best final year project ideas for computer science students

It’s a no-brainer that Computer Science is today’s most sought-after educational field considering the current digital age.

There are numerous areas to explore within the vast field that include coding detailed management systems, data processing, complex computation, network information security, algorithm design, web architecture, mobile development, or storage systems & management.

best final year project ideas for computer science students

If you are an aspiring computer scientist and have been scratching your head for final year project ideas for computer science students, this list should save you from your miseries.

We have combined the most amazing yet implementable FYP ideas and have divided them into different fields for your ease. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Top topics for computer science final year students

Below we have summarized the top fields in the Computer Science sector:

Data Science

This field utilizes the data acquired through different resources to organize them for their desired purpose. The effective selection and organization of the data help businesses to make important and accurate decisions.


In this field, a developer creates and maximizes the use of blockchain-based protocols including their architecture, smart contracts, or web apps.

The first kind of developers known as ‘core’ plays their role in developing blockchain architecture through employing useful security and consensus-related technologies.


The next type of developer is responsible for using those protocols for making decentralized applications (or dApps) for blockchain technology.

Web Development

Web development is responsible for the development of a website or web application through 3 main ways including Front end web development, back-end web development, and full-stack web development.

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best final year project ideas for computer science students

We have categorized the projects according to their related fields for your convenience:

1. Data Science

Data Science Project on Detecting Forest Fire

A forest fire or wildfire results in massive loss of nature and natural beings. The Detecting Forest Fire will help people identify crucial hotspots during a forest fire that will help them inform the authorities to reduce its severity.

video 1 1

It is also useful for extracting climatological data to find out the common periods and seasons for wildfires.

Source Link: Detecting Forest Fire

Project on Detection of Credit Card Fraud

The advancement of technologies has given rise to numerous possibilities which include cyber-attacks as well.

The cases of asset theft and hacking have increased over time due to which the assets of the people are in danger. In the same manner, credit card fraud has increased in number too.

image 12

This is why the use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science is used to its maximum for protecting users’ credit card data through monitoring the customer’s regular spending habits along with locating the terrain of such spending.

Source Link: Credit Card Fraud Detection and Credit Card Fraud Topics

Project on Customer Segmentations

Customer segmentation is one of the core components of an effective marketing strategy that helps companies to group and categorize the customers according to their age, gender, demands, interests, community, economic status, spending habits, and much more.

This classification helps businesses to select their target audience where the chances of sales are the highest.

Source Link: Customer Segmentation and Customer Segmentations Topics

2. Blockchain Projects

Live-Chatbot Project

This software is used to produce human-like conversations through text messages on chat. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to initiate a conversation with users in natural language.

list of projects for computer science students

For these reasons, the software is used as a progressive and useful interaction between humans and machines. It mainly works by formulating responses to questions in natural language.

Source Link: Live-Chatbot

Project on Money Transaction Security

This project is aimed at improving the security related to money transactions. Through implementing blockchain technology, the data and records will be guarded more effectively.

Source Link: Money Transaction Security

3. Web Development Projects

DSA Tracker Project

The DSA tracker will help divide the questions into different categories to help you select and answer each of them.

The project will work on topic-wise question search, complete local storage, topic-wise progress, mobile-first design, and clean UI.


Source Link: DSA Tracker

Slack Clone Project

Known as a work-related communication channel, Slack will take a new shape, Slack Clone which will make placing your resume and catching the eyes of the recruiters easier.

The project will feature Redux for state management, React for core functions, and Firebase for databases.

Source Link: Slack Clone

Transcript Summarizer for Youtube Project

The transcript summarizer for Youtube will help the users to summarize the content of the youtube videos. This way, users will be able to save time.

sample browser ui

To make it functional, you will be using a Chrome Extension that will perform NLP in the backend REST API. This process will result in the summarized version of the Youtube transcript.

Source Link: Youtube Transcript


If you have a knack for technology and want to become a competent computer scientist, then initiating ideas and working on computer science projects can help you a lot in boosting your skills and learning new things.

This way you will be able to create a path for yourself that will ultimately lead you towards your professional and career goals.

Moreover, by implementing these specialized fields into your final year projects, you will get an edge in the eyes of the recruiter. After finishing your degree, it is common to be asked about FYP ideas.

Hence, it is crucial to choose an idea that shows your competence, love for the field, and desire to learn.