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JavaScript is a powerful programming language, It has an important role in front-end development.

We can make beautiful and professional designs using HTML and CSS but to make these designs interactive we need to use JavaScript.

We can use JavaScript for animations which also opens the scope of game development using JavaScript game engines.

javascript libraries for games

JavaScript Game engines are specifically designed to meet the gaming User Interface needs. Game engines are another helping hand for developers. It enables developers to design games with ease.

Game engines offer a special dedicated environment for gaming design requirements such as graphics, animations, real-time physics, and object models.

In this specific article about JavaScript Game engines, we will discuss some of the popular game engines.

Best JavaScript Libraries for Games

1. Babylon js game engines

This game engine is used to create 3D games. It’s an independent platform and games developed using that engine do not need any other support plugin to run at browser.


See the Pen Babylon.js dino game – Canvas2D by MSEdgeDev (@MSEdgeDev) on CodePen.

It uses WebGL API to render gaming objects and an online sandbox and playground to test the objects of the engine. This engine supports 3D gaming with built-in physics and real-time lighting and is supported with HTML 5 so you don’t need to worry about anything.

2. Crafty js game engine

Crafty JS is an open-source game engine supported by HTML 5 and JavaScript. It is considered to be one of the best game engines due to its helping structure it helps in the code writing process.

It has many features such as object components, event binding and does not have any requirements related to custom drawings or DOM management.

3. melon js game engines

MelonJs is also an independent HTML5 supported game engine it is efficient and lightweight. Same as Babylon.js you don’t need need to have any support plugins the only thing you need is an HTML5 supported browser.

It has many salient features including tween effects, Object, and basic animation management. It is cross-platform and has support for accelerometer, Device motion, mouse, and touchpad devices.

4. Three js game engine

Three.js is a JavaScript game engine that uses WebGL API to create 3D graphics. It provides 3-dimensional content which demonstrates the way through which this library handles 3D animation and graphics.


See the Pen THREE.js cube game by chris-creditdesign (@chris-creditdesign) on CodePen.

It is also supported by all HTML5 browsers. This is an open-source library and therefore, have plenty of support and documents to learn and get started with your next game development using Three.js

5. Pixi js game engines

PixiJs is an advanced HTML5 supported game engine. Although it is a 2D engine still provides the WebGL API for graphics rendering. It also uses WebAudio API to interact with your computer’s graphic card and speakers.

js game engines

It is powerful, flexible, and suitable for browser-based games. It is also suitable for cross-platform games and applications.


JavaScript is a powerful and multipurpose language with the ability to deal with graphics, animations, and create visuals for games. We have only discussed 5 JavaScript game engines but you can find many others equally useful and easy to manage.

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