How to Get a Job in Computer Science | cs jobs without degree

Are you passionate about Programming and worried about how you would get a cs jobs without degree?

Do you think that a computer science degree is a basic requirement for computer science jobs? Is it really?

The answer is a big “No”.

Nowadays, many parents want their children to pursue Graduation in Computer science only because they think that it would help their kids get a good job in the future.

This is actually just a myth. Never hurry when you want to make a decision for your Career. Even if you don’t choose Computer science in your graduation, You can still make Your career.

How to Get a Job in Computer Science without degree
How to Get a Job in Computer Science

I Will not say that degrees are not important, They are important but they are not the only source for you to get a good job in a specific field. Skills are something that matters in the end.

Work experience provides you the stability to switch to other jobs. Suppose that you have a computer science degree, does it mean that you know everything about that field?

Computer science covers many fields like development, Testing, data scientists, artificial intelligence, Cloud, etc. It is not necessary to learn all the aspects of computer science.

You can crack a good high-paying job even without a degree if you have the required skills. You have many options in the technical field without any computer science degree.

Types of Technical Jobs you can do without a Computer Science Degree

Graphics Designing

It includes designing Graphical user Interfaces. Creating a better User interface for people which can attract more customers. Graphic designers create social media posts, newsletters,  Campaign posts,  Logos, and many other websites banners.

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This Profile has the requirement of some graphic designing software which you can easily learn from Online free education platforms. The software’s are  Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe 3D illustrator. You can also learn Animations based software to create great customer experiences.


Development is the process of developing software and products. It includes the software or hardware development life cycle. Find an idea and then plan and analyze it to transform it into a real product.

The development field has a huge scope worldwide as you will be creating software. This includes front-end development, backend development, Android development, game development.

Types of Technical Jobs you can do without a Computer Science Degree
How to Get a Job in Computer Science

You will be creating websites,  applications, and products. It also involves working on databases to store the data for applications and websites.

Technical Support

This is the team that is responsible for providing support to the IT Teams. The technical support team works on the orientation of all the technical processes. They make sure that all the assets are working properly and aligned.

Developers can contact the support team for any queries. If there are any issues with the product, then people can connect to the support team. This field does not require having a very good knowledge of programming languages.  You can land a good job in it.

Technical Content Development

Technical Content development is the development of technical content related to software. Writing technical documentation and manuals for the project.

How to Get a Job in Computer Science

It includes Describing facts in detail through blogs. For being a technical Content developer, You have to do thorough research on various technologies as you will be writing on different prospects.

Technical Operations

Operations team responsible for planning, cooperating, coordinating, and executing all technical components of a project. This team is responsible for all the requirements of a project.

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They make sure that all the escalations are on time. Inventory and assets are delivered on time.  You can also make your career in this field if you are not very good with programming languages.

Software Testing

After the development of projects, The projects have to pass through a series of tests,… ie… software testing life cycle which consists of a testing plan, creation of a number of test cases, Implementing those tests, verifying different functionalities, sending it to the developer’s teams if any bugs and errors are found.

I can say that you can do any kind of job without a computer science degree if you have the required skills. If you can prove your skills and you are highly passionate to do that thing at the same time, You will definitely land a great job. There are many domains in computer science in which you can explore and learn as much as you can.

How can you land a good job in computer science without a degree?

  • Start Focusing on technical skills
  • Pursue free Technical courses from these education platforms-:
  1. Coursera
  2. Udemy
  3. Pluralsight
  4. EDX
  5. Udacity
  6. Google Cloud Platform
  7. Hubspot
  8. Shaw Academy
  9. Upgrade
  10. Alison

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  •     Pick up the path and Concentrate on it.
  • Build your own portfolio with a collection of your projects which will help you out to stand among others.Try to work on live projects 

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  • Familiarise yourself with the Coding platforms like Github Repository, HackerRank, HackerEarth, Codechef, codepen, etc.
  • Test your potential for different aspects in Computer Science.
  • Believe in practical Things and implement accordingly.
  • Focus on one programming language and try to solve real-world problems
  • Invent and Innovate Simultaneously
  • Analyze the situations and Come up with more ideas to solve that scenario.
  • Grasp more and more knowledge from the courses. Experiment and learn.

Highest Paying Job in Computer Science 

 As per Analysis and surveys, It is observed that the principal Software engineer profile is the highest paying job in computer science. Development profiles are the highest paying jobs in the field of computer science. 

Highest Paying Job in Computer Science 


You can easily land a job without a computer science degree; it just requires hard work and commitment towards the technologies. Focus on learning and implementing as much as you can. 

“In the end what matters is that how many skills do you have, and how your skills can make an impact”

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