There are hundreds of programming languages all over the world, If you want to win your employers and run a coding job, then you must have to master one of these.


There are many universities that are offering courses and degrees in a learning programming language but the decision of choosing the language as a career is always confusing for beginners as well as for those for wish to be on the top of the IT world.

Few important programming languages are Java, SQL, JavaScript, C++, and Python.

Which language is best for a career?

  • Python is doubtlessly best language for beginners to start their careers. It is fast easy to learn, easy to operate and develop web applications.
  • YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey are developed under Python. It has huge job opportunity as 5 out of 5.
  • This is the sample of Python “Hello World” program: print (‘Hello, world!’)
Which language is best for a career?

What is hardest programming language?

C++ is an extension of C- which is said to be easy programming language than C++.

  • It is hard to learn because of complex syntax which supports versatility.
  • It’s a permissive language that allows you to do every technical possible function.
  • Google Chromium browser, several Microsoft applications, and even financial modeling at Morgan Stanley are designed under C++.

Is HTML a coding language?

HTML is used for building the structure of the web but it is not used for functional purposes. It says that a web should contain a section with a header and paragraph which is basically different from the computation that other languages do.

Is HTML a coding language?

Therefore, HTML which is HyperText Markup Language is a declarative language. Computational codes are stuff that makes something function while HTML is concerned with simple statements and facts.

What is the most widely used programming language?

  • According to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey and Microsoft owned GitHub, JavaScript is the most widely used programming language holding 69.6% usage worldwide.
  • While HTML/CSS (62.4%), SQL (56.9%), Python (41.6%) and Java (38.4%) holds the remaining percentage worldwide.
  • JavaScript is used to manage the web pages and programmers who use JavaScript can provide better experience for navigation and readability to the users.

Which programming language is popular in 2021?

LIST OF PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES BY POPULARITY: Python is the most popular language in 2021.

  • According to PYPL Index (Worldwide), Python ranks as the top most programming language which holds a share of 29.93%.
  • According to PPYL Index (US), it holds a share of 31.47%
  • According to PPYL Index (Germany), it has 31.1 % share
  • According to PPLY Index (UK), it has 33.72% share
  • According to PPYL Index (France) Python has 32.84% share which makes it the most popular programming language of 2021.

Which programming language is best for getting a job 2021?

The list of best programming languages for getting a job in 2021 is given below:

  • Python is the most popular programming language worldwide because of its simple syntax, easy to learn and usage. It offers more than 19000 jobs with average annual salary of 120,000$.
  • JavaScript is the most popular programming language for building interactive web pages. It offers more than24, 000 jobs with average annual salary of 118,000$.
  • Java is used and popular for client server interactions worldwide which offer 29,000 jobs with average annual salary of 104,000.
  • C# is used for development of applications for Windows, browser plug-ins, and mobile devices. It offers 18,000 jobs with average annual salary of 97,000$.

Which programming language is in demand in future?

The list of top most demanding programming languages in the future is as below:

  • Python: is the most learned language and it will soon increase its usage and utilization. It is used for machine learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), and data science.
  • JavaScript: The most used high-level language which will remain most popular worldwide in future
  • It is used for web development as well as for the development of software.
  • R: it is used for data analysis and machine learning.
  • C++:  it is the improved version of the C language, it is best for cloud computing and game development. It is the most difficult language to learn and use.
  • Java: it allows you to write the code and use and run it anywhere else anytime, It is used for developing applications of all sizes, developing enterprise-level applications.

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Which languages are growing fastest?

There are more than 700 programming languages out there but few are growing fastest than ever before. Here is the list of those programming languages which are growing fastest:

  • Python is one of the fastest growing languages for web development. It is high level language which is easy to learn and operate.
  • R is another fastest growing language which is concerned with machine learning
  • JavaScript is widely used programming language related to front-end web development and social platform.
  • Java is another fastest growing language.  In java, the code is executed on one machine and can be used to function everywhere.
  • PHP is used for developing web pages with greater community support.
  • C# works with common codebases and easy to update and scale.
  • C++ has quickest program execution ability and it also supports function overloading.

Which is the No.1 programming language?

Python and JavaScript both are the best and no. 1 programming languages around the globe.

Here are few reasons for both of these languages:

  • Python is used for Back end development, Data science and App development
  • Python is easy to collaborate with the human mentality with over 50% of hiring managers’ search for those candidates who know this language.
  • Python is easy to use and learn which makes it most marketable and in-demanding programming language in 2021.
  • JavaScript is used for  Web development, Game development, Mobile apps, Building web servers

  • It is the most used programming language in 2021 with over 69.7 %usage worldwide
  • Famous social media platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube etc. use JavaScript in their infrastructure which makes its demanding and best language to learn for getting jobs in 2021


There are approximately more than 700 programming languages out there in the world which confuses beginners to decide which to learn but basically if you learn one of these you would be able to get into the technical world smoothly and earns a good income with diverse opportunities.

Some of them are applied to the specific domain while others have versatility in functions and applications. So if you are able to master any of these then you are able to make a benchmark in computer science and technology.

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