Review of Pluralsight Courses Based on Cost, Certificate Value, and Alternatives

Pluralsight is a website for on-demand tutoring and skill development. According to Pluralsight, “Technology teams are only as successful as their skills are relevant”. For that reason, they aim to equip their users with the actual skills needed for the industry.

Review of Pluralsight Courses
Review of Pluralsight Courses

In this article, we answer FAQs about Pluralsight to help you decide whether or not you would like to use it.

Is Pluralsight Owned by Microsoft?

While Microsoft does not own Pluralsight, they do have a partnership that commenced in 2012. Pluralsight was actually acquired by Vista Equity Partners for a sum as large as 3.5 billion dollars.

We can immediately deduce that Pluralsight is more than just your average online tutoring site for engineers and computer scientists.

how much does pluralsight cost

As most online websites for computer and technology-related courses, Pluralsight costs range across different packages. In this section, you will be informed of all the cost details you need to know before subscribing to Pluralsight.

Is Pluralsight Still Free?

  Pluralsight does not currently have free package deals on its website. While they might occasionally offer discounts or some free courses for promotion, they are generally a paid site.

However, that should not discourage you; as previously mentioned, Pluralsight is a billion-dollar company, so keep in mind that the quality of training you are getting is worth paying for.

how much does pluralsight cost per Month?

For individual packages, Pluralsight charges a total of $19 per month for the Standard package and $29 for the premium package.

 how much does pluralsight cost  per Month?

The standard package allows you to access core courses and some assessments, while the premium package adds to that a wider library of courses, exams, and hands-on learning and training.

how much does pluralsight cost per Year?

Pluralsight offers two types of annual packages: individual and team. Individual packages cost $159 per year while premium packages cost $239.

  • Team packages are very interesting and are of three types: Starter, Professional, Enterprise. However, they are not cheap.
  • Starter packages aim at helping whole teams of people acquire better skills via Pluralsight’s core library. They cost $399/user per year.
  • Professional packages add to the Starter package actual reporting and analytics for the teams. They cost $579/user per year.
  • Enterprise packages are intended for people with their own business and are willing to pay $779/user annually to strengthen their teams’ skills and acquire advanced analytics for the enterprise.

How to Get Three Months Free on Pluralsight?

Pluralsight allows its users a free trial for most packages. The length of the free trial is 10 days or 200 minutes of access to Pluralsight’s services.

For a cheap way to get three months of Pluralsight for free, please head to the link pasted below, and do so at your own risk! The author of this article does not guarantee the validity of this method.

Pluralsight Certificate Value

Are Pluralsight Certificates Valid?

While Pluralsight does give certificates, it is not usually the purpose of using the site. In other words, the certificates on their own do not add much value to your resume.

However, having Pluralsight certificates demonstrates that you are an enthusiastic learner with patience and determination.

Of course, the main goal is always soaking up all the skills and information; that is of most value for later employment opportunities.

Nonetheless, if you think the certificate is a good addition to your resume, do not hesitate to add it!

Does Pluralsight Give Certificates for LinkedIn?

Yes, it does. Feel free to check out the exact details of what this entails here:

Review of Pluralsight Courses

How Can One Share a Pluralsight Certificate on Linkedin

On the Pluralsight transcript, there is a simple “Add to Profile” button that allows you to add your certificate to LinkedIn. That can draw recruiters’ attention to your profile as it shows you are an active user of whatever you completed on Pluralsight.

What Are Some of the Best Courses on Pluralsight?

The courses that are normally considered the best are those that are most in-demand in the industry at that time. Of course, we expect to find HTML5, CSS, and Python, as they are the bases of the booming fields today.

What Are Some of the Best Courses on Pluralsight?

Here is a list from Courselounge:

1)      Python: The Big Picture

2)      JavaScript: Getting Started

3)      Ethical Hacking: Understand Ethical Hacking

4)      HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The Big Picture

5)      Understanding Machine Learning

6)      Security Fundamentals

7)      Python

8)      Machine Learning Literacy

9)      Web Application Literacy

10)  Fundamentals of Virtualization

11)  Becoming a Business Analyst

These courses target machine learning, cybersecurity, and web development – three of the most in-demand engineering domains currently.

Does Pluralsight Have Exercises?

Yes! Pluralsight has exercises and hands-on learning in addition to just course lectures. Therefore, you do not only gain information, but you also apply it as well. Pluralsight also has skill tests where you can test your knowledge and see where you stand.

Is Pluralsight Better Than Udemy?

It is difficult to compare the two as they have different goals. On Udemy, you find a specific course you want to learn and choose the best person to teach you.

In Pluralsight, you pick a set of skills relevant to your career/future career and work on them. Pluralsight also has team analytics while Udemy does not.

Overall, Udemy is more intended for personal knowledge about a specific topic, while Pluralsight is aimed at those who want to develop and grow their individual or team’s skills or businesses.

Both certificates are not the best addition to your CV: it is the knowledge you gain that matters most.

Best Udemy courses :



Best Pluralsight Alternatives

Some alternatives include LinkedIn Learning, Treehouse, Udemy Business, and CBT Nuggets. Other less similar sites include Cloud Academy,, Coursera, Code Academy, and freeCodeCamp.

Best Pluralsight Alternatives

It is important to know exactly what your goal is. After that, you should find the most suitable platform for it. At many times, Pluralsight will be a great choice as it can help push you into the field you desire or strengthen your skills for you to excel in it.

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