Best 7 javascript games examples for beginners with source code | games on javascript

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Many developers asking if they can make games in javascript, the answer to that question is yes, javascript can be used to create games, web apps, and mobile apps.

If you are a front-end developer who has skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript then you can easily build games with javascript using those skills and HTML5 canvas, and in some cases, you’ll need some javascript game engines library like Phaser. js

In this article, you’ll find some simple javascript games examples for beginners with source code.

1. games on javascript : Pickle Rick Maze Game

Pickle Rick is one of the best and awesome javascript games that you can build with javascript, the codepen source code of the Pickle Rick Maze javascript Game is :

See the Pen
Pickle Rick Maze Game
by Martin (@TheCodeDepository)
on CodePen.

2. games on javascript : Tic Tac Toe game

Tic Tac Toe game is the most popular easy game for beginners, and you can create it easily with only HTML and javascript.

See the Pen
FreeCodeCamp: TicTacToe
by Justice Mba (@daajust)
on CodePen.

3. Pong game with JavaScript

Javascript programming language allows you also to make a Pong game, start by building the structure with HTML then move to the style by using CSS, and finally add javascript to make the logic and the interactivity to the Pong game.

See the Pen
Pong game with JavaScript
by Gabriel Dubé (@gdube)
on CodePen.

4. Red Rect Javascript Games

Another cool game you can create with Javascript is the RED RECT Game, in order to build this game you need three files, the index.html, Style.css, and the script.js file.

See the Pen
Red Rect
by Yossi Gorshomov (@yossigor)
on CodePen.

5. CodePen Home Breakout games with javascript

Home Breakout Game javascript code from codepen :

See the Pen
Breakout Game (JavaScript)
by Nelson (@NCruz007)
on CodePen.

6. Сanvas Tetris games in javascript

The Сanvas Tetris game was created by using canvas From the Vanilla.js, the codepen source code of this game is in the section below.

See the Pen
Сanvas Tetris
by Skybird Trill (@skybirdtrill)
on CodePen.

7.Flappy Bird Game Using JavaScript and HTML5

Flappy Bird is a mobile app game built by Vietnamese video game developer Dong Nguye, The game was created in May 2013, At the end of January 2014, Flappy Bird was the most downloaded game in the iOS Store. and Flappy Bird was earning $50,000 per day from advertisements and sales.

So building a game like this with javascript will take your programming skills to the next level, and why not building your own game and upload it to the app store and making some passive money while you learning to code.

Source code:

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