Front end developer portfolio projects ideas (Guide + Examples)

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Front end development is a development phase that covers the user experience side of development. The main purpose of front end development is to create a great user experience in terms of user-friendly features and design. 

A general user isn’t actually aware of the backend of any Software/Program/Web Application or Website. The only notable thing for an end-user is UX/UI which is the sole responsibility of a front end developer. 

Front end developer portfolio projects

In this article, we are going to discuss and highlight the different aspects of a front end developer portfolio and will try to answer the frequently asked questions to help you with your portfolio creation phase.

What should be in a front end developer portfolio?

A portfolio is somewhat your resume as you showcase all your skills and expertise in your portfolio, which we also do while writing a resume. 

As we all know that the era of covid-19 changed our lives a lot and had a deep impact on routine life. This also paves the way and gives new exposure to remote work opportunities. 

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In the past 2 years, we have seen a massive number of jobs for remote work which shows that this is the best time to start your career as a front end developer. 

While creating your front end development portfolio as a Front end developer, you should keep in mind that your portfolio should be set up in a way that can stand out among hundreds. So that you can become the first choice for the employer.

A Portfolio is a way to showcase your skills and work in a quick and personalized manner. A good front end development portfolio portfolio portrays and highlights all your past work and projects and the use of your skills for these projects. A good frontend developer portfolio should be precise and easy to understand.

frontend developer portfolio

As described a portfolio could be the reason for your next big opportunity, therefore, as a front end developer you should add all your major projects to your portfolio.

your portfolio should be arranged in a manner that covers the whole case study of the project and the use of your skills in that particular project completion and your achievements, milestones, problems and the way you solved these problems should be the best way to showcase your skills in details. 

How do I make a front end developer portfolio?

Before creating your frontend developer portfolio just take a break and give time to your mind and think about the first project you did and then move towards your major achievements and success points. Your portfolio should be a mixture of your resume and your projects.

You should keep in mind that your sole skill is your creative and innovative design skills therefore, your front end development portfolio should be attractive and well designed.

How do I make a front end developer portfolio?

Points/Things to Add to your portfolio:

  • Start with your Introduction, write briefly about your personal information interests and your picture.

  • Add Your basic skills that should contain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And then move forward with your advanced skills and any knowledge about frameworks like Angular, React, Bootstrap, etc.

  • Add Your projects with details better say case study which explains the milestones, problems, and then how you solve these problems. (This will help the employer to understand your problem-solving skills)

  • Add your social accounts so that people can find you and can check your work here as well. (Industry-specific will be more beneficial like Github, Dribble, Behance, and Linkedin)

  • List the services you are offering and your areas of expertise.

  • Include your certifications and awards to show your excellence.

  • Add your contact information and try to keep them in proper visibility.

How many projects do you need for a front end portfolio?

There is no specific limit for any portfolio, the only thing is to maintain the basic aesthetics and professionalism.  

The projects in your portfolio should be the summary of your skills so the number can increase with your number of skills, ideally, the best number for front end portfolio projects should be in between 6 to 12 projects of your top-rated projects. 

front end portfolio projects

But again I would like to highlight that there aren’t any standards or limits to specify the number of projects in a portfolio so this can vary depending on your experience & skills.

front end developer portfolio template

best Front end developer portfolio projects ideas

Characteristics of a good portfolio vary depending on the domain. There will definitely be different characteristics of a backend developer, or a designer, or for any software engineer but here we will specifically discuss the characteristics of a good portfolio keeping in mind the front end developer domain. 

As described above the main role of a front end developer is to handle and manage the front view and a good user experience in terms of design, easy navigation, and presentation of content.

  1. A good portfolio is something that can portray everything you want to explain. In a front-end developer portfolio, you need to show your design skills for which the best way is to add a responsive website to your project list.
What are some good front end projects for a portfolio?

  1. To show your interactive skills add any of your good projects in which you used JavaScript for example this could be as simple as an online exam paper or questionnaire.

  1. If you are a front-end developer and have some sound knowledge about back-end development, then you can add a Content Management System or anything similar to show the mixture of your front-end and back-end skills.

  1. You can upload a landing page using Bootstrap which is a good way to show your custom design skills.

  1. To show your familiarity with API integration, your portfolio should consist of at least one API-connected website.

  1. A clone site or pages like Facebook Timeline or Twitter feed page just to show your capability of handling any kind of complex or simple design.


A good portfolio is always something that highlights all your achievements, skills and covers all about you in a short and precise form with references to your past work done. 

This is the easiest way to show your work to clients & employers and gives you a chance to stand out among a lot of others. 

A good portfolio can hold up to 6 to 1 projects, your brief introduction, your social & industry specialized account links, and last but not least your contact details.

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