how to become a self taught front end developer

Can you become a self taught web developer? 

Yes, you can become a self taught front end developer. Web development is a very vast and diverse field despite this fact it’s true that you can learn the development on your own.

You can easily find a lot of sources, courses, video tutorials, and problem-solving platforms through which you can learn any type of web development either front-end development, back-end development, or full-stack development.

how to become a self taught front end developer

YouTube is a major source for uncountable video tutorials where you can search any topic. And if you want to learn through proper courses then you can refer to Coursera, Udemy, and many others.

There are numerous platforms available, which allow you to practice lines of codes with a live interpreter, and even you can find practice lessons with problems to solve with solutions which are quite helpful to check results instantly and very helpful in case you don’t know how to solve the problems.

Are frontend developers in demand?

Definitely Yes, front-end development is the hottest demanded field in development. Front-end development includes web development, mobile application UIs, Designing, and maintenance as well.

Front-end basically deals with the user interface and maintaining the best user experience. No one knows what is working at the back end but of course, the front end matters.

An end user only interacts with the front-end UI and it is quite important to maintain the user interest. You cannot deny the importance of front-end development nor the importance of providing the best UI experience to your valued users.

therefore, the front-end is an important and vital role in web development and hence leads to the high demand for front-end professionals in the market.

You can search so many online recruiting companies where you will find plenty of front-end development jobs either remote, on-site, part-time, or full-time.      

How long does it take to be a self taught front end developer?

There is not any certain timeframe specified for a person to be a self taught front end developer, it totally depends on the time you spent or the level of your understating and how quickly you understand a concept.

You can start with the basics of the front-end which are:

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript

HTML is used to create the web pages and CSS is used to apply different styles and animations to your pages. Bootstrap makes your pages responsive while JavaScript is necessary to create interactive web pages.

Try to solve a maximum number of quizzes and problems to learn efficiently. You cannot find the best solution until you go through the problem. Therefore, it is necessary to spend maximum time practicing the basics. The more you invest the more you gain.

How do you become a front end developer from scratch? 

Becoming a front-end developer from scratch is not rocket science. You can start with lighter notes or better to say the basics of development and can excel your skills to advance levels.

You cannot jump to the top stair on the first step. Take a start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are the basics and will help you to create simple yet elegant web pages. You can even create some interactive data collection/survey forms.


If you are planning to be a front-end developer, these are the basic skills you need to gain. Once you get a comprehensive command of these basic skills then you can excel yourself with advanced front-end skills like advanced JavaScript frameworks and libraries, for example, React, Vue.js, and many more.

JavaScript is a vital aspect of front-end development a front-end developer without having JavaScript skills is just like an empty glass. Try to work side by side with basics and then move to advance libraries but do not try to jump it will end up with no gain.

Can I become a front end developer without a degree?

Why not?? Anyone can become a front-end developer without having a degree. For front-end development, your skills matter far more than your degree.

Your demand is totally dependent on your skill level. Definitely, there would be so many questions in your mind that how I can be a developer without a degree and what would be the procedure, and many more.

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But as described earlier it’s just a matter of skills. You can join multiple courses offered by different E-learning platforms like courser and Udemy, where you will find the courses from basics to advance levels with real-time practice questions and classes.

This is not the limit, there are plenty of tutorials and discussion forums that help you a lot in your learning phase. You can choose the most suited courses or tutorials and continue your front-end development success journey without any prerequisites or degrees.

Can I get a job as a self taught programmer?

It’s a big Yes, as a developer your skills matter more than your degree. For a front-end developer, no one will ask you about your degree recruiters will ask you to showcase your portfolio.

To get hired you need to have a strong portfolio with diverse projects so that the recruiter can see your skills in different scenarios.

We always suggest keeping different types of projects in your portfolio which not only helps to maintain the viewer’s interest level but also helps to showcase your exposure to handling different types of cases and projects.

According to my personal observation, a self taught front end developer is more knowledgeable as he knows how to deal with different errors and problems he never gets helped from a teacher or helper but learns how to find the solutions on his own.


A front-end developer is a field in which you not only can learn on your own but also can get a good job. You don’t specifically need a tutor/instructor or an institution to learn. What you actually need is an active internet connection, a laptop or a desktop, and a passion to learn.