Best 10 JavaScript portfolio projects ideas for beginners with source code

As a beginner JavaScript should be difficult for you as compared to HTML & CSS. But we cannot deny the importance of JavaScript.

We can Code pages with HTML and can design them beautifully by using CSS but to make it interactive we need to add JavaScript in addition to HTML and CSS.


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Best Vanilla JavaScript Projects with Source Code

In this particular article, we will describe some basic and easy-to-implement JavaScript projects for beginners to add to their portfolios. Following are some javascript portfolio projects:

Best 10 JavaScript portfolio projects ideas:

1. A Simple JavaScript Calculator:

A calculator is not easy to create but also allows you to practice JavaScript. A good and clean design and easy to use calculator is the best choice to add to your JavaScript portfolio projects you can design it using HTML and CSS and then can make it functional by adding simple features using JavaScript like:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Percentage

For the source code of a calculator please follow the link given below:

See the Pen JavaScript Calculator by Vikas Lalwani (@lalwanivikas) on CodePen.

2. JavaScript To-do List:

By using JavaScript, you have the power to create interactive as well as dynamic To-do lists, where you can enable a user to add, delete, update and move items according to status. 

We all know during hectic routines we cannot memorize all the tasks and upcoming events which creates an immersive need for a well-organized To-do List to manage the day to day tasks like:

  • Managing office Tasks
  • Adding seminars on reminder
  • Emails correspondence
  • Upcoming Event Reminders
  • Grocery List
  • Things to manage in the upcoming week/weekend

Noticing the place of To-list in our busy routines gives us an idea of making it by using JavaScript skills and no doubt it is the best choice to add to your project’s portfolio.

For the source code of the To-do list please follow the link given below:

See the Pen To do list – Plain JavaScript by Sagar (@sagar27) on CodePen.

3. JavaScript Digital Clock:

If you want to practice Variables and Simple If Loops, then the JavaScript Digital Clock is the best choice for you to code.

It helps you to understand the concept of the If loop and on the other side, it is an easy-to-handle project for beginners which you can add to your portfolio to showcase your JavaScript skills especially the knowledge about Variables and Loops.

For the source code of the JavaScript Digital Clock, please follow the link given below:

See the Pen Digital Clock In JavaScript by Aaron Farrar (@afarrar) on CodePen.

4. JavaScript Weather App:

If you are new to JavaScript and want to some attractive projects to your portfolio, then the Weather App is the best choice for you. With the combination of HTML CSS & JavaScript, you can create an easy-to-use weather APP.

This Weather App is also worthy because you will use the Weather API to fetch the data therefore it is a worthy portfolio project as it also shows your JavaScript API integration skills, which is a plus point.

For the Step by Step guild for the development of the JavaScript Weather App please watch the Video Tutorial given below:

5. JavaScript Voting System:

Voting system Project is somewhat like creating an interactive form with multiple choices and after users select a choice they can display the result.

This is also a good project idea to add to your beginner’s javascript portfolio projects list. You can even add images in your options to select as an answer.

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6. JavaScript Quiz:

Creating a Quiz using JavaScript is quite easy and indeed a good project to add is your portfolio. It helps to determine the opinions and choices of different people.

We can collect data at a large scale using quizzes. You can create beautiful and well-organized quizzes for different purposes using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Please refer to the following code to learn how to make a dynamic Quiz using JavaScript:

See the Pen Dynamic JS Quiz by Gary Carino (@gcarino) on CodePen.

7. JavaScript Counter:

Our Next suggested portfolio item for JavaScript beginners is to code a Counter using the basic skills of JavaScript.

This project enables you to showcase your understanding of JavaScript Variables and Conditions. This will also give you an opportunity to learn the working environment of DOM and you can also use this in your other javascript projects.

Please refer to the below-given step by step guide to learn how to code a JavaScript Counter:

8. JavaScript E-Commerce Shopping Cart:

E-commerce is getting popular with every passing day. Especially in this covid-19 era, we have seen everything online not only the shopping but our day to days’ meetings and office work as well.

Therefore, creating an E-commerce shopping cart is definitely the best choice to pick up as a portfolio project as a beginner.

It will not only showcase your E-commerce skills but also helps you to stand out among many due to the progressive scope of E-commerce.

Please refer to the below-given link for the step by a step video tutorial to develop an E-commerce Shopping cart:

9. JavaScript Restaurant Menu Page:

As discussed above online selling is going to the next level in this recent covid-19 times. And there are plenty of restaurants going online and delivering food while making orders directly through their mobile App or Website.

Therefore, this is also a good project to add to your portfolio as a beginner because you can grab the attention of many employers.

Please go to the below-given link to learn the step by step guide for developing a restaurant menu page:

10. JavaScript Tic Tac Toe Game:

A tic tac toe is an easy-to-handle project and you can finish this project in a day. Although it seems a simple project and took less time to complete but still it has some good points which make it stand out in other javascript portfolio projects like it will help you to learn and practice the logical concepts of JavaScript.

Please follow the below-given link to get the source code of the Tic Tac Toe game:

See the Pen FreeCodeCamp: TicTacToe by Justice Mba (@daajust) on CodePen.


There are numerous JavaScript projects which you can add to your projects other than the above-given projects.  You can select the projects as per your skills and expertise.

Good Luck to you for creating an attractive and handy portfolio as a beginner.