Top 10 Web Developer Portfolio Examples

Now is a time when web designers are in great demand. However, as demand increases supply increases as well. Due to this, the number of persons employed in this field is increasing rapidly.

As we all know nowadays there is a lot of competition out there. It does need each programmer to always have a resume that distinguishes them from the industry and makes them desirable to prospective clients and colleagues.

Web Developer Portfolio Examples

So, a portfolio is critical for front-end developers since it allows them to demonstrate a subset of their talents. Students and professionals interested in beginning the process of establishing a profile might take inspiration from seasoned developers. 

Here we have gathered a list of the top 10 Web Developer Portfolio Examples that will illustrate how to arrange an effective exhibition of areas of expertise through your portfolios.

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Top 10 Web Developer Portfolio Examples

1. Matt Farley

Matt is another front-end and user interface/user interface (UX/UI) programmer with over eight years of expertise in these domains. He is a self-employed designer, and his skillful and innovative work may be viewed on his website.

Matt Farley Portfolio website:

2. Matthew Williams

Mathew Williams is a web developer from Portland, he has an impressive portfolio that shows all his accomplishments and areas of expertise in a very attractive manner.

Matthew is an exceptional full-stack front-end developer providing services for EyeCue Lab which provides a variety of digital solutions to their clients i.e software, desktop/mobile applications, different websites, etc. 

Matthew Williams Portfolio website:

3. Jack Jeznach

Jack is a WordPress specialist and front-end web developer who has approximately ten years of experience in this specific industry. You can acquire all of the necessary details about him just by scrolling through his portfolio.

It is impossible not to learn something new from Jacks’ portfolio, which is jam-packed with information on everything you need to understand, particularly regarding his abilities and how he applies them to helping customers achieve their objectives. 

Jack Jeznach Portfolio website:

4. Cory Hughart

Cory’s website comes in at number five on our list of top portfolios of web developers. His portfolio is a fantastic example from which to take inspiration when designing your own portfolio because of its basic yet eye-catching style and superb use of language in the content of the portfolio.

This portfolio has a contemporary appearance, due to its attractive background, which Cory has included in the portfolio’s design.

Cory Hughart Portfolio website:

5. Lynn Fisher

Lynn Fisher is a well-known professional web developer, and user interface/user experience (UI/UX) designer. She updated her portfolio annually, which is a significant aspect that drew our attention. Her “archive page” contains all prior manifestations.

However, her web development portfolio contains previous web and creative projects. She has done it in such an irresistible way that practically each of the audience is captivated by the exceptional skills.

Lynn Fisher Portfolio website:

6. Chris Darmody

Chris Dermody’s portfolio was yet another one of the best portfolios that caught our interest while browsing the internet.

In his portfolio, he has mentioned himself as the Business Owner of Hostelworld, which is a framework that helps travelers to book accommodations at their own pace.

Moreover, he works as a web developer and illustrator for several clients as well as on freelance projects.

Chris Darmody Portfolio website:

7. Bruno Simmon

Bruno’s portfolio is a fantastic example of an aesthetically pleasing profile. Bruno uses his exceptional expertise in 3D animation to design a spectacular tracking system for his website development portfolio, allowing his visitors to have a positive user experience when visiting his site.

However, while the concept may appear to be wonderful, it may turn out to be both exhausting and distracting. For prospective customers who are not very focused, it may be difficult to browse through the portfolio in a short period.

Nonetheless, if you enjoy the engagement and want to entertain your visitors, you might take inspiration from this design for your development portfolio website.

Bruno Simmon Portfolio website:

8. Dries Van Broeck

Dries Van Broek is a motion designer who lives in the Netherlands. This is reflected in the design of his web development portfolio.

Dries’ website has been meticulously created to draw attention to all of the crucial aspects, such as the colorful prompt text emphasizing the author’s bio, the carousel, and the little moving symbols, among other elements.

Dries’ portfolio demonstrates a high degree of expertise in the fields of design and development.

Dries Van Broeck Portfolio website:

9. Gift Egwuenu

The gift is a front-end developer and content producer from the Netherlands who specializes in responsive web design. The gift has created a website for her developer portfolio that is both gorgeous and elegant, even though it is straightforward and to the point.

The way how simply his portfolio can be navigated is one of its most appealing features. It is less irritating for viewers since it has only a few movements and colors to draw the attention of visitors to it.

Additionally, Gift has added a resource area on her portfolio, which allows visitors to keep up to date with her work as a content provider. It also allows users to switch between bright and dark themes while browsing the portfolio.

Gift Egwuenu Portfolio website:

10. Brittany Chiang

Brittany has a one-page portfolio. Although, it is brilliantly designed with an amazing color scheme and dark theme. The design of the portfolio pays close attention to every element on each page. 

Despite its simplicity, the design of her portfolio is eye-catching. It has a continuous color palette that reduces any sort of distraction and allows visitors to have a positive user experience when visiting her website.

The sticky header also facilitates simple navigation, allowing users to simply go through every section of the one-page website.

Brittany Chiang Portfolio website:


This article has showcased some most interactive and amazingly designed Web Developer Portfolio Examples from around the web.

So, if you are an emerging web developer and want to design your own portfolio you should take assistance and motivation from these best portfolios.