How to Write a Resume for Junior Web Developer

In this article, we will introduce junior web developers and what they do before delving into the details of How to Write a Resume for Junior Web Developer.

How to Write a Resume for Junior Web Developer
Resume for Junior Web Developer

What is a Junior Web Developer

First and foremost, a web developer is someone who works on creating new websites and applications. Almost 252,000 websites are created every day.

While plenty of them are short-lived, this number is justified by the sheer usage of websites to advertise, communicate, educate, entertain, and work. 

The word junior indicates that the developer is working under the supervision of a senior web developer. It does not say anything about the type of work done.

We will discuss the possible tasks that a junior web developer can be assigned in the next section. 

What Do Entry Level Web Developers Do

Junior web developers can meet with clients to discuss their requirements and the scope of the project. They could also brainstorm for new features to implement and efficient ways of implementing them.

A big portion of web developers works as programmers, either as front-end or as back-end developers.

Front-end developers work on the graphical user interface whereas back-end developers provide the functionality to that GUI.

What Do Entry Level Web Developers Do

A significant portion of web developers works on maintaining network security to provide clients with safe applications and websites.

Web developers are also required to ensure that the website follows federal regulations and company protocols.

What Skills Should a Junior Web Developer Possess

Since junior web developers have a wide range of tasks, it is difficult to bound the skills required. Below is a list of different skills developers should have based on their assigned tasks.

Front-end Web Developers:

Language-specific skills, depending on the company’s and client’s requirements and preferences (HTML and CSS, C++ with Qt) in addition to familiarity with user experience to make the website easy to use. 

Back-end Web Developers:

Knowledge about good coding practices and a thorough understanding of program efficiency and complexity analysis, in addition to an understanding of different data structures and algorithms. 

Web developers that Communicate with Clients:

Good communication skills and an understanding of the company’s computer infrastructure, both hardware and software, in order to know what the company can and cannot work with or deliver.

Brainstorm Web Developer:

Should be creative yet practical with a good understanding of the used language’s strengths and weaknesses to be able to assess what can and what cannot be implemented.

How Do Junior Web Developers Get Experience to Add to Their Resume

Every fresh graduate has faced this problem at the start of their career path. Most jobs require previous work experience, but how do you get work experience if that work also requires prior experience?

Internships in good companies

Securing an internship with a prestigious company opens many doors for future recruitment. Still, it is not a hard prerequisite: even if the company is not very popular.

the quality of the work done is what matters and the developer should acquire a good understanding of it and be ready to answer questions about it in future interviews.

How Do Junior Web Developers Get Experience to Add to Their Resume

Personal projects

If the developer does not have any prior work experience, he or she should at least have a portfolio of completed relevant projects. The project preferably uses modern tools that portray the developer’s possession of skills that are in demand in the industry. 


Upwork is an online platform where clients search for skilled people to complete their tasks and projects. The work is paid and working on significant projects can be added to the developer’s resume to let the recruiters learn more about the developer’s experience in the field.

This brings us to the major points that a junior web developer’s resume should contain.

How to Write a Junior Web Developer Resume

A web developer’s resume has some hard requirements and some soft requirements. Below is a list of each.

How to Write a Junior Web Developer Resume

Hard Requirements:

Contact Information and Location:

For obvious reasons, potential recruiters should be able to reach you 😊

Personal Projects and Work Experience:

This is the most important technical part of your CV as it highlights what you know and have hands-on experience with.

Languages and Programming Languages:

This is the first portion of the skills section. It is important to include proficiency in each language. A good idea would be to check which languages are required for the job you are applying to and to organize your list accordingly.

Tools and Operating Systems:

This is the second portion of the skills section and allows the recruiter to understand what you are familiar with (Linux, Git, VSCode, etc.)

Soft Requirements:


A university degree is not necessary, but it sure helps!

Awards and Achievements:

Some achievements have their weight when it comes to such jobs. An example of that is a high ranking in a global programming contest or hackathon.

Relevant Courses:

For a junior web developer, these could be Data Structures and Algorithms, Programming in Python/C++/Java, Object-Oriented Programming, Software Tools, etc.


These include courses you have completed online. Prestigious examples include AWS Certifications and Coursera certificates.

What is the Typical Junior Web Developer Salary

According to Glassdoor statistics, the average junior web developer earns between $20 and $40 per hour depending on the task at hand.

This amounts to an average of $50,000 per year. Of course, this number increases as the developer gets promoted and can even double.

In the US, the average is above $50,000. However, in countries with weaker currencies than the US Dollar, this number typically decreases.

Is it Difficult to Land a Job as a Junior Web Developer

The difficulty is subjective, however, if the question is about the demand for junior web developments in the world today, the answer is that there is very high demand.

As mentioned previously, the internet is now one of the most stable and crucial pillars of society. Web applications and websites have an uncountable number of uses and an even greater number of users. 

However, developers need to keep up with the latest technologies and tools for their skills to remain relevant and usable.

With a booming field comes a booming interest in it, meaning there is a lot of competition and only the fittest reach good positions.

Junior Web Developer Resume Examples and Templates

We have discussed resume content and job expectations. However, certain resume structures have proven to have a higher hiring rate.

Please use the following link ( to access a wide variety of examples and templates to build a strong profile that will appeal to potential recruiters.


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