Best interview questions for front end developer with answers

Recruiting a Perfect match according to your requirements is not an easy task. There is a huge pool of people having skills of front-end development some have only basic skills while a lot of have advanced skills with versatile experience. 

interview questions for front end developer
interview questions for front end developer

There are some must-have skills for a front-end developer which every front-end developer should have. Most importantly, a front-end developer must be creative having sound tech knowledge to understand the client’s requirements and implement them to create a great user experience.

There are some common qualities of a Front-end developer:

  • Must have Skilled in JavaScript, HTML & CSS
  • Having knowledge about debugging techniques and procedures
  • Basic Understanding of Adobe Photoshop
  • Keen to UX/UI
  • Creative enough to understand requirements for a good user experience

How do I prepare for a front end developer interview?

As a front-end developer, you should not only focus on the design of the site but also be solely responsible for the great user experience.

You should learn the skills to design the desired layout with minimum code. You should be tech-savvy to understand the client’s thoughts and plot his imagination to reality. 

How do I prepare for a front end developer interview?

As a front-end developer, you should be well aware of how to tackle different situations in terms of Debugging while working with different platforms. There should be variable questions one can ask to hire you as a front-end developer.

To make yourself ready for the interview just make yourself about basic techniques and concepts of skills and prepare yourself to answer somewhat tricky questions as well.

You can find many questions on the internet but it isn’t necessary to get the same at the time of the interview.

So just be concise and be clear about the basic concepts that will help you answer any type of question either a straightforward question or a tricky one.    

What questions should I ask my front end developer?

Front-End development is a vast field and you cannot keep asking the same questions to all front-end developers.

What questions should I ask my front end developer?

The list of questions will always vary and depends on your requirements. You cannot ask questions related to React.js related questions to a junior front-end developer having knowledge of only HTML CSS and JavaScript.

Vice versa you cannot select an advanced React.js Skilled Front-end developer by just asking questions about HTML, CSS, or even Bootstrap or JavaScript.

Therefore, before preparing yourself to hire a good front-end developer you must prepare the Job description and write down the list of detailed requirements for which you are looking for a front-end developer.

It will help you to get the best match for your job and increase your confidence level while recruiting a developer to understand whether he/she is a good match for you or have to look for any other.

Best interview questions for front end developer with answers:

1. Importance of Page Speed and How you will optimize page Speed?

Page speed is very important in the front-end performance of any website. A Page speed is also the main element for website ranking at search engines. To optimize page speed, we can take the following measures:

image 1
  • Use Smaller, Compressed images (We can use different plugins for this)
  • Clean code
  • Limit or reduce external HTTP requests
  • Always try to add JavaScript this will decrease the load time
  • Use CDN and minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

2. Please explain how coffee-script is better than JavaScript?

The coffee script is better in terms of its light-weighted code. It takes less loading time as compared to JavaScript.

In comparison to JavaScript, you can write a program in less code while using Coffee Script which makes it a favorite. 

It has some light-weight add-ons including Ruby string Interpolation and Python style list comprehension.

3. Describe the way, how make a code that is understandable to your colleagues as well?

One of the plus points of a good developer is to write user-friendly code. And a good code should be easy to readable and understandable for other developers and peers.

coded stuff screen 2

To meet this requirement a good developer always makes proper usage of comments. Comments are statements that are not machine-readable which means we only add comments for colleagues and peers to understand the specific line of codes for later usage. 

4. What are the basic skills set required to be a front-end developer?

The basic skillset for a front end developer includes but is not limited to the following:

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascade Style Sheet)
  • JavaScript
  • Knowledge of Content Management Systems Like WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart, Joomla, & Shopify
  • Well aware of PHP functions & Features
  • JQuery
  • Debugging & testing procedures at cross-browser
  • Understanding of Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Some basic know-how of SEO tools and techniques

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5. Explain the reasons of using JQuery?

JQuery is quite versatile in usage and we use this due to its numerous benefits which include:

  • Easy to Understand, Learn and Use
  • It has a quality of cross border support which means it is supported by almost all major browsers including, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome & Firefox
  • It has a large number of built-in approaches and libraries.
  • It Offers numerous methods to change or add CSS
  • It has a large library of plugins to meet your requirements which helps you to save time.
  • It is AJAX Supported
  • It has the capabilities of Event Handling & Detection.

6. Please explain the benefits of Using External CSS & JavaScript as compared to Inline?

Using Inline scripts or CSS code slows down the page loading speed which tends to bad performance of the web page.

It is better to use external code files for CSS and JavaScript to eliminate the slow-speed pages and to generate high-end results.

It becomes quite easy to handle inline code when it comes to modifications therefore, it is preferable to use external code files of CSS & JavaScript which makes it easy to handle and modify when and where required.


Above is the list of some general questions which a recruiter can ask you during an interview to hire you as a front-end developer.

Questions may vary depending on the situation, requirements, Required skills, or Job Description. These are the questions just for your basic understanding of the type of question you could face during your interview.

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