Best 7 Side Business Ideas for Software Engineers

Web design, game development, and blockchain technology and development. All of these fall under the category of software engineering, one of the highest-paid jobs in the 2020s.

However, sometimes these jobs are too demanding, and while fresh graduates tend to give it their all and rise in the industry, eventually people look for something to do on their own, rather than dedicate all their time to the company.

Best 7 Side Business Ideas for Software Engineers

This brings me to discuss potential side tech-related hobbies that can actually turn into personal businesses for software engineers.

As we move further in our list, the types of businesses drift away from pure programming towards less technical ideas that revolve around software engineering but do not require immense code-writing skills.

Best 7 Side Business Ideas for Software Engineers

1. Blockchain

As mentioned earlier, blockchain is a really revolutionary concept that is being used in several rising technologies today, especially those relating to cryptocurrencies.


Hence, coding a cryptocurrency or focusing on maximizing profit from an existing one can be truly fruitful.

If not, a software engineer can also offer services to help clients maximize their earnings from cryptocurrencies, provide more security for privacy and transactions, or introduce new topics in the field.

All of these are high-demand businesses that clients would consume in a heartbeat, making this side effort highly rewarding!

2. Web design

Another idea is web design. Recent statistics show that approximately 175 new websites surface every … month? No. Week? Also no. Hour?! Nope! One hundred and seventy-five websites are created every minute! That is an estimated 252,000 websites per day!

Hence, there is a lot of competition to make your website appealing and attract viewers. For that reason, web design is crucial. Why are there so many websites and is it only a phase, or will the case remain?


Actually, it is expected that websites will keep increasing at such rates because everything in the world is becoming digitized and accessible from the internet.

Game websites, authentication and identification websites (on a national scale), communication websites (audio calls, video calls, texting), social media websites, book reading, and writing websites, and so forth.

The list is endless, we are moving towards even more virtualization; even online shopping websites contribute to this vast number stated above.

3. Digital marketing

A third potential side business for Software Engineers is digital marketing. This is interesting for people who do not adore coding.

You could hire a programmer to deal with the purely technical aspects and worry more about the methods of marketing and advertising, the designs to be used, and the type of brands you would like to represent.

side business for software engineers

4. Cybersecurity

Yet another side business for Software Engineers very much needed in 2022 is cybersecurity.

With increasing reliance on websites for shopping, making payments, booking flights and car rides, ordering food delivery, and even bank transactions, security is crucial.

For that, you could learn more about ethical hacking and how breaches take place to be able to provide services that defend the user and maintain online transactions.


Cybersecurity increased in popularity and demand a few years ago, and as mentioned previously, the era of digitization needs security more than ever.

The dirty work in programming can be done by you if you are a programming enthusiast, but if not, it is completely fine! The availability of open-source code incredibly facilitates some functions.

5. Consulting

An alternative to pure cybersecurity, experienced software engineers can turn to consult and use their acquired wisdom to help start-ups avoid making any mistakes and strengthen their systems.

image 3

Consulting is a broad field and, to be direct, people are willing to pay lots of money for good advice – if you are a knowledgeable software engineer, you can effortlessly provide this advice (do not do it for free!).

6. Game development

To their parent’s dismay, children now prefer to stay seated during entertainment, instead of sweating under the sun chasing after a ball.

While this might not be very healthy, software engineers can make use of it – the method? Game development.

The diversification of languages to create mobile applications and interfaces allows programmers to focus more on game ideas and purposes rather than difficulty of implementation.

image 4

That is why today, we see highly complex games being produced as compared to a time where online chess was a genius invention, only years ago.

In addition to the high demand, game development is quite entertaining in itself; the inner child in you can have a field day – growing from someone who plays games to someone who creates them!

7. Technical writer

Have you ever interacted with a computer geek? If so, be honest, did you understand a word of what he or she said?

While you might have, it is common to have advanced programmers who can write code but cannot communicate ideas properly or translate them into understandable terms in a language that the clients understand.

image 5

Here, the job of a technical writer comes into play. A technical writer should be able to use clear and formal formats to deliver material to clients who do not understand the inner workings of certain systems.

Technical writing requires a good understanding of both programming languages and the actual language used in communication.


To wrap it all up, side businesses are a good idea for experienced software engineers looking to spice up their careers. They can range from hobbies to real commitments that make lots of money.

However, not everyone has the time or energy to start something of the sort – if you do not, that is fine! You could also team up with a partner to divide that tasks among each other.

As seen in the article you just read, the skillset required for different businesses is diverse and does not limit you. Whatever you decide to pursue, make sure you go for it wholeheartedly; good things take time and consistency is key!

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