Top 5 best certifications for software engineers

Are you a software developer? Want to get your hands on some popular courses in this pandemic?

do you want to upskill yourself on another level? Well, What if you have a really great portfolio to showcase your skills among others. 

Top 5 best certifications for software engineers
Best certifications for software engineers

Here we are with some of the best certifications for the software engineers that can be added to the portfolios which can help you to stand differently among all other software engineers.

Being a software engineer you should always stay updated with the current trends of technologies. You should always be aware of the cluster of current technologies.

You can approach these certifications with your full-time jobs. It will help you to grow your skills in a diversity of domains. 

Why  A developer should go for these Certifications?

  • Build a Strong Portfolio
  • Increase Your awareness of technologies on another level
  • Help you to Upskill 
  • Recognized Certifications have the potential to increase your demand.
  • The abundance of Knowledge.
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1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional

It is one of the most popular and best security certifications in the world that can help software developers to dig deeper into Information Management systems and Security.

Security has always been one of the concerns when we talk about development. We use mobile applications but we know that we are allowing our applications to get access to our personal information.

we know that is encrypted but even then also it’s at the risk. Even many times hackers try to hack multiple accounts using their Tricks using browsers and applications.

It covers different aspects and modules as mentioned below:

  • Security and risk management
  • Software development security
  • Security operations
  • Asset security
  • Communication and network security
  • Identity and access management
  • Security architecture and engineering
  • Security assessment and testing

This certification will be more effective if you have some previous knowledge in cyber security, in that case, you can easily adapt to that environment. But in case you are not familiar you are eligible to give the exam.

To clear this exam you must achieve passing marks in all the modules mentioned individually. This course will help you to understand the security terminologies and concepts in a better way.

2. Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional

This certification is provided by the Cybersecurity organization (ISC)^2. This certification is to test the skills of software developers in software development security and safety aspects.

Major Topics Covered in the certification exam are as follows:

  • Software Designs
  • Security requirements
  • Application testing
  • Operational maintenance
  • Implementation Practices

This certification will help you to increase your knowledge of both software development and security practices.

This exam has around 175 Multiple choice questions and you have to answer them in 4 hours. You can easily manage to answer these questions in 4 hours as they are not subjective.

For this certification exam, you have to pay the price for this exam that is $599.

3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect

This certification conducted By Amazon web Services is divided into two certifications based on the experience levels.

  • Associate

Associate certification is for the solution architects having at least one year of experience with AWS.

  • Professional

Professional certification is for the architect having 2-3 years of experience working with AWS. Those who are completely aware of the functionalities of amazon web services.

If you want to explore the cloud, You should go for these most popular certifications.

Major Topics:

  • Creation and deployment of web application on AWS platform
  • Implementation tutorial based on the best practices.
  • Migration of Applications to AWS Platform.
  • Best cost control strategies.

You can take these certifications after your hands-on Amazon web services. They are one of the most useful certifications that would help you to grow your knowledge in the cloud-based technical field.

  1. Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

We have many cloud platforms and sometimes it is even hard to choose between them, But cloud certifications are one of the most popular certifications.

Artificial intelligence and the cloud both are taking over most of the technologies as people know that a lot can be done by just using these technologies.

Machines are empowered by the technologies and now we are moving more towards automation.

This exam will identify your potential in these topics that are mentioned below:

  • Implement cloud solutions for applications
  • Design infrastructure
  • Implement and manage on Azure
  • Deployment of applications
  • Governance security and network in Azure 
  • Implement security standards

Microsoft Azure certification doesn’t need years of experience but they want you to have expert knowledge in different sectors of Microsoft azure.

5. Software Engineering Master Certification (SEMC)

This is one of the most professional competency certifications that require successful completion of Certificates with Proficiency in twelve major key knowledge areas: 

  • Software Engineering Requirements
  •  Software Engineering Design
  •  Software Engineering Construction
  •  Software Engineering Testing
  •  Software Engineering Maintenance
  •  Software Engineering Configuration Management
  •  Software Engineering Quality
  •  Software Engineering Processes
  •  Software Engineering Models & Methods
  •  Software Engineering Management
  •  Software Engineering Project Management
  •  Software Engineering Economics 

Apart from these, it requires the successful completion of two complex advanced applied modules. This certification is provided by the IEEE Computer Society and it is valid only for three years, so it needs to be renewed after three years.

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