Guide to write a resume for CS students (+10 template)

Computer Science is an exciting field due to the several opportunities available in the industry. However, one thing required to explore the opportunities available in computer science fully is having a cs student resume. 

Guide to write a resume for CS students

This article walks you through some of the critical things to look out for when writing up your resume for a computer science position. 

What skills do you need for computer science?

Computer science studies the communication, storage, and processing of data at the fundamental level in several systems and devices. This involves the design of computational systems.

resume for CS students
Resume for CS students

The skills required to apply for computer science roles range from:

  • Conceptualizing solutions to systems and challenges.
  • Product development.
  • Carrying out studies through experimentation and modeling.
  • Working with other members of a team to come up with new products.
  • Finding ways to improve existing systems.

When seeking computer science roles, some other essential skills include math skills, computing skills, problem diagnosis, and solutions design. 

How do I write a resume for computer science with no experience?

If you are only looking to start with opportunities in computer science, you might run into some challenges when trying to fill that part of your resume. However, there are some ways to go around this. One of the best strategies for writing a resume for CS students without much experience is using the reverse-chronological strategy. 

Guide to write a resume for CS students
Guide to write a resume for CS students

The reverse-chronological strategy will include header, education, and other relevant experience. Your resume could consist of skills, extracurricular activities, internships, and other volunteer work. 

The Header 

Your resume header should have a resume statement and contact information. The contact information should be short and straight to the point and include your name, phone number, email address, and link to a personal webpage or professional profile.

In writing your header another thing to look out for is writing a resume objective where you clearly state professional goals and ambitions. The objective can also include the field of study, experiences, and reasons for applying. 

Sample objective

I am a curious and passionate computer science specialist with a strong foundation in logic, math, and cross-platform coding. I currently seek to leverage solid skills in communication and development as a programmer for related organizations.”

Place Emphasis on Relevant Education

In a typical resume, the first section is the work experience. If you don’t have any work experience, the best alternative is shifting attention to any relevant educational experience. This educational experience should range from degrees, diplomas, and any other relevant coursework.

image 13

You can also highlight any undertaken online courses that are relevant to the role you are seeking. Some employers look out for certifications from reputable online learning platforms. These platforms offer high-quality courses, and their certifications are valuable.   

Leverage other work experience

Apart from the educational experience, you can also include any other relevant work experience from internships to volunteering roles. These would be more valuable if these roles were directly related to the role. Also, you can highlight any other responsibilities from other projects in your resume. 

Interests and Hobbies

You can also include your interests and hobbies in your resume. This would give your resume a personal touch. 

Awards and Certifications

These are also valuable points to add to your resume. Most employers find awards and certifications within the computer science space valuable in certifying the proficiency of prospective employees. 

image 12

What should be included in a CS resume?

Two major sections should be included in your resume as a computer science professional. 

Soft Skills

These skills are also referred to as people skills, and they describe the range of intangible qualities required in interacting with other members of your work team. Soft skills affect your efficiency in delivering your primary computer science roles.

This makes them valuable. Some common soft skills include communication skills, creativity, attention to detail, time management, etc. 

Your resume should highlight your strengths and soft skills as they are just as important to prospective employers as your hard skills in executing your work. 

Hard Skills

Unlike soft skills, hard skills are more quantifiable in computer science roles. The hard skills in computer science are primarily technical and are very important to executing roles.

Some examples of hard skills in computer science include:

  1. Data analysis: 

The ability to interpret data is vital to most computer science roles. This is why employers look out for this role when recruiting new members. Data analysis can range from basic interpretation to using more advanced tools for data analysis. A clear understanding of data analysis is a huge plus to your resume. 

image 23

2. Software development: 

This is another fast-rising niche in computer science that is considered when employing computer science professionals. Demonstrating a clear understanding of software principles can greatly boost your chances of landing a job as a computer science professional. 

image 18

3. Computing: 

Like other technology-related roles, it is vital to grasp basic computer skills. This covers hardware and basic software skills. When writing your resume, you should effectively communicate this skill to prospective employers.

General Tips

A resume is the first interaction between a job applicant and a prospective employer. This is why you should endeavor to make the resume as convincing as possible.

One important thing to look out for Is ensuring that any previous work experience stated shows your contribution while occupying these roles. 

Top 10 CS student resume template

Here are some templates to try out when writing a resume for CS students:

Cocoa Touch

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Robert Abogado


Zeke Boliver

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Bella Trevino

enhM4xU4U2St2hkgRl 9oDqLXwXBSEqPwqhpAdS0scL8DHKY 07vLTq4ofw7bvtqyz4o1Cp p6VwBz5EkzV19ct2RhITLfAfCocN9 tZBcC0keYZv5eyB7nhD5upjH7eK aY 8U=s0

Johm Meehan

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Hanani Amir

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Desiree Garrison

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Adrian Valentino

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Chandra Finn


Min Nguyen

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If you are scouting professional job opportunities in computer science, it is essential to ensure that you have a captivating resume. For experienced professionals, this is relatively easy as they have the necessary work experience to fill up the resume.

Beginners and entry-level professionals can find writing an irresistible resume a little more complicated. With the tips highlighted above, the process is more straightforward. 

Get started with writing the perfect resume for CS students following these tips to land your dream computer science job. 

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