Best 10 full stack projects ideas for beginners with source code

Being a full stack developer is definitely a challenge, but with regular hands-on practice and skill expansion, you can also gain this expertise.

Keep reading to learn more about full-stack development and also find the 10 best full stack projects ideas for beginners with source code to help you get started. 

What should I learn for full stack web development?

Full-stack developers work on a variety of languages and frameworks for different projects. Though it isn’t necessary to learn them all, it is a good idea to have experience of at least one technology from each domain.

Nonetheless, here are some of the leading technologies that you must learn in your full-stack development journey:

  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Back-end: JavaScript, C++, C#, PHP, Python, Java, NodeJS
  • Front-end frameworks: Bootstrap, jQuery, VueJS, ReactJS, AngularJS, Materialize, EmberJS, SASS
  • Back-end frameworks: Rails, Django, Laravel, Spring Boot, ExpressJS, ASP.NET, REST
  • Database: SQLite, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle

What is the best full stack to learn?

As a beginner, you have thought to start with something simple yet useful in the full-stack development journey. In that case, the answer depends on your background knowledge and experience. 

There are many stacks that you can learn to widen your full-stack development experience. Some of the most popular stacks include:

  • MERN Stack: MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, NodeJS
  • MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS
  • LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Ruby on Rails: SQLite, Javascript, Ruby, Rails
  • Django Stack: Django, Python, Javascript, MySQL

Someone with a background in Python should start with Django. It is one of the best stacks for web development. Moreover, Javascript developers can start with React and Node JS (MERN) or Angular (MEAN).

Furthermore, those who have a background in Ruby development, can start with Ruby on Rails and create remarkable web applications.  

In short, the best stack to learn depends upon your previous skills and knowledge. It is better to start with one on which you already have some basic knowledge.

Once you get a hold of one of the stacks, it will be easier to learn the others too. 

Top 10 full stack projects ideas for portfolio with source code

GitHub is one of the best places to find relevant projects and source codes for different full-stack projects. Here are the top ten projects for beginners, along with their source codes:

1. TapNews

TapNews is a web app – a real-time news scraping and recommendation system made using React, NodeJS, MongoDB, and TensorFlow (Python). 

2. Hospital Management System

As the name suggests, Hospital Management System is designed to manage hospital tasks like booking an appointment, etc.

The project technologies include Javascript, MySQL, PHP, and Bootstrap. Whereas the application’s web server is built on XAMPP. 

3. Coding-AI 

Coding-AI is developed to help people find a mentor related to their technology stack.

The technologies used to develop this app include ReactJS, Redux, CSS, and HTML. 

4. Feel : mern full stack projects

Feel is developed to help people with anxiety to find a solution or share their experience with others going through the same problem.

The frontend technology of the app is ReactJS. While backend technologies include NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB. Also, the mobile version of this app uses Expo React Native. 

5. FullStackinator

Fullstackinator is made using the NodeJS server and NextJS for React frontend. The application uses Redux for the global management of the state. Moreover, both client and server files use Typescript.  

6. Coronavirus – Covid19

Covid 19 Full-stack application is one of the best full stack projects ideas for beginners displays Covid stats around the world.

The frontend is made using ReactJS and the backend with NodeJS. MongoDB is used as the database. You will also learn HTML and CSS in this project.  

7. Instagram Clone

Instagram Clone is a real-time application similar to Instagram. The application uses a REST API backend server using NodeJS.

This clone has a ReactJS frontend and React Native mobile app. Other technologies include CSS, Java, HTML, and Starlark. 

8. HouseKeeper

HouseKeeper web application is designed so hostel students can request housekeeping services at their required time.

The technologies used in the 3 segments of this application are PHP, CSS, Hack, and JavaScript. 

9. FullStack Tutorial

FullStack Tutorial is a simple CRUD app with a frontend made using JavaScript (React) and a backend with Python (Flask). Other technologies used in this project are HTML and CSS. 

10. BookMyShow Clone

BookMyShow Clone is a website similar to BMScreated using Django. It is a good project to learn Python and CSS. 

Are full stack developers in demand?

Full-stack development is one of the most in-demand professions in the software engineering industry. These developers are always up-to-date on the latest technologies and frameworks, and hence can work faster and more efficiently.

According to the Emerging Jobs report compiled by LinkedIn in 2020, Full-stack engineers were number 4 on the list. 

Best 10 full stack projects ideas for beginners with source code

Many companies now prefer to hire full-stack developers because it reduces the project’s cost and also the roadblocks faced while working in large teams. 

What is a full-stack developer’s salary?

The salary of a full-stack developer depends on the organization as well as the country he or she works in. However, in general, you can expect to make around USD 99,240 to USD 110,004 annually. 

Entry-level full-stack developers earn around USD 92,498 annually, while senior and experienced developers can earn up to USD 145,000 annually. 

Which full-stack is best?

The technological world and jobs change at a very high speed. Gone are the days when people, especially developers could survive in the same job for years without learning newer technologies.

In today’s competitive job market, most organizations are looking for full-stack developers with knowledge and experience of the latest technologies related to the front-end as well as back-end.  

Generally speaking, you should have knowledge related to all software technologies. Sudden changes in the industry also require you to learn newer technologies with time. So, it is hard to pinpoint the best full-stack because this job requires you to be familiar with multiple stacks and frameworks. 


No doubt, full-stack development is a tough job. This is why full-stack developers get an amazing salary package with added benefits.

However, this job requires experience and a lot of practice. But don’t let this stop you though. With consistency, efforts, and new project ideas, you can also become an expert full-stack developer. 

One of the most important things to keep growing is to not stay on one stack and keep trying new things as you move forward.

By trying the project ideas mentioned above, you can certainly work on your skills and learn a lot about full-stack development. 

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