Best Cheap Coding Bootcamps

Coding Bootcamps are intense courses that help the participants in developing skills like web development, app development, software development, and data science. People register in these Bootcamps to either improve their existing skill set or learn new skills.

It is a great alternative to doing a whole degree for people looking to switch their careers.

These training sessions are not only intensive but help students with career prospects as well. They are a combination of multiple factors that are helpful for your career outlook. For example, you get to do independent study, coding challenges, assignments, and group projects in these boot camps.

Best Cheap Coding Bootcamps
Best Cheap Coding Bootcamps

Moreover, it is a great way to start your career in a great company too. Some companies even offer job placements to high performers in these Bootcamps. Thus, after completion of the Bootcamp, you:

  • Learn fundamentals of that coding language
  • Gain skills in that coding language
  • Learn problem-solving in a limited time-frame
  • Learn the latest technology
  • Grow as a professional

To help you with choosing the right Bootcamp, we have found the best cheap coding Bootcamps in 2021. Thus, here is a list of them:

Actualize Coding Bootcamp

Actualize is one of the best Bootcamps available for web development. In this Bootcamp, you learn technical skills like Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, and Git to excel as a full stack developer.

Actualize Coding Bootcamp

Instructors make sure that you are acquiring the right skills for the job. Hence, they promote a job hacking mentality and encourage their students to gain the networking skills required for job search.

Actualize offers both online and in-person teaching methods. The experienced teachers at the Bootcamp are also available for live classes so that the participants can learn from home. Moreover, it also has weekend options available for busy individuals. The program’s starting price is $14,900.

Coding Dojo Coding Bootcamp

Coding Dojo offers a range of Bootcamps like software engineering and coding, that is available for both students and busy individuals. Thus, they are equipped with all the knowledge that you will need to get a head start in your career.

Moreover, they also offer financial aid and scholarships for their students. Not only that, but you will also gain lifetime access to their career services. Having said that, they have an 89% placement rate as well. Also, it is an affordable Bootcamp starting from as low as $8745.

Devmountain Coding Bootcamp

With programs starting at a comparatively less rate, which is $7900, DevMountain has a lot to offer in terms of coding and development.

Moreover, they only offer cybersecurity Bootcamps, web development Bootcamps, mobile app development Bootcamps, and much more. It is one of the best options for those looking to switch their career and looking for a fresh start.

 To make the Bootcamp even more flexible, they offer online classes, weekend classes facility, and evening sessions. You can decide if you want to opt for part-time Bootcamp or full-time Bootcamp, most of which ends in 12 to 16 weeks. Thus, it is a truly flexible Bootcamp in which you get to learn a lot.

App Academy Coding Bootcamp

App Academy is another great Bootcamp with the facility of both online and on-campus classes. It focuses mainly on developing students’ coding skills. Thus, most of the program focuses on practical assessments and acquiring skills.

Students get to learn new skills by working with their partners and solving coding challenges. Moreover, the alumni are already working at some great companies and students get access to that alumni network as well.

Furthermore, you can start this program for free and pay the fees later, which is $17000.

General Assembly Coding Bootcamp

General assembly offers intensive training not only to individuals but companies as well. Thus, the companies who want their employees to acquire the latest skills can enroll them in General Assembly’s Bootcamp.

It offers both self-paced and full-time courses which makes it truly flexible for every individual. The full-time training can finish as early as 12 weeks while part-time training may take up to 24 weeks.

It has great financing options and claims a more than 95% placement rate through its career placement services. Their program is highly affordable and starts at only $3950.

Moreover, they give additional discounts to women and defer any payment until students find a good-paying job.

Thinkful Coding Bootcamp

Thinkful not only offers programming Bootcamps but also offers additional career coaching as well. They make sure that their graduates are ready for the market and companies are interested in hiring them.

Moreover, by enrolling in this Bootcamp, students get access to highly skilled professional mentors with more than 10 years of experience. Thus, they are ready to conquer the new field with the help of these mentors.

Thinkful Coding Bootcamp

Not only that but they also ensure that their students only pay fees when they are ready for it. Otherwise, if a student remains jobless, they do not have to pay the fees. It is an affordable Bootcamp with a starting price of $9500.

Flatiron School Coding Bootcamp

Flatiron is one of the top-rated schools for Bootcamps. They train you in the most in-demand fields like Software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and much more. Not only do you get access to an intensive training program, but you can opt for a flexible schedule as well.

Moreover, Flatiron has multiple scholarship programs available to support its students. They offer scholarships to minorities or underrepresented groups and are trying to increase diversity in the tech field.

The Bootcamp starts from $16,900 however with a scholarship, the price can be reduced.

NuCamp Coding Bootcamp

NuCamp is a highly rated school that offers affordable Bootcamps. Bootcamps at NuCamp start at as low as $1480. Moreover, it is a highly flexible program that you can complete in 22 weeks as per your timings. It offers both hybrid and online classes and offers the weekend option as well.

NuCamp Coding Bootcamp

Not only that, NuCamp is committed to providing its students’ assistance whenever they need it.

They also provide a 6 weeks training program to students for career assistance. Furthermore, NuCamp claims that almost 81% of their graduates get hired within 6 months.

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