cheapest online masters in computer science

After completing a bachelor’s, naturally, one tends to focus more on higher degrees as well. Especially, in a field like technology and IT, the natural transition is to move toward learning more and exploring different career paths.

cheapest online masters in computer science

That’s why it is always intriguing to learn about specializations and Postgraduate programs.

If you’re one of the individuals interested in that, you’re at the right place. Let’s learn all about Postgraduate in Computer Science.

Can I do a Master in Computer Science Online?

Various international universities offer master’s in computer science to enhance the practical computer skills of an individual.

These programs are offered as full-time and part-time programs that differ in the time of completion as part-time usually occupies two years and full-time usually occupies one year.

Most universities with valuable degrees offer master’s in computer science through an online platform where experienced professionals from those reputed institutes teach and train students from different geographical locations at the same level.

Can I do a Master in Computer Science Online?

Nowadays, multiple software has been developed to aid online learning. New technology gives almost on-campus learning exposure on online grounds where teachers can give both practical and theoretical knowledge through online mediums.

Is a Master In Computer Science Worth It?

Doing a Master’s in computer science will enhance my skill set related to the field and the practical exposure to the field by introducing me to the advanced world of technology.

A postgraduate degree focuses on increased practical implication of the knowledge about the subject and updated knowledge about the subject that is nowadays necessary for an individual to excel in his field in this competitive world.

This helps an individual earn better and work in their respective field by using their best knowledge about their field.

Also, enrolling for a Master’s degree in computer science opens multiple career opportunities for individuals during practical exposure to the field.

Online Masters in computer science are usually cheaper than those offered on campus. Doing an online Master’s will be feasible to study from the comfort of home without any travel expenses and from any country to your preferred country.

An online degree is as valuable as the regular degree of that institute. Better learning can be done if proper teaching skills with advanced technology are incorporated. 

Will a Master’s Degree Increase my Salary?

Investing in a master’s degree ensures growth in salary. Various sources confirmed that there is a significant percentage of salary raise in the respective field for master’s degree holders than the graduate ones in multiple countries.

It has been seen that the exposure and skill set that comes with a master’s degree is not found in graduated individuals. 

Cheapest Online Masters In Computer Science

Some universities that offer the cheapest postgraduate in Computer science are mentioned below:

1. IU International University of Applied Sciences

International University of Applied Sciences is a German-based university that provides online degrees while studying from the comfort of your home.

IU of Applied Sciences offers a master’s in computer science in multiple majors like artificial intelligence, data science, and cyber security.

This university makes sure to make you stand out from the crowd by making you specialize in your favorite field.

2. Curtin University

Curtin University is a famous Australian university that offers online and on-campus education. It has multiple campuses in significant countries like Australia, Mauritius, Singapore, Dubai, and Malaysia.

It provides a variety of domains of an online Master’s degree in computers by giving in-depth knowledge about computer-related advanced programs. It is a great choice if you’re looking for a well-recognized university.

3. Queen Mary University of London

The Queen Mary University of London is an established university in London that offers postgraduate and undergraduate programs. It allows learning from experts about multiple programs they offer.

Their postgraduate computer science program provides exposure to the practical application of the skills the highest. It is an amazing choice for individuals wanting to gain practical exposure in the field.

4. Northumbria University Newcastle

Northumbria University Newcastle is in America to help shape the future of digital specialists. It works with professionals to enhance the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students coming to the Master’s program.

It provides 100% online Master in two particular domains of computer; Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. These domains are highly sought-after domains. Once completed, you can land a great job in your home country.

5. University of Houston-Victoria

The University of Houston-Victoria, located in Victoria, provides a Master’s in computer science at an affordable price. They offer Master’s programs, including thesis or without thesis.

It provides specialization classes with training students with advanced-level digital skills.

6. National University

The National University of California offers one of the most famous Masters in computer science. They don’t focus on studying one set subject area.

They allow students to explore and choose the best suitable one for them, along with one picked specialization to enhance overall knowledge and skill regarding the field.

If you’re indecisive about specializing in one field, consider this university. It’ll teach you about all the fields and let you decide for yourself!

7. City University of Seattle

City University of Seattle, located in Seattle, provides on-campus and online programs for Master in Computer Science.

They offer master’s consisting of varying credit hours based on their previous qualification to work with students according to their current skills. And mainly, to bring them on a similar level as other individuals in this field.


Many universities offer master’s degrees in computer science through online platforms. Every university has its strength, you’ve to decide as per your choice and field.

But without any doubt, topping up graduation with a master’s degree is beneficial, both financially and academically.

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