Full Stack web Development Project Ideas for Beginners

If you are an aspiring web developer, you must have been wondering what is the best point for you to start? Or how are you going to make yourself the best candidate in the market? 

If that is the case, our suggestion is to learn by practicing. The simple rule of learning new things, especially technologies, is that you must be practicing it along the way.


One simple reason for it is you will be building your portfolio as well with the projects. Hence, when you enter the market, you will have a strong profile to show. Moreover, you can grab some freelance projects by showing your self-learning skills too!

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Here is a list of projects that will benefit you in learning web development as well as making your portfolio stand out.


1. Content Management System

WordPress and Drupal are two of the most well-known examples of creating a Content Management System. These templates have made it possible for CMS creators to develop various parts of those web pages just by the drag-drop method.

Website viewers can also just drag-drop text or media files into templates related to specific regions on a web page. This should be a seamless experience.

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Customers should be allowed to use this method to develop a whole website. The ability to post blog articles should be available to all users.

This will need the employment of a text editor component, which will accept user-supplied content and convert it to HTML before storing it in a database.

Also, these blog postings must be published from a database and displayed to users available at page template defined by the blogger. The webpage must be accessible through both the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, among other requirements.

➡️ Github source code

2. Food Delivery Application 

You can develop an app that helps create a bridge between restaurants and visitors with one another effectively. Besides this, restaurant owners have to book and show their menu options, along with their prices, on a secure website.

Users should sign up, browse nearby restaurants, and make orders with those establishments, among other things.


Businesses should acknowledge the order and assign it to a delivery man as quickly as possible. The user who placed the order for meals ought to view the delivery person’s location and a dynamic ETA for the delivery.

The shopping cart and transaction pages must be clearly distinguished across the application.

➡️ Github source code

3. E-Commerce Website 

It is possible to establish a typical e-commerce portal for this project by obtaining the source code that displays the purchases.

image 19

Users should select the items they want to purchase and then add them to their shopping cart. Following that, clients must make payments using a reliable payment channel.

➡️ Github source code

4. Service Providing to Client Website

In this situation, your primary target audience consists of retailers. For businesses to offer their services and rates, they must sign up on the site and create a personal account.

It should be possible for users who are already customers to enroll as customers and allow them to purchase from retailers.

However, a   standardized checkout method integrated with an online payment system should be followed throughout the site’s lifecycle.

➡️ Github source code

5. Project Management Application

Project Management application could be the best project because it will have multiple aspects. It will be the hardest of them all.

Users should communicate with each other using a structure that is comparable to that of a simple social networking site, such as Facebook. Users should be in charge of creating projects and their tasks.


Users should have access to assign jobs to other users and leave comments on those assignments in the same manner they might on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Each user has access to a calendar view and a kanban-style board to get started. Users need to dismiss and archive tasks and projects once they have completed them.

➡️ Github source code

6. Social Media Application

A social media application facilitates interaction with one another through the internet.

Developing a social networking application is a beautiful full-stack project to learn how to concentrate efficiency, privacy, and the app’s look while still providing a fun platform for users to interact with one another.

➡️ Github source code

7. To-Do Calendar

In an ordinary full stack project, creating a To-Do List is simple. This project on the checklist is the best suitable full-stack project idea for beginners.


Develop a website where visitors may sign in, add, and delete items from a list of to-dos as they see fit. This project will cover concepts such as authorization, CRUD, databases storage, and other related things.

➡️ Github source code

8. Chatting Application

You can also set up a chatting website that permits private and group discussion if you are a beginner. Further, this full-stack project will contain real-time data transmission, UI frameworks, authorization, and protection.

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Also, this is a really cool project to make and you will likely enjoy making the app! Maybe use this application with your friends too and show them your newly learned skills.

➡️ Github source code

Final Words

As an aspiring developer, one of the most crucial steps that are often missed is making your own portfolio.

There are countless benefits of it including making your profile strong, showing that you are disciplined, getting freelance projects, and maybe even going back to your old projects and comparing them with your newly built projects.

With all the benefits, start building one of the above-mentioned projects today and make your profile job-worthy!