Top 10 Best Gifts for Coders | cool Christmas gifts for programmers

Coders spend most of their time in front of a laptop. In most cases, they have to avoid social gatherings and other similar events to fulfill their responsibilities.

They work every day to make our lives better by bringing new technology, software, and multiple other things into it. They are responsible for making our data secure yet easily accessible.

Moreover, they work every day to ensure that we are getting the best experience whether it is on a mobile app or a website.

Best Gifts for Coders
Best Gifts for Coders

Moreover, when coders are a part of the company, they are constantly working to ensure that the product is in its best shape.

They are the essential part of the company that connects your company to the world of technology.

Thus, on occasions where you have to gift your colleague something, choose a gift that conveys your admiration for their work. 

Gifts for Coders

While selecting a gift for a coder, you must keep in mind that they will be happier on something relevant to them or their field.

The more thought you will put into their gift, even if it is a less expensive one, the better the gift will be.

Hence, select a gift that shows that you know their interest and had that in mind while buying the gift. It can be a programming course online or a gadget.

So, what can you give them that shows your admiration for their field? Or if you are their boss or a colleague, what can you give them to show your appreciation for their work? Well, here is a list of ideas for gifts that can make a coder’s day. 

1. MacBook Pro 

Well, what can be a better gift for a coder than a gadget that allows them to code? Hence, if your budget allows you, gift them the latest MacBook Pro with high specifications.

Without any doubt, they will be the happiest coder on that day!

Every coder enjoys an efficient laptop and MacBook Pro is the best bet in that situation. These laptops are fast and have some amazing specs.

To add some cherry on the top, you can buy them special software or customize the MacBook Pro as per their requirements.

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Online Courses

One thing that never fails to excite a coder is a well-developed online course. Ask them what new technology they are interested in and buy them an online course for it.

young collage student using computer mobile device studying online education online learning

It will not cost you much as there are some amazing platforms like Udemy and Coursera that provide great deals throughout the year along with some free-to-audit courses as well.

Moreover, they will be amazed by your thoughtfulness about their career and work.

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2. Laptop Stickers

If you are on a budget but still looking for a gift that a coder enjoys, laptop stickers can be a great choice. Coders are sitting in front of the laptop most of the day and they take great care of it.

Christmas gifts for programmers
Christmas gifts for programmers

They love to decorate their laptop and update it with new features constantly.

Thus, select stickers of something they enjoy or something specific to them, and bring them a laptop sticker set!

3. Blue Light Filter Glasses / Computer Glasses

A thoughtful gift is something that a person enjoys yet is useful to them. For coders, blue light filter glasses can be a gift like that.

Spending most of their day watching a laptop can cause eye fatigue, blurred vision, headache, and much more.

To save your friend or colleague from that, gift them blue-light-blocking glasses. These glasses will be amazing for their health during their coding marathon!

4. Wireless headphones

Coders enjoy focusing on their tasks completely by cutting off any extra noise from the outside world. In such cases, wireless headphones can be a great gift.

Even if they already have one, buy them the latest wireless headphone with noise-cutting features. They are going to enjoy it and will remember you whenever they can solve a complicated task!

5. Power bank

Well, their duty can call anytime, and they cannot afford to have low power on their laptops or phones. Thus, one of the best gifts you can gift to a coder is a power bank.

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It is an amazing yet useful gift. Coders can carry these portable power banks anywhere and in case of a low power issue, they can quickly charge their laptops.

It is an extremely useful gift especially if someone works while traveling and not in a traditional office environment.

However, you must look into specifications and other requirements before buying one for their laptop.

6. Stance Moving Chair

Well, what can be an amazing yet very useful gift for a coder except for gadgets? A comfortable stance moving chair.

With long hours of sitting, coders need to sit on a comfortable object and maintain a healthy posture to avoid health issues.

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In such cases, gifting them a stance-moving chair can help. These chairs help in getting them more productive and releasing any extra pressure from the lower back.

They can adjust to different positions like assisted standing, angled footrest, etc.

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7. Heat Changing Magic Mug

A magic mug with some cool quotes that are relevant to coders, or some other similar images, can be a great gift to a coder.

These mugs change images and colors with heat and come back to their original after cooling down.

8. Silent Mechanical Backlit Keyboard

Another amazing gift idea for coders is a backlit keyboard. These keyboards can reduce noise by up to 40%. This is especially handy as coders love to code at night.

Moreover, they also have a backlit feature, which provides assistance when coders are coding at night.

image 10

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Mousepad with Wireless Mouse

Another great combination is a wireless mouse with a mousepad. You can select a mousepad with some great motivational quotes like “best programmer of the world” or funny quotes like “Try to switch it off and on again”.

These mousepads, along with a wireless mouse, can be a useful gift for coders. Moreover, you can select an ergonomic mousepad as well that will help them in relieving or avoiding pain.

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