Top 10 SQL Projects for Resume and Practice

Learning SQL opens many gates of opportunities. There are many jobs that you can apply for after learning SQL including database administrator, data scientist, and much more.

SQL Projects for Resume

In short, it is never too old to practice some queries. That being said, selecting a project that applies all important concepts of the database is important.

Here are some lists of projects that are sure to make your resume stand out from the rest and polish your SQL skills. Without further ado, let’s start.

Top 10 SQL Projects for Resume

The following are some SQL projects that are fun to work on and allow you to understand the language completely.

1. Inventory Control Management

In a word, this project concept tries to deal with understocking and overstocking, both of which are detrimental to enterprises. In other words, Inventory Control Management is critical to maintaining optimal inventory levels.

sql projects for practice

While designing this project, keep crucial components in mind, such as increasing inventory turnover, controlling safety stock levels, lowering insurance costs, and so on. 

source code: GitHub

2. Online Retail Application Database

This project is quite popular since e-commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace. Furthermore, anyone considering this project should keep in mind that it entails developing an internet-based application that allows users to register and purchase products online.

With this project, you will surely grab attention as these sorts of databases are commonly found and widely implemented.

source code: GitHub 

3. E-ticket booking

Once a seat has been reserved, it should be restricted so that no one else may reserve it. Furthermore, if a user has previously made a booking, another user will not be able to do so.

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A ticket reservation involves a number of criteria, including information on the passenger, the train, the route, the station, the booking, and so on.

Bus and aircraft details may be worked on in a similar way. Hence, the opportunities are unlimited with this SQL project.

source code: GitHub 

4. Library Management System

The goal of this project is to construct a library management system that can issue books and allow customers to check out different books and titles in a categorized manner.

It records all of the information about the books in the library, including their price, status, and total quantity of volumes accessible.

Instead of utilizing the manual writing system, the user will find this automated approach to be much easier to use.

source code: GitHub

5. Payroll Management System

This project will examine a database schema and the relationships between tables. Other modules make up the entire project, but we’ll concentrate on the SQL portion.

sql projects for portfolio

The Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) depicts the connections between tables such as Employee, Company, Department, Grade, Payroll, and User.

The administrator is in charge of the entire system. Thus, you will be applying some core database concepts and exploring the complex relationships between tables.

source code: GitHub

6. Customer Order Management

Some buyers place purchases for a variety of items on the website. This project will show how the main key is crucial in establishing a link between two tables.

There are two tables in this case: customers and orders. The orders table uses the customer’s table’s main key customer id. Multiple entries with the same customer id might be seen in the orders database.

source code: GitHub

7. Hospital Management System

The initiative contributes to the standardization of patient, doctor, and hospital room records. It will be built in such a way that only the administrators will have access to it. Everything about the hospital’s activities will be based on modules. 

image 27

By building this project, you will explore some concepts like management of organizations, keeping data secure, having unique relationships, etc. Hence, it is a great skill polishing project.

source code: GitHub

8. Student Database Management

The goal is to develop a project that will be responsible for collecting student records. We’ll collect student information and enter it into the database.

Once the registration is complete, a unique student roll number (student id) will be produced. This information might include general information such as a student’s name, residence, performance, attendance, and so on, or particular departmental information such as a collection of data.

source code: GitHub

9. Blood Donation Database

This is where interconnected data about patients, blood donors, and blood banks will be kept. To contribute to the database, you’ll need the following information:

Patient’s name, donor’s name, a unique ID for both, blood type (both), illness (patient), medical report, contact information, blood bank’s name, address, and information about the donor obtained from the blood bank.


Additionally, you can add some more features like writing a stored procedure whenever a new entry is done. Also, adding donors’ history so that they can be contacted in an emergency for future donations. 

source code: GitHub

10. Restaurant Management Database

Restaurants use their internet pages to provide online delivery services, extending the food service they provide in their physical locations. Additionally, many eateries accept orders over the phone and hire delivery guys to deliver all meals.

The delivery guys will only deliver orders to a certain area code that has been supplied to them, and they will not be able to deliver orders outside of that region.

The idea is not to delete the information of previous customers because premium consumers are kept through discounts.

source code: GitHub


When picking a SQL project, keep in mind that you must select a project that uses database normalization techniques at the very least. These are techniques to data design that eliminate data reliance and redundancy.

On the other hand, you must be willing to explore some advanced database concepts like transactions, stored procedures, etc. 

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