freeCodeCamp Versus Codecademy Versus Team Treehouse Review

With the increasing demand for programmers and software engineers came an increase in demand for getting educated in the programming field. Since then, several platforms have surfaced to help aspiring coders reach their goals and maximize their skills.

In this article, we will look at three different platforms – freeCodeCamp vs Codecademy vs Team Treehouse – and will study the special features of each to reach a solid conclusion about which is the best to use.

freeCodeCamp Versus Codecademy Versus Team Treehouse Review
freeCodeCamp Versus Codecademy Versus Team Treehouse Review

Of course, it is very difficult for a single platform to achieve all desirable features to the best extent. Yet, all of freeCodeCamp, Codecademy, and Team Treehouse have striking content, and choosing among them depends on the purpose of completing courses on them.

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freeCodeCamp Review

How long does it take to complete freeCodeCamp?

Since freeCodeCamp is not exactly a single curriculum, there is no such thing as completing it (well technically speaking, you can, but it will take you a lifetime). It is divided into specific domains and a section for help with technical interview questions.

You can earn certain certifications based on your intended domain. These certifications vary in time requirements but typically need 300 hours. These hours are spent watching video lectures, reading articles, and practicing with hands-on applications.

Is freeCodeCamp good enough to get a job?

While it is always preferable to have a degree in the domain of work you are aiming for, freeCodeCamp certifications are definitely a big plus on your resume. It requires a lot of time and dedication to complete such courses and your recruiters will appreciate that.

More importantly, the knowledge you gain from freeCodeCamp courses is heavily dependent on your willingness to learn and ability to retain information. The more you are able to achieve that, the better you can showcase your skills and areas of expertise to your recruiters. That in turn will give you a better chance at getting hired.

In general, some companies do not accept applicants without degrees. However, that usually depends on the position you are applying to. Therefore, you can get a job with only freeCodeCamp certifications – your position, however, is not guaranteed to be a high one.

What courses does freeCodeCamp offer?

This platform offers a large number of courses that fall under the following big titles.

  1. Responsive Web DesignBasic HTML/HTML5
    • Basic CSS
    • Applied Visual Design
    • Applied Accessibility
    • Responsive Web Design Principles
    • CSS Flexbox
    • CSS Grid
  2. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures
    • Basic Javascript
    • ES6
    • Regular Expressions
    • Debugging
    • Basic Data Structures
    • Basic Algorithm Scripting
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Functional Programming
    • Intermediate Algorithm Scripting
  3. Front End Development Libraries
    • jQuery
    • SASS
    • React
    • Redux
  4. Data Visualization
    • Data Visualization with D3
    • JSON APIs and AJAX
  5. Back End Development and APIs
    • Managing Packages with NPM
    • Basic Node and Express
    • MongoDB and Mongoose
  6. Quality Assurance
    • Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai
    • Advanced Node and Express
  7. Scientific Computing with Python
    • Python for Everybody
  8. Data Analysis with Python
    • Data Analysis with Python
    • Numpy
  9. Information Security
    • Information Security with HelmetJs
    • Python for Penetration Testing
  10. Machine Learning with Python
    • Tensorflow
    • How Neural Networks Work

These big titles have subtitles within them of relevant courses. Note that on freeCodeCamp, the topics are only ten but have such vast resources within each, with subcategories and even sub-subcategories!

How much do I pay for a freeCodeCamp Certificate?

A major advantage of this platform is that it is absolutely free! It mainly relies on advertisements and donations for funding, in order to expand the world’s programming community and encourage coding enthusiasts to pursue their desired job by helping them acquire the necessary skills for it.

How much do I pay for a freeCodeCamp Certificate?

How can I get my certificate from freeCodeCamp?

Upon completing all the required courses in certification, you can claim your certificate by following the steps below.

  1. Accept freeCodeCamp Academic Honesty Policy
  2. Complete the specific certification’s projects found after the courses
  3. Set your profile settings to public
  4. Set your certification settings to public
  5. Set your name, and make it public

These steps are directly adopted from the official freeCodeCamp website.

Are freeCodeCamp certificates useful?

As a programmer, you should care less about the certificate itself and more about the knowledge, experience, and skills that this certificate claims that you gained. The true importance of such platforms lies in how much energy and effort you put in to make use of the content provided.

That said, the certificate is definitely useful. It indicates that you have mastered a certain topic and were persistent enough to complete it.

Codecademy review

What are the best Codecademy courses?

Codecademy offers a wide variety of courses, many of which are very beneficial and can be used to boost your chances of employment later on. Some of the best courses on Codecademy are:

  • Learn Web Development – Kick-Start Your Career
  • Java Tutorial: Learn Java Basics for Free
  • Learn Data Science – Kick-Start Your Career
  • Learn Go
  • SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL For Free
  • Learn Kotlin
  • Master a Skill – Get Started with Machine Learning
  • Learn Swift
  • Learn Computer Science – Kick-Start Your Career
  • Learn C++

Go is a language developed by Google and knowing it can increase your chances of getting hired there.

