Best full stack projects for portfolio

Do you want to put together the best portfolio possible for your resume? Are you looking for the best full-stack projects to add to your portfolio?

The best way to improve your skills, practice your knowledge, and become a good developer is to work on projects.

It doesn’t matter how many tutorials, books, or podcasts you watch or listen to. You will never improve if you do not practice and build projects.

Best full stack projects for portfolio

This is also an excellent way to get out of tutorial hell. The process of creating awesome projects can save you from having to constantly watch tutorials.

This is also significant in terms of your portfolio. Having great projects under your belt can open doors for you and help you advance in your career. 

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Best full stack projects for portfolio

1. Project management system

This project can assist you in consolidating all of your learning projects into a single app. All project details, such as project name, details, URL link, and GitHub repository, can be stored in a MongoDB database.

Create web pages using React to list all of the projects. Data can be served to React applications using an Express application linked to a MongoDB database.

It enables easy management and tracking of the organization’s various projects and the people assigned to them.

This project can also be tailored to fit a student project management system, which includes a list of projects assigned to students and the students who are working on them.


This software system enables easy project management and tracking of project activities. An administrator has complete control over the system, allowing him to create and delete projects as needed.

Assign start and completion dates to the projects, assign people to work on them, and keep track of their progress.

It is a useful software system for managing these activities in a business or college context.

2. E-Commerce WebApplication

Consumers had to go to traditional brick-and-mortar stores to buy goods or services before the advent of e-commerce and the internet, and sellers had to find a space to sell their wares.

This project will provide you with a real-time, popular and effective solution.

This app will have two different user interfaces. An admin dashboard for managing products, as well as a user-facing application.

image 3

This application allows users to do a variety of things, including logging in or registering to visit the application. Look at a variety of products. Filter products by category, price, and other factors.

He/she can like/review products, add them to his/her cart/wishlist, and edit/delete his/her account.

Admins can also use the admin dashboard to perform a variety of tasks, such as adding/listing products, updating product details, quantity, and so on. To see a list of all the users, click here. Block or unblock a specific user.

Building an e-commerce site will teach you a lot of things. If you want to learn full-stack web development, this is a good project to work on.

It doesn’t have to be a complicated project; just a simple website where users can browse various products in various categories will suffice.

You’ll also need to include a shopping cart system so that users can add items to their carts and buy them. There are a few other features that you will need to add as well.

3. Blog based Portfolio Website

This is another excellent project to include in your portfolio. Every website nowadays requires a blog. As a full-stack developer, knowing how to build one is a must-have skill.

There should be a homepage, a post page, and a contact page on the website. You can create a grid layout for your blog posts using a CSS grid.

image 12

As a result, users will see the blog posts you’ve published and will be able to click on each one to access the post’s content page.

For this type of project, there are a variety of tech stacks and programming languages to choose from. Simply select the one that is familiar to you and meets your requirements.

4. Hospital Management System Application

You can create a single application to aid communication between patients and doctors. It will synchronize the daily schedules.

Patients can view a list of doctors by specialty, view available surgeries/therapies, schedule an appointment at a specific time, check the status of their application, and obtain medical reports.

image 27

This will assist doctors in a variety of ways, including viewing their appointments, displaying their availability for the hospital, and tracking the status of their patients’ applications.

The application can be easily built with React JS, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

5. Library Management Application

This is an online library management app that allows users to rent books for a set period of time, like them, and review them. There will be two interfaces on this.

The User Interface and the Admin Interface are two different types of user interfaces. Users who have registered for this app can browse the library’s books, filtering them by category, author, publication, and more.

They can also Pay & Rent them for a set period of time, as well as Like and Review them.

This application’s administrator can manage books, track rented books and their availability, and send email notifications to users when their leases expire.


These are some of the useful and popular projects that you can build if you want to master full-stack development, as you can see from the list above. On the MERN stack, there are numerous full-stack project ideas for beginners.

We’ve compiled a list of a few fun full-stack web development projects for beginners, along with some instructions on how to get started.

I guarantee that by creating these, you will gain a lot of knowledge and improve your coding skills as a developer. Because, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

I hope this Best full stack projects for portfolio article helps you come up with ideas for what you should build to improve as a full-stack developer.