Best 10 web development projects for portfolio

Web development is one of the most auspicious professions. If you search about top tech skills you will find web development on top. So, if you are trying to build a career in this niche then you are moving on the right path. 

But, how can you get into this field professionally? Building a strong portfolio is the best way to boost your development career. And it is the best way to get the ball rolling.

Practice projects are not just practice, they are the key to your first development job. 

Best 10 web development projects for portfolio

Now, without wasting any time, start working on the following projects. The given projects can definitely help you to land your first job. 

1. One Page Layout Design 

This is a beginner-friendly project. In this task, you will have to clone a pixel-perfect design of any page. It will help you to test your knowledge about front-end tools. 

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It will be better if you can make the design responsive. Because there are 6.6 billion smartphone users. Thus, you will have to practice responsive web design.

2. Landing Pages 

This task is also related to front-end tools. The main purpose of this project is to design an engaging landing page.

In marketing, landing pages play a vital role. They help businesses to generate direct sales. So, it is extremely important for them to make landing pages as engaging as possible. 

Best 10 web development projects for portfolio

Hence, adding a landing page to your resume will increase your chances to get hired. But you are not going to apply as a landing page expert. So, practice the coming projects as well. 

3. Calculator 

In the digital world using a calculator is much easier and more effective. Because it can calculate unit and currency conversion automatically. And other complex arithmetic problems are a piece of cake for it. 

You can see its usage in Xoom, Western Union, PayPal, etc. The task name sounds simple but it is being used across the world.



4. Personal Portfolio Site 

After completing the above task you can start working on your personal site. This will be a site that you can share with your employers. 

Here you can highlight your skillset and display your practice tasks. This site will work like your dashboard. If your site can impress your recruiter, he will not waste a minute to hire you permanently. 

5. SEO-friendly Website 

SEO is one of the most vital parts of business growth. Though this is not your job. But you should know how to use SEO in your website design. For this task, you must learn about technical SEO

Once you are aware of the technical SEO you can create websites with SEO-friendly URLs. Moreover, it will also increase the loading speed of your website. 


Remember, most beginner developers are not aware of the relationship between website and SEO. Thus, if you work on this project you can improve your hiring chances by 100%. 

6. Note-taking App 

In this task, you will create an app that can store multiple note entries. 

You must attach a database with this app. Because DB will store the notes until they are deleted. If you don’t add the database the end-user will lose all notes once he closes the app. 

Moreover, add a filter option to arrange the entries according to user preference. 

After working on this app you will learn a lot about CRUD(Create Read Update Delete). 

7. Authentication App 

When it comes to the digital world, security is the biggest priority. And the basics of security start with authentication. Any site where you have to create an account will require authentication.

Best 10 web development projects for portfolio

So, when you start to build websites you will also have to take this step for your users. 

You can use JavaScript to build a basic authentication app. 

8. Website of Gifs

This site will take search queries to show similar results. Don’t worry you will not have to design Gifs. Instead, you can use the GIPHY API on your website. 

As you are going to use an API you will not have to worry about the back-end. But you will have to focus on the front-end. It should be straightforward and effortless to understand.  

Note: You must be familiar with Vanilla JavaScript or jquery.ajax() method to work with the GIPHY API. 

9. Small Social Media App 

This can be the biggest project in your portfolio. It will cover all the basic concepts of web development. You will create a complete CRUD application including media uploading. Moreover, you can also play with APIs in this project. 

Despite the technologies you are using, this is one of the best Best 10 web development projects for your portfolio. 

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10. Survey Form 

Surveys are a basic source of collecting information. They are used whenever a company needs to know the public response. An organization can use surveys when they are looking to hire or when they want to know the user experience about particular products. 

You can use simple front-end tools and JavaScript to generate an organized survey form. And you can also link it with a database and store the user data. 

Import Tip To Get Hired Quickly 

Increase your social presence. 

You read it right. If you can grow your network you can find a job quickly. But Facebook or Instagram are not the perfect platforms for this purpose. 

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However, Twitter and Linkedin are the perfect places to find new opportunities using social media. Just remember the following tips to grow as a developer on these platforms:

  • Follow different developers and recruiters
  • Keep your Linkedin profile updated  
  • Share everything you practice 


The above 10 web development projects for portfolio, can play a vital role in your development career. you can become good in this field if you practice diligently. Do not quit when you face a problem. This happened to all of the developers. Just practicing to achieve success.  

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