Best 10 javascript API project ideas for beginners with source code

API Stands for “Application Programming Interface”. APIs are in trend there are plenty of developers using APIs to add extra features & functionalities to their applications.

APIs help developers to spend less time on coding. It allows you to get access to the data and set of functionalities already defined at the time of API development.


In this article, we will help & guide you about the usage of API and some of the free APIs to Include in your application for additional features.

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Best 10 javascript API project ideas

1. Meal API

This API helps you to get meals data like recipes, meal Images, Country Origin of that particular meal, videos, its category, and description.

This API can be used in your Application to access random recipes. Just give it a look at how we used it in an example:

Codepen Embed Code:

See the Pen Random Meal Generator – #001 of #100Days100Projects by Florin Pop (@FlorinPop17) on CodePen.

Please visit the API Website to learn and explore more about the API its functionality and its integration.

2. Movie DB API

Moviedb API Allows you to fetch the available movies, details about actors, their images, and descriptions.

By using this API you can access all the related data and can display it on your Website or Application and you don’t need to spend much time coding the program.

This API also provides you with a built-in search which helps users to search movies related data and can find the results in seconds.

Please refer to the example shown below to check how we used the moviedb API to fetch and display the movies related data.

Codepen Embed Code:

See the Pen Movie App vanilla Javascript. by Mehdi Aoussiad (@MehdiAoussiad) on CodePen.

For more information and details about the API please visit the API website.

After Discussing some fun APIs let’s move forward to some of the genius APIs which are not less than any utility program and are very handy to use.

3. Master of linguistics:

A translator by Microsoft is an API that is used to add a real-time translator and is far much better than the typical machine translations.

The latest version of Microsoft Translator V.3 is a modern JSON-based API with the most advanced features and this is not only a real-time translator but it also recognizes the language of the text.


Which is quite handy & helpful for people to understand the text’s language and translate the text accordingly. You can also use this APIs data to configure lesser APIs such as the spell checker etc.

Please follow the API Website and find out more about how it works and which type of benefits you can avail of by using this specific translator API.

4. YouTube API:

YouTube is a widely used video watching and searching platform. YouTube API helps you to Spend less time on coding a program like YouTube which enables your user to watch, share, upload, and share a video or set of videos.

You can use this API provided by Google which helps you to embed the YouTube platform into your application and gives you access to numerous features of YouTube at your own application or Website.

This not only saves coding time but also helps developers to save time on bug fixing as it is provided by the most trusted Vendor Google.

5. Payment Request API:

While working on any E-commerce Application the Payment Gateway is always considered to be the most crucial part of the whole development phase.

Entering payment details is a repetitive process and any mistake in field entry can break the process and pushes it to start again on the other hand if we notice the developer side, the fields validation process is quite time-consuming.

image 2

The Payment Request API Solves all these problems and ensures a smooth payment and checkout process and experience.

By using this API, the page requests the information it needs and the browser provides the fields to the user to enter the required details.

For more details about API please visit the API Reference Website.

6. Web Speech API:

Web Speech API can also be segregated as a utility API. The purpose of this API is to convert the set of Text into Speech. Users can select the text and the API will Read the text by user-defined voice.

It uses different objects for instance it uses a speech recognition object to detect the speech and triggers a result through which it understands the user words and confidence level.

Learn More about this API at the Source Website.

7. Weather Data API:

As its name Shows this API allows users to access the weather data like forecast and current weather conditions at a selected area country or origin.

Source code:

Please refer to the API Reference Website to learn more about the API and its source code.

8. Credential Management API:

Instead of typing your Password or any login details user can simply log in to the app and can use the autofill feature to avoid the typical login process.

The API uses the data saved in the browser and then can allow the user to a process of hassle-free login.

For more details about the API please visit the API Source Page.

9. Football Live scores API:

By integrating this API you can Access the football match live scores and match results of about 900+ football leagues.

Not only this you can also display the articles about players, line-ups, upcoming events, and information about top scorers.

image 1

Please refer to the API Reference Website to learn more about the API and its source code.

10. Google Off-Screen Canvas API:

If you are using high-end graphics is your website, then the google off-screen canvas API would be the best choice for you to increase and optimize the performance of your application or program.

There was a technique widely used by developers called double buffering. The main purpose of this technique is to render the graphics by avoiding the flickering effects.

Keeping in mind the same thing Google invented something similar to this which is called off-screen canvas API and the main purpose of this API is to provide an off-screen window where graphics can have staged at high performance.

Off-screen Canvas API is available without a flag in Chrome 69 and It is also in development for Firefox.

Please refer to the API reference Website URL to learn more about this off-Screen Canvas API from Google.

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