MERN Stack Project Ideas for Beginners with Source Code

There is no denying the fact that the internet is a useful tool especially in learning a new skill. However, with the overwhelming amount of data available, it is hard to find something that works best for you.

For that reason, we have carefully selected the best MERN stack project ideas that will make your profile stand out.

Let’s get started.

MERN Stack Project Ideas for Beginners with Source Code

What are MERN stack projects? 

MERN stack projects are a set of software development practices that focus on building and maintaining applications using Node.js, Express.js, React.js, and GraphQL frameworks.

MERN stands for “modern front-end routing” and the stack was created by Facebook in 2015 to help developers build web applications faster and more easily. This is a set of tools that enable developers to write modular code and make it easy to integrate with other parts of an application ecosystem.

Is the MERN stack suitable for big projects?

It depends on the task at hand.

For example, if you’re building a new website or app, MERN can help you to get started quickly and efficiently. If you need to create an API that will be used by other developers and users, MERN is an excellent choice because it allows you to use a variety of tools and techniques that are often used in web development projects.

However, if your project requires a more structured approach to development, then the MERN stack isn’t right for you. The lack of structure can make it difficult for developers who aren’t familiar with it to work together effectively on your project.

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What can you build with the MERN stack?

The MERN stack can be used to build applications that support natural user interfaces. With the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can use the MERN stack to create an application that will automatically adapt to the user’s needs.

For example, if a user wants to type in a new address, your application could use their location and language settings to suggest a new address for them.

Or if a user wants to make a comment about an article, your application could use their location and language settings to suggest relevant posts from other users.

Is MERN stack in demand?

Yes, the MERN stack is in demand.

The main reason for this is that the world has become increasingly digital, and the need for companies to have a presence online has never been greater.

This can be seen in many ways: from small businesses that want to connect with customers through their website or app, to large enterprises that want to keep up with their competitors’ digital strategies.

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The MERN stack is the most popular choice for companies looking to develop a robust web presence. It includes Node.js, Express, React, and MongoDB; these technologies are used by many developers across the world because they are easy to set up and manage.

The other key reason why the MERN stack is so popular is that it allows developers to build web applications quickly without having any prior knowledge of JavaScript or other programming languages.

MERN Stack Project Ideas for Beginners with Source Code

1. E-Commerce Platform

One of the most popular MERN stack project ideas for both novices and expert developers is an e-commerce platform. This project can be for a new company or an established one.

This E-commerce platform can serve one or more purposes: it can buy used products from users at a discount, repair them, resell them at a profit, or sell brand new items to customers.

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However, the website must show either used or new things currently for sale. Other features of the e-commerce portal should include the ability for users to register on the site and create a profile.

Project Link:

2. Events Page

For the portfolio, this is an essential MERN stack project. This MERN stack web development project will mainly provide meeting and event information.

The event’s webpage is likewise up to creativity and imagination. You can give this project as many options as you want, including a registration option for individuals or groups planning to attend the event.

If you add intriguing features to this project, such as a portion of the website that contains information like the meeting’s aim or categorization, it will enhance your resume.

A range of photographs, including those of the presenter, the venue, and others pertinent to the subject, might be included on the homepage.

Project Link:

3. TO-DO List

Making a Todo List is a standard MERN-stack project. This is the most beginner-friendly project that we have listed for MERN.


Create a website where users get logged in to add and remove to-do items from a list. Authentication, CRUD, databases, and other topics will be covered in this project.

Project Link:

4. E-Voting System

This might be another great MERN stack project for web developers to add to their CV. The MERN stack developer would need to be well-versed in both front-end and back-end tools and technologies to implement the e-voting system.

The website’s user interface should be simple to navigate to cast virtual votes without difficulty. A good MERN stack project development idea to establish a great portfolio is an e-Voting System.

The electronic voting system is not just a fantastic technical undertaking, but it is also a project with significant social implications.

Project Link:

5. Zoom Clone

In the year 2020, Zoom has taken the world by storm. Zoom is used by everyone I know for everything: work, school, socializing, exercise, and more!

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Here’s the task: make a “Zoom Clone” that allows people to chat using their webcam. We would strongly advise beginners to take on this project.

Project Link:

6. CrowdFunding App

Developing a fundraiser platform is one of the project ideas for assisting the underprivileged. Your target audience (e.g., a non-profit organization) can utilize this platform to raise modest to large sums of money from all over the world to promote a specific cause.

To create the fundraising platform, you can use the MERN Stack and CMS platforms like WordPress.

Project Link:

7. Chat App

Everyone is talking about this MERN-stack project these days. Create a website for this project that allows users to interact discreetly and in groups.

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Real-time data transfer, frontend technologies and frameworks, user authentication, security, and more will all be covered in this project.

Project Link:

8. Survey Page

Consumer surveys are vital in this age of websites and applications, and survey pages are in high demand. Using a survey page to construct your portfolio is an excellent MERN stack development project idea.

You should be familiar with the basic tags in HTML, CSS, and any back-end language of your choosing to design a solid and secure survey web page.

The most important item on a survey page, aside from a well-built and reliable structure and easy-to-use interface, includes numerous forms of input boxes, such as various text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dates, and others.

A survey page is a beautiful MERN stack web development project concept for a portfolio. It is simple to produce while demonstrating a deep understanding of front-end and back-end tools and technologies.

Project Link:


Whichever project seems the most interesting to you, go ahead and do it. Never let others decide the best for you. Once you learn the language, creating unique and intuitive projects won’t be an issue.

However, if you are an experienced programmer, keep in mind that you should create something worthwhile instead of replicating apps and websites.

Cloning anything can indeed teach you many new things, but the scope of its use is limited due to the existence of a vast service. You are helping others and gaining money if you create something unique that solves a need.

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