Best Web Developer Extension for Chrome and Firefox

Extensions can add some features or functionalities to your browser to assist in performing a task. Whether you use Chrome, like most of us as your primary browser, or have chosen Firefox for it, certain extensions can be quite helpful.

Best Web Developer Extension for Chrome and Firefox
Best Web Developer Extension for Chrome and Firefox

Using extensions can boost your productivity and help you with achieving your task in your desired manner. Hence, In this article, we will Discover the best Web Developer Extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Best Web Developer Extension for Chrome

Since most of the developers give preference to chrome as their primary browser, it is no surprise that there are some amazing extensions available to help you during development. Thus, they are:

Web Developer

As the name suggests, the extension is quite useful for developers. If you install it, you will suddenly see that it is accessible through an icon. It is easy to use the extension with multiple tools like disabling JS or outlining certain images available that can help a developer in their daily life.


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Cache Clear

Another very useful extension is the Cache Clear extension. It is a part of the web developer’s job to clear caches from time to time. Hence, this extension can help you in quickly clearing caches and other data just through one click.

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F19 Obtrusive Test

It is an extension available for testing, allowing the developer to conduct some basic tests like web performance, etc.

CSS Viewer Web Developer Extension for Chrome

Since we all are well aware of the importance CSS has in web development, an extension like CSS viewer can make basic tasks easier. It allows you to check basic CSS information like their font, color, background, etc.

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Another great tool that can help you in quickly identifying the technologies used in a website. Thus, when you visit a website, you can uncover details about content management systems, JS frameworks, etc.

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Best Web Developer Extension for Firefox

There are many extensions available for Firefox that make it a popular browser among designers and developers. In addition to some extensions being present at chrome, they are available in Firefox as well.

For example, web developer tools are also available for Firefox allowing developers to do the tasks they are looking for easily. Some other popular “Add-ons” in the language of Firefox are:

Total Validator

It is a very handy tool that helps in identifying any broken links and checking HTML as well. There are a lot more things that you can do with this tool like accessibility validation etc.


Ghostery is an add-on that can help you discover the trackers or pixels used by any website. It also helps in blocking the installed trackers.

HTTPS Everywhere web developer extension for firefox

This is a very useful tool that rewrites every request to HTTPS requests. Hence, your communication with the websites is encrypted.

HTTPS Everywhere web developer extension for firefox

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Extensions or add-ons can make your development more productive. Since you have tools to assist you, your time is saved and spent on tasks that require more effort.

Hence, discover the best extensions or add-ons as per your work requirement and make your work as a developer more efficient. 

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