How to Get Remote Jobs as a Software Engineer

Remote work is fast gaining popularity around the world due to newer physical restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even before the pandemic, more organizations had started to embrace remote work due to the opportunities it offered.

This article highlights some essential things to note if you consider remote Jobs as a software engineer.

Can you work remotely as a software engineer?

Yes, software engineers can work remotely. Software engineering is one digital skill that offers professionals a good chance at getting remote work. Most professionals with digital skills enjoy the flexibility that allows them to write code or develop software from wherever they are.

How to Get Remote Jobs as a Software Engineer
Jobs as a Software Engineer

Unlike some other jobs, software engineers do not need to meet with coworkers and clients physically constantly. Some engineers can even offer their services on a freelance basis, detached from other organization processes.

Can software engineers work while travelling?

Due to the flexibility of their work, software engineers can work under a range of conditions. However, some engineers are particular about their working conditions and might not be very productive with working on the move. This is why some software engineers prefer the stability of their space to move around. 

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What jobs can a software engineer do?

Software engineering is a broad space covering a range of technical areas and specialties. Primarily, software engineering falls under two general types: Systems and applications development.

Systems software developers are responsible for the software needs of organizations, from building operating systems and networks to integrating system demands on unified platforms. Some software developers can also choose to specialize in the design of organizational IT standards.

Applications software developers focus on building applications for various operating systems. This requires both front-end and back-end development and is done in collaboration with other product development team members.

What is a salary of a software engineer?

The salary of a software engineer depends on a number of factors. The primary factor considered is the skill and expertise level of the software engineer and the location. The average annual salary of a software engineer is between $103,620 and $110,000.

Can you become a millionaire as a software engineer?

The earnings of software engineers depend on their expertise level and experience. Senior developers can earn millions over time. However, getting to this level requires appreciable skill and expertise.

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Earnings also depend on the opportunities and jobs you take as a software developer. Some brands offer developers more than others.

Types of jobs for software engineers

There are several job opportunities available to software developers.

Some of these opportunities include:

  • product design and development
  • multimedia programming
  • games development
  • cyber security analysis
  • applications development

How to get remote jobs as a software engineer (A step by step guide)

1. Build a unique profile and portfolio.

The first step in getting a remote job as a software engineer is building an impressive resume and portfolio. When top companies are hiring remote employees, the primary thing they look out for is competence.

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This is why you need to position yourself optimally for the opportunity. Your resume should indicate how much value you can add to an organization. This is achieved by sharing details of previous work and your impact on the achievement of organizational goals.

This profile building should extend to professional platforms like LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

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2. Look out for quality opportunities.

After creating an impeccable profile, the next step is to look out for opportunities in the right places. There are several online platforms where employers and freelancers can connect.

Best job sites for software engineers

Some of the online job sites available for software engineers include;


Upwork is a global escrow platform for freelancers. The platform hosts several freelancers across several industries a chance to connect with prospective clients. Software engineers can land remote work on the platform with an outstanding profile and impressive portfolio.

We Work Remotely

This is currently one of the largest online platforms for remote work around the world. There are several employers from around the world looking for experienced professionals on the platform.


This is another global marketplace for professionals. Software engineers also leverage the platform to land high-paying jobs from clients around the world. However, like other remote working platforms, an impressive profile is vital to landing high-paying jobs. also offers a valuable resource for software engineers considering remote work. You get to see some of the best opportunities available.

Their job board is carefully regulated to ensure that professionals access the best remote job opportunities across various industries. Specific technology-related categories also allow professionals to get email notifications about new opportunities.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads is another job board for remote tech opportunities. Software engineers get access to a lot of options on Working Nomads. The platform also offers a weekly newsletter with information about available opportunities for developers.

Remotive is more specific for remote roles at startups. The platform’s job board only shows recently posted jobs allowing professionals to bid for these roles early. There are several software engineering roles posted on Remotive per time, most of which are remote.

No Desk

No Desk is a learning platform exclusive for remote working. Employers can post job opportunities across various industries. However, software engineers are also in high demand on the platform. Once an employer is satisfied with your skill level, they can go ahead to offer you a contract irrespective of your location.  


Remote working presents a valuable opportunity for software engineers to gain more control over their working conditions. This control on their working environment helps not only improve productivity; it also allows you to explore opportunities to aid your growth as a software engineer.

Also, for software engineers who have to live and work in totally different regions, remote working offers a great opportunity to do great work without compromising the quality of their work. 

If you fall into any of these categories or would simply love to start working remotely, these steps highlighted in this article offer all the information you need to get started.