Full stack developer required skills | roles and responsibilities 

Who is full stack developer

As its name shows a full stack developer is a developer who can manage both sides of development i.e. Front-end development and Backend development. Front-end includes the client-side like user interface, website design, features/functions, and debugging of client-side errors.

While backend development is to manage the server-side including server connection, Database management, server related debugging.

Full stack developer required skills
Full stack developer required skills

There are plenty of front-end developers who can manage the backend as well because these two development phases are interrelated and there isn’t a big deal for a front-end developer to go for backend development and for a backend developer to become a full-stack developer because both domains are interrelated to each other.

Do you need a degree to be a full stack developer?

Basically to be a developer or a full stack developer you don’t need any specific degree the only thing you require is your set of skills. You can learn development skills at any time with or without having any prior degree or any prerequisite.

The best thing is you can find uncountable video lessons and tutorials to learn development and 100’s of free courses which enable you to work as an independent developer.  Your exposure increases gradually with the passage of time and with the addition of skills.

It isn’t mean that to be a developer is a piece of cake. You have to learn and then practice the skills to acquire a place in the market.

As a beginner, you can select one domain either front-end development or backend development and after getting hands-on experience of your selected domain, you can expand your skills to full-stack development.

full stack developer required skills

A full-stack developer handles both sides of development. Therefore, a full-stack developer has more skills than a general front-end or backend developer.

full stack developer requirements

Full stack developer requirements :

  • Front-end Development skills (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and having a hands-on idea about Libraries like JQuery, React & Angular is a plus point)
  • Sound knowledge of PHP
  • Server Handling (Versions, Connection, Backups, etc.)
  • Database Management (MySQL, MongoDB, SQLServer, Oracle)
  • At least a basic understanding of programming languages/frameworks (Java, .Net, Python, Ruby on Rails)
  • Enough Experience to manage and work with APIs

Best full stack developer languages in 2022

There are so many full-stack development languages including PHP, JavaScript, C#, Python, Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, MENA (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.JS). Each Language has its own scope and exposure.

Each of them has different functions and features and to become a full stack developer you need to learn multiple languages to easily handle both client and server-side.

Best full stack developer languages in 2022

If we look around the scope of work, then we can say that Angular & React.JS are the best full-stack developer languages of 2021. There are numerous work opportunities for both of these frameworks and these are high in demand.

full stack developer roles and responsibilities

Full-stack developer is a combination of both front-end and backend development which overall increases the role and responsibilities of the developer.

A full-stack developer works independently on both stacks and is responsible for the overall performance of the project/website or a computer program. 

The core responsibilities of a full stack developer include:

  • Managing the client side of the website
  • Creating a front-end Website design
  • User Interface (UI)
  • User Experience
  • Debugging of any error found
  • Responsiveness
  • Server & Website connection management
  • Interacting with Databases
  • Server Programming
  • Scripting
  • Managing APIs
  • Debugging of server-side errors
  • Quality assurance

The above-mentioned skills are not definite and limited. There should be variations depending on requirements, skills & your role as well.

Despite all, a good full stack developer is the one who covers the maximum responsibilities and can handle tasks efficiently and properly with as much exposure & skills as possible. 

Which full stack is best for beginners?

A beginner could be a raw person to programming and also could be a computer programming degree holder. There is a huge difference between a raw and a programming background person. Therefore, there will always be different terms for stack selection.

As far as concerned for a person with no computer background, we can say that he should choose from basics to advance. As a raw beginner, you can start learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and then take yourself to the next phase of learning backend skills at where you can take a start from PHP & MySQL.

image 14

This will help you to understand the basic concepts and by adding these into your skill sets you can call yourself a Full Stack Developer.

These are the basic languages after learning and getting enough knowledge and expertise you can step into the learning phase of advanced programming languages or Frameworks like Angular, React, Python, Ruby on Rails, C#, Asp.Net, and many others.

There is no boundary in learning especially in computer programming.

How much do full stack developers earn?

Full-stack developers work independently and can handle projects without interacting or involving any other stacks’ developer. Which definitely increases the responsibility and tends towards higher wage/earning. A full-stack developer earns more than a front-end and a backend developer.

There is no limit to earning and it totally depends on the project size. Generally, the basic projects related to a full-stack development range from $2000-$5000, but keep in mind this is not the limit and the earning is completely interrelated with the project size and requirements.

There are so many large projects available on freelancing projects which even can range between $10,000-$20,000. Therefore, we cannot decide on any fixed earning. We only can discuss the ranges on the basis of market stats & trends.

On the other side, besides freelancing there are numerous fixed salaries & Full-time jobs are also having space for Full Stack Developers.

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