best React Projects for Portfolio to Get a Job

React is the most in-trend JavaScript framework everyone has been talking about. However, to practice this Facebook frontend framework, you must select a project that looks good on your portfolio as well as grabs the attention of the hiring manager of your dream company.

Hence, we have gathered the list of most promising projects that are sure to make your resume stand out.

best React Projects for Portfolio to Get a Job

1. Develop Messaging Application

Messaging applications are quite popular options to develop, such as WhatsApp or one incorporated with your social networking platform, such as Facebook messenger.

Your project must feature services like instant messaging calls, accessible as web applications, allowing businesses to deliver immediate customer care to their consumers.


The vast majority of messaging applications are only available on mobile devices or tablets. If this is not your first app clone, this is an excellent opportunity to expand outside the web and create a mobile app with React Native.

Even better, you could use a package like React Native Web to create a web and mobile messaging app simultaneously.

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2. Resume Tailoring Website 

You can also create a project that can help you tailor the perfect resume among all the options. However, it is time-consuming and takes a significant amount of effort and time.

Already, there are many existing options available for such types of resume-building applications that give that type of feature. But those applications offer these services for a high cost and require a subscription to use them.

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So, this project’s goal is to develop your portfolio generating software using open-source libraries like React and Material User Interface for the front end and Node-Express on the back end.

It is a great project to practice because eventually, you will be able to make a resume for yourself as well which will likely attract some recruiters!

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3. Develop an Entertaining App

This is the most general option to opt for that will help you learn a lot and add value to your portfolio to get a job. What exactly have you concluded from the entertainment app? An app that focuses on a particular type of media. This might include, for example, movies, podcasts, or music. 

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In case you want to take inspiration from some existing models, then there are many excellent instances available for you, i.e., Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, HOB, etc. By analyzing these applications, we are sure that you will find some more unique ideas to implement too.

First, analyze what sort of media or entertainment most fascinates you and see if you can create a primary platform around it where people can log in and store the stuff they enjoy.

After that, consider including social aspects that allow users to leave opinions, appreciation, and share material with other platform users.

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4. Slack Cone

As we all know nowadays, software teams worldwide rely on Slack to collaborate and communicate, and it has a plethora of features and a slick user interface to thank for this.

Recreating the essential elements of the app will provide you with hands-on experience with React-Redux for application development and Firebase for data collection and server hosting management.

You can incorporate features such as user authentication process, general populace forums, direct messaging capabilities, private channels, alerts, user profile modifications, and other characteristics as needed.

This will not only broaden your skill sets but will also provide you with a fantastic portfolio project to be proud of. Not only that, but this is something you can utilize for yourself or your future company too!

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5. Develop an E-commerce Application 

An e-commerce framework is a widespread agile use situation that would not only train you on the most fundamental concepts of full-stack stack advancement.

Besides this, creating this type of project would help increase the worth of your portfolio and serve as excellent preparation for you to pursue a position at a company like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, or other similar organizations.

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Given the scope of such a project, it would be similar to having a lot of smaller projects running concurrently.

To accomplish this project, you will be duplicating some fundamental functions of Amazon using React and Firebase and integrating payment choices using the Stripe API, which will make it much more realistic.

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6. Develop Social Media Application

Working on developing a social media application is another best project for your portfolio to increase its worth. As we all know, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all very complex platforms with an ever-increasing amount of features to keep people interested and involved. 

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On top of that, it is the type of software you are probably most familiar with regarding how it should operate. So, better start thinking of unique ideas now to incorporate into your new app.

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Here is the list of projects that will surely make your profile stand out to the recruiter. Moreover, technical recruiters also understand that by building these projects, you must have done relevant research and your problem-solving skills might have increased. Thus, you will be the perfect candidate for the job. 

Without wasting any more time, start building these applications and polish your React skills today!

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