C++ is considered one of the most difficult programming languages today.

Kotlin is a modern programming language for developers.

SQL is a querying language to manage databases …

As you can see, the jobs offered are very diverse; whichever field you want to work in later in the near or far future, chances are you will find a useful course on Codecademy that will bring you one step (or several steps!) closer to achieving your goal.

Can you get a job after Codecademy?

As in the review on freeCodeCamp, certifications are great to add to your resume. Always keep in mind that the knowledge you gain from the courses is the more important part of a certification.

As we previously said, while some companies do not accept applicants without degrees, it depends on the position you are applying to. A diverse portfolio from Codecademy might secure a job for you after all!

Does Codecademy give you a certificate?

Yes. Codecademy gives you a certificate of completion for every course you complete.

Is a Codecademy certificate recognized?

As previously mentioned, the certificate you earn from Codecademy is more of a certificate of completion, rather than a certificate that enables you to work in the field. Hence, it is up to your recruiter to determine your certificate’s worth.

Is a Codecademy certificate recognized?

A good idea would be to elaborate on projects you worked on in earning this certificate so that your recruiter gets a better feel of what you learned and what your strengths are.

How long does it take to finish Codecademy?

The list of courses on Codecademy is so long that it seems very tough to be able to complete them all. The good news is that you will never find a job that requires extensive knowledge in all of these topics. The time required for completion of a course on Codecademy typically ranges between a couple of hours to > 10 hours. 

The great thing about that is that you do not need to pay for a whole 3-month course at university or buy books to learn about a topic you do not want to dive too deep in. The quick courses on Codecademy are just what you need for that kind of thing.

Is it worth paying for Codecademy?

If you are just paying to get a certificate, the answer is no. The certificate will not get you very far… On the other hand, if you are paying in order to learn more about your topic of interest and work on projects that will strengthen you and expand your experience and knowledge, then the answer is definitely a yes. It all goes back to your intentions and willingness to achieve what you seek!

Can you use Codecademy for free?

Yes, you can have basic lessons and daily practice for free. However, it is very limited when compared to the paid package. Free lessons will not get you very far unless your goal is to answer some trivia questions on the topic at hand.

You can also have free trials for paid courses in order to make sure you find them beneficial before paying. Platforms with this feature are regarded highly because it proves that the platform’s primary interest is to help its users, not financial gain.

Team Treehouse Review

Can you get a job with Treehouse Techdegree?

Yes! This degree can earn you an entry-level job as Treehouse is a reputable platform. Contrary to the first two, whose aim is to get you into the world of programming and familiarize you with important languages, skills, and ways of thinking,

Treehouse aims at teaching you what you need for the industry, from A to Z. It aims at providing you with chances to get employed even if you do not have a university degree.

How much does team Treehouse cost?

Treehouse is the most expensive of the three. Treehouse packages range between $25 and $199 per month. This high price is of course justified, as the more you pay the better your experience (lectures from industry leaders, personalized feedback on your work). Keep in mind that Treehouse is offering you an actual degree if you complete the required courses.

What are the most popular courses on Treehouse? Are they free of charge?

While no Treehouse courses are generally free, users have a 7-day free trial. Here are ten of the most popular courses on Team Treehouse.

  1. Introduction to HTML and CSS (Web Development)
  2. JavaScript Basics (Language)
  3. Python Basics (Language)
  4. PHP Basics (Language)
  5. Java Basics (Language)
  6. Creating User Experiences (User Experience)
  7. Data Analysis Basics (Data Analysis and Data Science)
  8. React Basics (Language)
  9. SQL Basics (Language)
  10. Build a Simple Android App with Java (Android Application Development)

As you can see, some of these courses tackle languages while others tackle specific tasks that you might work on within companies. Basics courses are generally popular because as the road gets tougher, fewer people will tread it. However, do not be misled! Treehouse offers far more advanced courses than the ones listed; these are just some of the most popular.

Is a Treehouse Tech degree worth it?

Absolutely. Treehouse Techdegree indicates that you have not only watched lectures on the material but have also worked on real-life projects where you encounter difficulties similar to those you would encounter in the industry, successfully completed quizzes with feedback on your work, and participated in workshops.

Is a Treehouse Tech degree worth it?

You would also have access to an exclusive channel with all the exciting material you learned. Moreover, you can view your peers’ work in order to learn and benefit from it!

In Conclusion …

freeCodeCamp has fewer certifications but they require much longer as they delve deep into each topic. For that reason, freeCodeCamp certifications are more valuable than Codecademy certificates.

Codecademy has the broadest variety of courses among all three platforms. It is more focused on teaching its users the fundamentals. Its courses are hence easier complete than those on the other two platforms.

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Treehouse is the real deal when it comes to getting employed as it offers an actual degree. The major advantage that Treehouse offers is that it provides you with on-demand video courses by experts in the field and allows you to communicate and interact with other users. It is therefore, more engaging than other platforms.

Hence, each platform has its own features that make it unique, and it is up to you to decide which of those features you mostly desire.

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