Front end developer about me & work experience examples FOR Resume

Before explaining the topic let’s discuss a little about the background like what is front-end development is and who the front-end developer.

Front-end development is all about designing and developing the user end or the end-user experience. Front-end development includes everything which comes under the user experience including the UX/UI.

Front end developer about me & work experience examples FOR Resume

Front-end development is simply a process of converting imaginations into high-end graphics and web pages for a great user experience by mixing and matching the essential front-end development tools like HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascade Style Sheets), and JavaScript.

There are plenty of Content Management Systems for front-end development with pre-developed tools and plugins like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and many others.

Now if we talk about the front-end developer then this would be easy for you to understand what a front-end developer does. Anything you see at a web interface is something for which a front-end developer is responsible.

Responsibilities of a front-end developer include:

Front end developer Resume Guide

There are some important points to keep in mind while writing your resume as a front-end developer.

Like a typical resume start writing with your mission. And then gradually move towards your technical and other skills including your interest and goals.

As a front-end developer, you should have to be skilled with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some popular JavaScript libraries like JQuery, Angular, and React to Some extent.

Try to explain the level of your skills with a relevant project portfolio. Besides this, it is important to show your other skills like a creative mind, problem-solving ability, ability to handle pressure, and analytical reasoning. It will show your abilities to cope with different situations.

It is important to show that you adopt changes and have strong communication skills, as a front-end developer it is necessary to have strong communication skills as you cannot work alone it requires interacting with your team like graphic designers and sometimes clients.

And to meet this you need to have strong communication skills, and especially you should need to have a strong command of the English language.

Front end developer about me examples

Let’s have a look at some examples of brief career objectives and the about me section:

Example 1:

“Creative, self-starting, and ambitious Front-End Developer with 10 years of experience, in website development, for both Responsive e-Commerce and portfolio websites plus Mobile applications in fast-paced, collaborative environments. Highly Experienced in HTML/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery and working knowledge of Photoshop. Well-versed in Scrum and Agile.”

Example 2:

“Creative and Skilled Front End Developer with 3 years experience, in Web development and maintaining responsive websites in the recruiting industry. Proficient in HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, and Angular; in addition to modern libraries and frameworks.

I also have strong skills and expertise in usability and possess working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom & Sketch. “


Please keep in mind, that you should provide the evidence of mentioned qualities in your skills part of the resume.

It will leave a good impact on the employer and will prove that you are really passionate about your career and providing the best services in your niche.

front end developer work experience examples

Now after about me, we will discuss the next section of your resume and that will be your Work History/Experience.

In the Work, the history section tries to explain the Job description and your tasks in a way that shows the usage of your skills and how you manage the daily workload.

As a Front-end developer let’s have a look at some example work experience sections:

Example 1:

Angular Front End UI Developer                             (May 2018 – Feb-2021)

Responsibilities include:

  • Wireframing/Prototyping for the product.
  • Website development using mockups and prototypes.
  • Creating, Recreating & Customizing UI Components based on Requirements.
  • Working with Angular Material, Syncfusion & NG-Prime
  • Understanding of front-end optimization and performance techniques.

Example 2:

Senior Front End UI Developer                 (Jun 2020 – May 2021)

  • Feedback collection from technical and design team as per Website development requirements.
  • Maintaining best practices and Guiding the development team accordingly.
  • Strictly Establish coding standards and group base procedures individually and with teams.
  • Finding & Suggesting the best possible solutions to problems and bugs.
  • Strictly follow best standards and practices to manage cross-border compatibility and accessibility.
  • Testing and troubleshooting the bugs on the website before the website deployment.
  • Discussing operational issues with senior team members and finding the best solution approach.
  • Deployment of best programming capabilities in JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and other libraries as and when required.

Example 3:

Front End UI Developer                               (Jun 2021 – Jul 2022)

Major Responsibilities were:

  • Full website redesigning of existing website for an improved user experience, navigation, visuals, and better search engine visibility.
  • Conceived optimized landing pages in HTML, CSS & VUE, including and cross-browser compatibility, for the internal portal.
  • Develop mobile-based features and responsiveness & make suggestions for better solutions to problems.
  • Maintain Strong Internal Communication with Web designers and backend developers to improve usability.
  • Assisting senior team members and developers to meet the deadlines in and during the fewer staff tenures.
  • Deploying the best possible programming skills and capabilities when required, in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, and other libraries from the skillset.

projects section

After explaining your career growth and experiences you can add up some of your portfolio projects to grab the interest of the employer.

image 14 768x512 1

Here again, it is important to note that your projects must be relevant to your skills which you mentioned in your career objective or about me section.

Try to add a brief intro about each of your projects and try to explain the project as we do in case studies.

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educational background section

Now it comes to your educational background, start with your most recent degree or certificate and then take it to the earliest certificate. It is good to add your grades it shows how good you were in your education.

certificates section

You can also add up extra-curricular certificates and can explain your interests and hobbies.

Link to the course: Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate

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Good luck with your Job Hunt!