Top 10 JavaScript Projects for Intermediate with source code

Are you an aspiring JavaScript developer who wants to learn JavaScript in-depth? Do you want to stand out from the crowd who only knows the basic implementation of JavaScript?

Well, JavaScript is a strong language that can be used in several things including the backend and frontend of the application. It is no wonder that most developers these days are interested in learning that language.


However, to stand out from the crowd, you must practically implement JavaScript in a not-so-basic project that will make your portfolio shine.

Luckily, we can gather the list of most promising JS projects that will help you in building your next project.

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Top 10 JavaScript Projects for Intermediate

1. Happy Bouncing Balls

A bouncing ball may be created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and several bouncing operations can be done on it.

It is possible that seeing the colorful dancing balls around the screen will make someone joyful. So, you can implement these in your next project with the source code provided below, have some fun experimenting!

See the Pen Happy bouncing balls 😀 by Roger van Hout (@b4rb4tron) on CodePen.

2. Movie app

This HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap movie app uses API calls from The Movie Database. API calls access the Movie Database. Users may browse the most popular films, sort them by genre, or search for additional titles using the search option.


Does all of this sound fun? Well, without wasting time, start building this project today. 

For bonus points, you can use React (JavaScript framework) for the frontend too. You can play with some fun frontend components and make your project stand out.


3. Rock Paper Scissors game

Rock Paper Scissors is a game that everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock has heard about. The popular two-person hand game rock paper scissors involve each player forming one of three shapes with their outstretched hand at the same moment.

See the Pen Rock, Paper, Scissors – Freecodecamp Tutorial by 255994 (@255994) on CodePen.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that using JavaScript? A basic DOM (Document Object Model) rock scissors paper project is shown below. 

4. Real-time Weather app

This project will show you how to use Vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS to make a weather app. The teacher utilizes the Dark Sky API to acquire meteorological data, which is a wonderful way to learn how to interface with APIs.

which is another amazing thing you can do with JavaScript. The only challenge you could face is finding out how to communicate with an API using JavaScript. But trust me when I tell you it won’t be a problem.

In this app, you’ll create an icon that displays the current weather status, the temperature in Celsius units (18°C, for example), the weather description (for example, clear sky), and the user’s city and country (Washington, USA).

When the user clicks on the temperature value, it will be converted from Celsius to Fahrenheit.


5. Webpack monitor

It’s a high-level, open-source JavaScript project that aims to improve the entire user experience of apps. This JavaScript tool monitors the size and speed of an application’s “bundle” to ensure that everything works properly. 


Webpack Monitor is a tool that allows developers to keep track of their webpack bundles during the development process, identify builds that cause size concerns, and gather data to help them prioritize optimization.

Thus, with the help of this tool, you are sure to make an application that is well-optimized.


6. Nano ID

If you need to produce a random ID number for something significant, such as your online banking account, there is an open-source JavaScript tool that can do it in 149 billion years with a 1% chance of at least one collision.

Thus, experiment or maybe include this project in your next high-level application to make suggestions to your user!


7. File Sharing app 

Every time you wish to exchange files from one device to another, you’ll require a file-sharing program. This sample app shows how to use JavaScript to create a secure file-sharing app using the Virgil Crypto Library.

After completing the methods in the setup section, you will download, decode, and watch encrypted media files via a browser.


8. Maptalks 

This is an example of a more sophisticated JavaScript project. Maptalks combines 2D and 3D maps to create dynamic, moving landscapes with the ability to extrude and flatten buildings and terrain at a whim. Explore this project today and start building the extraordinary project.


9. Workbox 

Workbox expands on the Service Worker Toolbox’s lessons learned while also providing a set of loosely connected libraries and tools that focus on various service worker features and use-cases. 

The beautiful thing about this library is that it makes it simple to use sophisticated service worker capabilities and automate service worker generation, which helps simplify your development.

Hence, you will not only be learning some basic coding implementations, but also the techniques that will benefit you in the long term.


10. Tone.js

This is a JavaScript framework for making music that can be played in a web browser. Tone.js was designed with musicians and audio programmers while creating web-based audio apps in mind.

Tone includes standard DAW features such as a global transport for synchronizing and scheduling events and prebuilt synthesizers and effects.

Tone also includes high-performance building blocks that may be used to create your synthesizers, effects, and complicated control signals.



As an intermediate JavaScript developer, you may work on various projects. While a few individuals may advise you to make a clone of successful applications, no one will be impressed, and you will quickly lose interest.

For this reason, think out of the box, try new things, and ensure that whatever you produce should have immense individual importance.

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