 

Incredibly rare cards can be minted and be auctioned off at a lot of  USD value. The platform launched its proprietary NFT marketplace on Immutable X a while ago, where players can trade their NFTs and engage with the game’s impending trading card expansions.

6. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a Solana blockchain-based, space-themed video game with a huge multiplayer metaverse set in the distant future of the year 2620. 

You can trade, purchase and create NFTs within the Star Atlas metaverse, The metaverse is expansive, and you will have to embark on lonely and challenging quests plagued with numerous threats and menaces as you gather resources and compete in the game while also struggling to outsmart other players in the metaverse.

7. MetaWars

Big fan of science fiction here, so MetaWars is a game very close to my heart. It is a multiplayer futuristic sci-fi filled with action and role-playing that takes place in space where players can submerge themselves in one of the most realistic space voyages. 

The game also allows you to bid on tasks and complete them, then get rewards with $WARS tokens. 

You’re going to have complete freedom to combine devices, modules, weapons, and other in-game items, AND you can increase the size of your armies with their highly impressive optimization tools. 

These combinations increase the power of your character in the game and allow you to purchase special rewards. 

Before the year ends, MetaWars plans to release limited characters and offer a demo on the web, whereas the final phase is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022.

8. Ethermon

Our final entry is Ethermon; a new game that uses blockchain technology to allow true ownership of in-game items. 

It’s sort of Ethereum Pokemon, but with one added twist. See on Ethermon, you can sell your ‘mons’ for fiat money after you have powered them up or transformed them. 

Best Upcoming NFT Games to earn money

Unlike most NFT games with crypto creatures, Etheremon will not operate on a single server. Instead, players can interact directly with each other through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.


NFTs and NFT games are all the hype lately, with prices and the number of users. It is clear that they’re taking over the crypto and gaming industry. 

Justifiably so, because who doesn’t want to make money while staying entertained? Blending video games with finance is a genius idea that gave birth to Game-Fi, which is another name for NFT games. 

The above-listed games are the best ones you can invest in next year. They’re all highly entertaining and lucrative. Welcome to the future.

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