Best Chrome Extensions for Front End Developer

Front-end development is all about user experience which is the most important factor at any stage of the development cycle.

Best Chrome Extensions for Front End Developer

Chrome is considered to be one of the best browsers for front-end development due to its vast extension library. You can find an extension to meet your needs without any hassle.

In this article, we will discuss some of the handy extensions available in the chrome stores to help the front-end developers.

Best Chrome Extensions for Front End Developer

1. WhatFont

There are 100s of fonts available on the internet and it’s not easy to recognize a font used on a webpage.

Whatfont is a chrome extension that makes easy to recognize fonts. You don’t need to inspect a page every time to find all fonts used on a page.

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It’s easy, reliable, and able to track all fonts used on a single page at levels. In addition to this, it also tracks the font size, weight color, and family.

2. CSS viewer

This is also a powerful extension for a front-end developer. CSS viewer is a tool that helps you to get the CSS properties of the opened page.

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By just hovering your mouse you will see a small window that will show all CSS-related data associated with that particular element.

This extension reduces the time and effort required for identifying the CSS properties.

3. Wappalyzer

This extension is no less than a blessing for a front-end developer. Wappalyzer is a tool that helps a developer to find the frameworks, Apps, and tools used at the backend of a page.

This extension is somewhat the need of every front-end developer.

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You just need to install this load any page then click the extension icon and that’s it you are at a new popup window that tells you the secrets of a page in terms of platform, Apps, tools, plugins, etc.

4. HTML Validator

There are so many tools and extensions available which will help you to check your HTML, but an HTML validator is beyond all it enables you to check and validate your HTML within your browser window.

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After installing the extension, click on the developer tool and go to HTML Validator where you will find all errors at the top of your HTML code.

5. React Developer Tools

If you are a JavaScript expert and work using React framework of JavaScript, then this plugin is all you need to have.

You can inspect the library as per your requirement and can save your time.

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There are two elements of this extension i.e. Components that show you the react structure and the profiler which shows the data performance.

6. Clear Cache

As we all know every time we browse a page our browser cache memory stores a copy of it. This is good for the end-user but quite irritating from a developer’s point of view.

While development we made a lot of changes and it is required to clear the cache most of the time to view the most recent changes which are quite annoying.

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Therefore, this extension is no less than a blessing. You just need to click on its icon and this will manage all at once with a single click without asking for any confirmation.

7. JSONView

JSON viewer is a chrome extension that allows you to manage the whole JSON code in one window. This makes it quick to get the required code at any stage, according to when and where required.

8. ColorZilla

This extension simplifies the color recognition process. This is a super cool extension that helps developers to analyze the color codes used on a page.

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It has different tools and you can use them as per your requirements. You can even analyze the color gradient and also can benefit from the color history tool.

9. Dimensions

This is a very useful extension for any front-end developer. It is quite hectic to manage accurate margins gaps and dimensions especially when you are trying to convert PSD to HTML.

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This extension is a problem solver you just need to use your mouse to select the area for which you are trying to measure the dimensions and it will show you the accurate dimensions of it.

10. Page Ruler

Page Ruler is somewhat based on the same functionality which we discussed above for dimensions.

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Dimensions measure the height and width of elements while the Page ruler also measures the gaps between two different elements.


Chrome extensions are somewhat proven to be helping hands for developers and help them to save time.

Chrome market owns a wide range of extensions from which you can select as per your requirements and needs. You will find numerous options to choose from.

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