Best books for computer science engineering students 

Here we are going to discuss some of the best books for computer science engineering students.

There is a big world behind computer science engineering from a simple computer to the small microchip and we will discuss the books with the main purpose to teach the technicalities and helping the computer science engineers to deal with the different cases and perspectives to lead a world with most advanced and up to date devices.

Best books for computer science engineering students 

Best books for computer science engineering students 

Following are some of the best books for computer science students from beginners to experts:

1. Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach by James Kurose and Keith Ross

This book is all about how you deal the computer networking while keeping in mind Kurose’s approach to teaching computer networking.

In his book, he guides you through the core concepts of computer science and electrical engineering which helps you to better understand the networking concepts and techniques.


He chooses the top-down style and starts the application layer to the physical layer same as the approach of “Tanenbaum’s Structured Computer Organization”.

The main focal point of this book is the internet, networking protocols, and encryption algorithms. This is especially for network specialists.

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2. A Programmer’s Perspective by Bryant & O’Hallaron

Computer science engineering holds a small portion of knowledge about software development in order to better work on hardware device design and production.

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This book is a good source to learn the fundamentals of hardware architecture, computer systems, embedded systems, and cybersecurity.

This book is written especially for students to learn the basic concepts by the professors of Carnegie Mellon.

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3. Deep Learning for Computer Architects by Brandon Reagen Robert Adolf, and Paul Whatmough

This book is all about deep learning of computer architects we can better say learning advanced machine learning. It holds a special place in computer architecture.

In this book, you will learn about high-performance hardware and massive data sets. This book was actually written to describe to the readers the history of machine learning, and the design & structures of machine learning.

This book is quite an advanced book and not suitable for beginners but a good fit for expert computer architects, who already have computer architecture backgrounds.

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4. Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach by John Hennessy and David Patterson

As already stated that the main focus of the computer science field is to deal with hardware, therefore, computer Architecture is the main focus of this field of computer science engineering.

It is the foundation subject that is necessary for all students to get a better understanding of computer architecture.

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This book has two writers and both from reputed universities one from Stanford and the other one from the University of California.

This book award-winning book is considered to be an important reference book for students and it actually won several awards, increasing its worldwide popularity.

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5. Modern Processor Design: Fundamentals of Superscalar Processors by John Paul Shen and Mikko Lipasti

This book is one of the best books for computer science engineering and is specially written to describe the theory and the concepts of designing and producing microprocessors.

In this book, the writer shared the techniques and practices behind the micro technology powering the modern and latest hardware and devices.

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Hence, a book about the introduction of processor design including the microprocessors. It book is a good source for beginners.

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6. Beginner’s Guide to Engineering: Computer Engineering by James Lance

Above mentioned books are typical for those who already have a career path in computer science engineering.

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As its name shows, this book is purely for beginners to get a better introduction to computer science and engineering and teaches the basic concepts of the said field.

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