What it Is Like to Be a Software Engineer in Canada

Today, software engineering is a booming field all around the globe. Sometimes, job opportunities and vacancies are so considerable that they play an important role in people’s career path decisions.

In this article, we will discuss what being a software engineer in Canada could look like, from the financial aspect to the extent of promotion potential.

Software Engineer in Canada
Software Engineer in Canada

Is Software Engineering a Good Career in Canada?

With digitization taking control of most of the world’s data collection, security, and development, software engineering is a good field of work in almost all countries of the world.

That is especially true in the first-world, advanced countries such as Finland, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and – you guessed it! – Canada.

Therefore, it is highly advised to pursue a career in this field, specifically if you consider yourself someone who

1) is capable of working under strenuous circumstances (can handle strict deadlines, can efficiently debug code, etc.),

2) is skilled at analytical thinking and problem-solving, and

3) is willing to deepen his or her knowledge in his or her domain in order to be eligible for promotions.

Moreover, being someone who can create and innovate is a major advantage and looked-for quality. Today’s world is giving birth to a high number of programmers and at times, it might seem difficult to keep up. You need a unique characteristic that will help you stand out among the rest.

Is There High Demand for Software Engineers in Canada?             

Absolutely. Even with Canada’s policy that a foreign worker is not prioritized for a job that can be equally completed by a Canadian, Canada has been recently witnessing an immense shortage of software engineers.

Ottawa predicts that by the year 2028, the software engineering positions will highly outnumber the software engineers available to fill those positions. All the more reason to pursue a career in this domain!

How Can I Become a Software Engineer in Canada?

Simply put, you can secure a software engineering job in Canada if you are good at what you do and there is demand for what you do. Canada has offices for important software companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.

Your chances of getting in depend on your profile and skills. To optimize your chances, research the current shortage in Canada and the job vacancies.

From there, find out the required skills and acquire them; there are many online sites and platforms that can help with that.

Which Type of Developer Has the Highest Salary in Canada?

While salaries differ between different cities (Canada is a huge country!), we can see a pattern that software engineering managers and team leaders earn the highest salary in software engineering. This makes sense since no employee reaches such positions from the beginning of their journey.

Getting to such high positions can be achieved only through several promotions, which in turn come from a willingness and ability to learn, innovate, and lead.

business, technology, notebook-2717066.jpg

The more important your work has in the company, the higher your salary. Salaries range between $55,000 per year and $150,000 a year. Such a high difference between the two extremes serves to show how different software engineering jobs could be.

For newly hired employees, an annual salary of $60,000 is not bad. However, make sure you do not hit a rut! Allow yourself to grow in the field and your bank account credit will grow with you.

How Much Do Software Engineers Get Paid in Canada?

Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, and Vancouver are the four Canadian areas with the highest number of tech job opportunities.

Following is a list of the top 4 Canadian cities for software engineering and the top 3 highest paid types of software engineers in each city.

salary for software engineer in canada
software engineer salary in Canada

salary for software engineer in canada

  • software engineer salary Montreal
    • Software Architect ($101,266 / year)
    • Programmer ($85,161 / year)
    • Development Operations Engineer ($83,688 / year)
  • software engineer salary Quebec
    • Senior Software Engineer Team Leader ($154,790 / year)
    • Senior Software Engineer Leader ($140,018 / year)
    • Software Development Engineer ($139,166 / year)
  • software engineer salary Toronto
    • Software Engineering Manager ($117,433 / year)
    • Software Architect ($110,222 / year)
    • Development Operations Engineer ($104,283 / year)
  • software engineer salary Vancouver
    • Software Engineering Manager ($152,266 / year)
    • Software Architect ($109,434 / year)
    • Senior Software Engineer ($103,801 / year)

In conclusion, while money is a great result of working, it should not be the sole factor you look at when picking a career.

Doing what you love is a major factor that will contribute to long-term success without trading that for happiness.

If you are passionate about programming and software development, Canada is a great place to look for jobs given the shortage of software engineers that they are facing and the high salaries that they are willing to pay.




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